8 Aug
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Today on our local news station, WSIL TV 3, I'm sharing a few quick tips on staying organized at-home and on-the-go. If you are visiting after seeing me on channel 3 this morning, welcome!

5 Quick Tips for Staying Organized

1. Set Realistic Expectations: Not only for yourself, but for your spouse and children too.

2. Develop Daily Schedules: Schedules are not just for meetings and appointments.

- Create a cleaning schedule for the week. Here are a few of my favorite resources for creating a cleaning schedule that fits for you:

Every Day Cheer's Weekly Cleaning Schedule
Little Green Notebook's Cleaning Schedule (The very first schedule I used!)
Better Homes and Gardens' The Cleaning Routine You Can Stick To
Live Well Spend Less's How To Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

Cleaning Schedule in Home Management Notebook accordingtonina.com

- Plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday evenings. Interested in learning how meal planning works, check out these sites:

Modern Parents Messy Kids's Six Week Meal Plan. It's free if you sign up for their newsletter. And, it includes the grocery lists!
Meal Plans with Jenny Collier. 100 Advocare Friendly Recipes.
Check out Pinterest for endless amounts of posts on meal planning
Miss Menu's Meal Planner and Notepad

- If you're a stay-at-home or work-at-home parent, map out your day and post it in a high traffic area. Ours is on our fridge. 10 AM is structured activity, 11:30 is lunch time, and so. Kids love schedules and this allows both of you to know what is going to happen next throughout the day. Setting expectations! 

4. Paper Planners vs. Smartphones: And how to use both.

PAPER PLANNER VS. SMARTPHONE accordingtonina.com

I use my paper planners to keep to-do lists, mark appointments, make notes, etc. I like the ability to see the entire day/week/month at a glance. Plus, there is just something about putting pen to paper that makes me feel more organized! I use my iPhone to set reminders, store recipes I use on a regular basis (in case I'm out and need to pick up ingredients), and for the convenience of apps. I use apps for email, social media, entertainment in a pinch for kids, FaceTime, and maps for directions.

5. Give Frequently Used Items Permanent Real Estate in Your Home
For example, keys always go in the same spot. Eliminates starting your day off in a frenzy.

6. Eliminate Clutter With Storage Containers: Limited Space? Use Labeled Zippered Bags. I also love glass jars! Keeps the mess off your counter tops and it can double as decor, like this adorable idea from House to Home.


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  • http://www.dirtymartinidiaries.com Lulu

    So, so glad you posted this Nina! I’ve been meaning to get into a more formalized cleaning routine now that W will be starting school soon, I so appreciate having all these resources corralled in one post for me to refer to and draft my own schedule from! Looking forward to many more helpful posts from you soon! xo

    • http://accordingtonina.com accordingtonina

      Thank you, friend! xo

  • http://www.complicatedmama.com Complicated Mama

    Great tips!! Especially setting realistic expectations! Thats always a biggie!

    • http://accordingtonina.com accordingtonina

      Realistic expectations are so important, always and everywhere! Thank you for the comment!

  • jen Liford

    Thank you for the reminders! I love paper planners but love your suggestion for storing recipes so you can pick up ingredients while out. What are some of your favorite apps?!

    • http://accordingtonina.com accordingtonina

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Jen! I use a lot of very basic apps. For recipes, I store them in the Notes app that is preinstalled on iPhones. It’s simple. Easy. And I like that I can easily email or text the recipe to others. I also keep notes for the baby books in there. And other random stuff I need quickly like links to blog content, giveaways, promo codes and also things like my husband’s favorite jean style or neck size. Other favorite apps unrelated: Google docs, Google sheets, Cartwheel, eBay, Nordstrom, Amazon, Kayak, Southwest, Endless ABC, Amazon Instant video.

  • Susie Madden

    Your children don’t even go to school yet do they?

    • http://accordingtonina.com accordingtonina

      Susie, This post is not just for parents of school-aged children. It’s for anyone looking to stay organized. Over the last three years with Jack and now with both Jack and Caroline, being organized at home is very important to maintain a healthy balance of play, learning, reading, outside time, meal time, naptime… etc. But yes, Jack started pre-k this year at our parish school. Thank you for reading accordingtonina.com!

  • Karen

    Hi Nina, just saw the interview and noticed one of my pottery bowls on the desk…organize by putting keys in the same place? Thanks! Karen – ClayLickCreekPottery

    • http://accordingtonina.com accordingtonina

      Karen! Thank you for the comment. Yes, it is one of your bowls I’ve had since Hundley House days. It is where our keys live!