8 Dec
frozen animators collection elsa and anna

Today is the 8th Day of Toys giveaway with The Chirping Moms. I'm excited to be hosting this fun giveaway in hopes these adorable Frozen dolls go to a very deserving child this Christmas.

Obviously, everyone is under the Frozen spell, but when Disney released the Animators' Collection I fell in love with their sweet faces.

anna frozen animators collection doll

Be sure to visit The Chirping Moms site to enter to win all the other Days of Toys! So many FUN things to win. Who couldn't use to win a few items during the holidays!? I've included links to The Chirping Moms' Facebook page and Instagram account in the giveaway widget below, so you don't miss any of the other giveaways!

frozen elsa animators collection doll giveaway

12 Days of Toys Giveaway

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  • Rylie Origon

    Seafood dinner on Christmas Eve!!

  • cezovski

    My favorite is going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, then coming come and opening gifts

  • Donna

    We open one gift each on Christmas Eve.

  • Adrienne Hayes

    Cutting down our own Christmas tree.

  • Christine Paine

    My favorite thing is opening a gift on Christmas Eve.

  • Amy Stewart

    I love baking for family and friends.

  • Laura Iannacone

    My favorite christmas tradition is opening up one gift on Christmas eve in new Christmas jammies!

  • Christina Buff

    My fav Tradition is our Christmas Bingo. Each time we have a winner they get to pick a present from under the tree to give out. Makes the whole ripping open presents thing take a good hour and a half instead of a frenzied 10 min.

  • Penni

    Baking cookies with my friends and delivering to a local homeless shelter!

  • Laura Vara

    Baking Norwegian cookies with my husband. His grandparents used to make them, and after his grandpa passed, they became our tradition.

  • Kim Hillard

    We have a lot of traditions…hot chocolate, popcorn and jammies for a lights tour, candle lit fancy dinner, church, hubs and I staying up late watching Christmas Vacation and having a marathon wrapping session on Christmas Eve, playing eye spy on the Christmas tree

  • Megan Wheeler

    Favorite Christmas tradition is watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve!

  • Louise Snyder

    Going to the lights before Christmas at the fairgrounds & after going to see Santa!

  • Linda Stull

    No family tradition.

  • mami2jcn

    I love making gingerbread houses with my kids.

  • Jennifer Bell Lorenzini

    Eating appetizers while decorating the Christmas tree!

  • Laurajj Jacobson

    One of my favorite family traditions we do, is we put 25 wrapped books under the tree on December 1st…and each night before bed the kids get to open 1 book and that is our bedtime reading book for that night! We have so much fun with it…and I pick up the books all year….so I dont have to buy 25 at once!

  • Sarah Elyce

    Stockings are my favorite. My mom still gets me one. :)

  • Lis

    Emma is already obsessed with these dolls – I don’t know if it’s the big eyes or what but she goes bananas over them in the Disney store.

    And my favorite tradition is the cookie decorating party we host every year. It’s all sugar – hot cocoa, coffee and tons of cookies. Everyone wears Christmas Jammie’s and we watch Christmas movies while decorating. It’s so much fun and everyone looks forward to it!

  • Eimy Alfaro

    I love taking my girls to see The Christmas lights

  • Dawn Monroe

    One of the things I enjoy is getting everything set up on Christmas Eve. I enjoy watching my husband get flustered putting toys together. Is that wrong?

  • jsmakula

    I love cookie baking with my mom, aunt and sister!

  • gina

    looking at lights

  • Rebecca Laesch

    Lazy Christmas Day spending time with family playing with new toys and games.

  • sindym

    baking cookies with my kids and singing Chrismas carols!

  • Beth Shanabrook Biermann

    My husband reading the Christmas story (sometimes for a kids bible, depending on the ages of the girls at the time) in bed Christmas morning before going downstairs to open presents.

  • Trinity Bains

    Sitting around the tree drinking hot chocolate and hearing the nativity story

  • Angela Nicole DeAraujo VanNost

    Getting to open Christmas stockings even before parents are up…as long as all four of us girls were awake we could open pur stocking. ..the bet part.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Opening gifts on Christmas Eve!

  • Elaine V

    Christmas eve Mass!

  • Erica Pallutch

    The elf on the shelf!!

  • Angela W

    Reading the first Christmas story from the Bible before we open gifts on Christmas morning.

