29 Jul
Choosing the Right Formula For Your Baby

This is the first post of a multi-post series I’m bringing to my blog as a member of the Similac StrongMoms Ambassador program.  While most moms plan to breastfeed once their little one arrives, statistics show that many moms need or choose to introduce formula at some point in their babies’ lives. However, picking the [...]

24 Jul
Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller Giveaway

As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the Quinny Buzz Xtra is geared towards urban and outdoor terrains, while still allowing parents to maintain style. The stroller retails for $595 and is available in four sleek colors. Click here to see what Ellen has to stay about the Quinny Buzz Xtra! Such a fun segment to watch! We’ve [...]

23 Jul

Themed Gift Ideas For Kids

posted by ninahelleny in GIFT GIVING
Themed Gift Ideas for Kids

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming to pick out a gift and I happen to think it’s most stressful to choose gifts for children, starting around the age of three. They know what they like. They know what they already own. They are picky little stinkers! And you desperately want them to be excited when [...]