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Nina is passionate about motherhood, friendship, giving, entertaining, comfort food, and helping others with the abilities she has been blessed with. She’s grateful for being taught at a young age her faith, confidence, loyalty, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and that it’s okay to break the rules occasionally like wearing white jeans after Labor Day! Nina loves her family and friends, gathering around a table with both, celebrating everything from major milestones to weekdays, finding the perfect gift for someone, and shopping online. You can visit her blog daily to gather tips and resources on a wide variety of topics focusing on gift giving, entertaining, shopping, and product reviews. Nina loves bringing the very best content to her readers, and only recommends products that she uses and believes in. She’s a true believer in investing in shoes, handbags, and a beautiful watch. She says, “if you have those three items, you can pull off a gunny sack!”

Nina and her husband, Joe, live in Southern Illinois with their son Jack and daughter Caroline. Connect with Nina here: Pinterest • Twitter • Facebook • Blog

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