  • Kayla Coleman

    Love putting the tree up with the kids

  • Samantha Odo

    Opening one gift Christmas Eve.

  • Breenah

    I love driving around looking at lights while listening to carols and drinking hot chocolate.

  • Jennifer Griffin Maynard

    My favorite tradition is going to look at Christmas lights!

  • Tee Anderson

    Elf of the shelf

  • Kelly Faber

    Driving around a neighborhood that displays a lot of lights!

  • Bianca Hammond

    I love going to see lights around the neighborhood

  • Heidi Robbins

    I always look forward to reading the Nativity story with my daughters!

  • Aubrey

    Watching Love Actually with my husband!

  • Rachel

    Leaving cookies for santa on Christmas Eve!

  • Sweet Little Ones

    My favorite tradition is our Polish Wigilia party we have every year :)

  • Jenn McClearn

    my family does a traditional yankee swap, it is so funny you never know what you are going to get

  • Stephanie Elias

    My favorite tradition is watching White Christmas with my husband, after Santa has done his job on New Years Eve ;)

  • dlgstl

    My favorite tradition is spending time with family!

  • raniwi

    My favorite tradition is baking homemade gingerbread cookies for Santa. Just started this a few years ago and my 6yr old loves it!! This year my 2yr old will get to help! Love my two princesses!!

  • Jessica Fletcher

    my favorite tradition is opening all our presents on christmas eve after church!

  • shaunie

    Our favorite tradition is making an ornament based on a family memory we had that year .

  • Diana Cote

    Baking ornaments and putting up our tree with all the decorations we have bakes every year. :)

  • Amy Thompson Knueppel

    My favorite tradition is decorating the tree with my family, doing the advent calendar to count down to Christmas, and watching Christmas specials!

  • Casey H

    My favorite tradition is baking all the Christmas goodies with my momma, even if we have to do it via Skype:)

  • Courtney Edson

    Dinner with family!

  • Crystal Gonzalez

    I love delivering gifts to a special family that we have selected for the holiday season. The joy on their face is unmatchable.

  • Joan C

    Going to cut down our Christmas Tree with my family!

  • Amanda

    Having a relaxed Christmas with my husband and kids at home in our pjs!

  • lisa gonzalez

    taking the kids picture in front of the tree on Christmas eve. we tell them it’s so that santa will know which kids live in this house. we get the biggest smiles ever!

  • Kathlyn Sasso

    My favorite tradition is that Santa still comes to all the grown-ups … he has lots of different handwritings but he still brings something for everyone!

  • Wendy Jabkowski

    I love watching Christmas movies and cuddling with my babies.

  • Rachel Abram

    My favourite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree then we bundle up and walk around the neighbourhood with our 2 year old and admire all the lights and decorations

  • Heather Nourse

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas tree farm, searching for the perfect tree, cutting it down, and taking it home to decorate as a family.

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I love making ornaments each year with my little ones!

  • rainadelrio

    The Christmas Eve service at church.

  • Donna Taylor Burkle

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve Candle Light service. I also love caroling, but no one does that anymore :( Thank you for the chance to win a doll for my sweet Granddaughter, Ariel Jean! <3

  • Jeanna johnson

    Having a big Christmas Eve dinner with family is my favorite tradition!

  • Rochel S

    Dont celebrate Christmas but I do celebrate Hanukkah – favorite Hanukkah tradition is lighting the menorah!

  • Betty B.

    My favorite tradition is crafts and baking with holiday movies marathon the day before christmas!

  • Joanne

    My favorite Christmas tradition is wearing our new Christmas jammies all day on Christmas!

  • Amber Ludwig

    We are making new traditions every year. But my personal favorite is wrapping presents while watching Christmas movies and drinking Christmas wine. It’s my little relaxation before the craziness ;)

  • Stephanie Murphy

    My favorite tradition is making our annual christmas card!

  • Ashley

    We love to go riding and looking at Christmas lights. It’s so simple, but something I always remembered as a child. I love being able to take my own kids for a ride with blankets and hot chocolate!

  • Elizabeth Decicco

    would love to win one for my 2 year old frozen obsest girl.

  • Sharon Schoepe

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve day. My kids love it!

  • Callie Grozier Parker

    Elsa is on Caroline’s list this year!

  • LeslieFLambert

    Love these! My favorite Christmas tradition is definitely getting together with family.