20 Jul

Not Just an Ordinary Pop

posted by ninahelleny in CULINARY, ENTERTAINING

I’ve talked about Dessert Pops before but as most of you know I would pick dinner over dessert any day! And if you know that about me, then you also know I love appetizers & party food too. I’m always up for hosting a party & let’s face it the food makes or breaks a [...]

7 Aug

Omelet In A Bag

posted by ninahelleny in CULINARY

Omelet in a Bag Instructions:Bring a pan of water to a boil.Crack 2 large eggs (no more than 2 per bag) into a Zipper FREEZER Bag **cannot use regular zippered bag MUST be a freezer bag.Add any ingredients you would normally put in your omelet i.e., cheese, ham, bacon, green pepper, onion, salt & pepper… [...]