10 Apr
Ordinary Mary Extraordinary Deed - The Gift of Kindness
I'm thrilled to be joining a great group of ladies (links below) this week to share stories of ordinary kindness inspired by this wonderful children's book Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson.

This book is about how one good deed can change the world. It's our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to be kind and think of others. Even if simply sharing a smile or a helpful hand. Ordinary Mary's story is a terrific tool for our teaching. And kids love the story and beautiful illustrations too!

Give Guests the Option of Donating a Gift to Children In Lieu of Gifts

Our daughter's first birthday was just last month. In lieu of gifts, we asked our guests to consider sending a gift to a child at Children's Hospital in St. Louis. We did this when our son turned one, as well. Many people sent gifts. These gifts went to children that would have not received gifts or encouragement otherwise. This is just one way we teach our children about ordinary kindness.

Giving to the Children's Hospital in lieu of Gifts

This is just one way of how we teach our children how to show kindness even to those we don't know or see.

Jack is old enough now to really understand kindness in person. We say hello to strangers at the grocery store and deliver small treats like donuts or dinner to friends. I make sure to involve him. I let me him help me with the note or packaging up the treats.

Gift giving is my love language, so it's easy for our children to see it being practiced often. But it makes my heart explode that Jack too loves being thoughtful and kind. Even if just a simple handshake to people at church.

One Good Deed Can Turn Into Over 6 Billion

This is my favorite page in the book. One good deed can easily turn into 6,103,515,625! Over six billion people could potentially be touched by one small act of kindness on my part? Yes! Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed shows us how.

Throughout the next week I'll be posting pictures on Instagram of myself and my children showing others #ordinarykindess. Please join me in the movement to #sharekindness with the world... and with Ordinary Mary!

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deeds teaches children about the impact of ordinary kindness

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