5 Dec
25 Fabulous Gifts for Women
'Tis the season of giving! I've teamed up with 25 of my friends and fellow bloggers to bring you the largest giveaway on the Internet this holiday season!

26 blogs, 26 giveaways, and 26 chances to win.

Win Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Rectangular Covered Casserole + 25 More Great Giveaways
I wanted to take this opportunity to give one of you one of the items on my own Wish List this year.

I use casserole dishes all the time. One of my most favorite casserole dishes broke earlier this year and I've been lost without it. When I started making my wish list, I knew I had to add this beautiful and extremely useful LE CREUSET HERITAGE STONEWARE RECTANGULAR COVERED CASSEROLE.

Win One Le Creuset Covered Casserole Dish

Please use the Rafflecopter to enter to win one Le Creuset Covered Casserole Dish here and visit each of the other 25 blogs listed below to enter to win each giveaway individually. You are going to want to enter every one of them. They are all fantastic!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Greta Kirby

    Some High-end cosmetics would be great!

  • Paol Trenny

    What I am hoping is not materialistic so all I can say is
    that I wish our (hubby and I) three wishes come true this holiday

  • Teresa Thompson

    I would love to have a new laptop.

  • Kayci Stanley

    A food dehydrator is on my list this year. I could make so many goodies with one :)

  • Stephanie Seitz

    I’m hoping to get some music I’ve been wanting on vinyl for my record player!

  • Sherry Conrad

    An iPad or Tablet.

  • Annette

    My wishlist includes a new vacuum cleaner.

  • Sara822

    Comfy slippers!

  • Tamara Holmes

    Other than to win this Le Cruse dish? lol. Toss up between something for my self and something for my son. For me, would love a good quality large capacity food proseesor. So I can make my own soups and baby food for my son easier. But would probably choose the gift for my son. Want to get him one of those Imaginext Castles that interact this year. He would have so much fun playing with it with daddy. Will probably go with that one. Money is a little tight this year.

  • Jennifer Pierce

    A foam roller

  • FrancineAn

    Kitchen aid mixer

  • Jordan

    I would love to win this for my wife!

  • BreanneT

    Xbox one

  • Melissa Ricottilli Poling

    I’d love to have my family all together again, those that have recently passed and those who are struglling

  • Alysia H

    I’m dreaming of a DSLR camera for Christmas, someday!

  • Abigail Adams

    I want a peaceful holiday and a new laptop bag!

  • kendall

    Hoping for an ipad this year!

  • Lori Byma

    There are all kinds of “teacher” things on my list. I will be student teaching come January, so I’m in need of more professional clothes, a big bag, a lunch bag, etc. :)

  • Sarah

    A GPS for the car

  • Erin G

    I want an espresso machine so I stop spending my life savings on Starbucks everyday! Secretly…. it may not help but I sure do want one ;)

  • Melinda Stephens

    I want a new clothes dryer.

  • Rebecca Scott

    I am pretty sure Santa is bringing me a new blanket and a Starbucks tumbler with espresso refills : )

  • Till & Sia

    These are absolutely beautiful. I NEED THESE!

  • gracynhamilton

    Love this set! Great giveaway

  • Kiley Talbott

    Love this giveaway!

  • Katie Flanagan

    Video camera!

  • Catie

    I’m wishing for some jewelry and a life planner!

  • Lesley King

    More time with the ones I love…oh and something sparkly. ;D)

  • Veronica

    I would love a tablet to replace my crummy computer

  • usnamom2014

    Cowboy boots!

  • Christine M

    Yoga Flex from Lenovo!

  • Jade Sheldon

    For my husband to get the new job he so wants and deserves.

  • Vera S

    I would love a new wardrobe. :)

  • Amber Carter

    I would like new cabnets

  • Colleen Boudreau

    An iPad mini.

  • Natalia

    A new couch

  • kristin v

    iphone 5

  • Amie

    I would like the new Jessica Seinfeld cookbook.

  • elaine_marie

    Would love to gift this to a friend who’s moving and in love with Le Creuset.

  • LC

    new lungs pls

  • jennifer harris

    My wish is to have a day to myself to read a good book :)

  • Deborah Mae Brine

    stocking full of Aurifil thread

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com
    Michigan Address Ready

  • Betty Dennis

    replacing an old laptop that is not so faithful anymore.

  • Kelly Rae

    boots were on my wishlist but that gift came early this year. I’m also keen to get some new runners.

  • Nicole Zappile

    I’d love an engagement ring!

  • LC

    Pair of lungs please.

  • Lesley McCullough McCallister

    iPad mini!

  • Amy

    stand up paddle board

  • Dilara Litonjua

    I’d love a Macbook Air

  • Anni Krueger

    A new tea kettle

  • Stephanie

    I have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer on my list this year. I have big hopes!

  • lavitaebellaamp

    I would love a new camera!

  • Teresa Kwiatkowski

    I would love a new refrigerator.

  • rebeccagraham

    I have a Keurig on the wish list.

  • Heather Swarthout

    A brand new pots and pan set! (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  • samantha penrod

    a nintendo 3ds

  • Jaimee Wood

    a new bike for me!

  • tweetyscute

    I would love to have a new DSLR camera

  • hena tayeb

    already got it.. renovations and new car.. now just waiting on the baby to arrive

  • Nadine S.

    Top of my wishlist is not to stress this Christmas. I feel like everybody freaks out about this season but I want to relish and enjoy it. Gift wise, I’d love a new iphone case.

  • Rebecca Williams Parsons

    I want to get a Keurig for Christmas.

  • mell

    I want a Nikon D3100

  • Dana Valle

    I would like a new camera.

  • Becca

    I actually want small things like a pastry blender for all of the baking I do and essential oils :)

  • Laurel86

    A sewing machine is on my wish list.

  • amypugmire

    I want a makeup organizer buy cosmocube

  • Jennifer H

    new cookware is on my wishlist

  • Luda

    I would love to fly across US and see my parents this Christmas!

  • txdakini

    wool blanket

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I’d like a new electric skillet (grill or griddle) This dish is beautiful–thanks for the giveaway!

  • Brenda Williams Vernon Schenck

    My only wish is to be able to travel to be with family..

  • Sarah VM

    A laptop is on my wish list.

  • Yael L. Maxwell

    Books from my 2014 book club list!

  • Natasha

    new towels!

  • Mj Gardner

    a new handbag!

  • Gail Williams

    I always want a large canning pressure cooker!

  • Nicole Balogh

    I would like some new pots and pans.

  • Fiona N

    I would love a Kindle Fire for my dad!
    Thank You for this awesome giveaway

  • Wendy Mastin

    A Kindle Paperwhite

  • catholicfanatic

    I would love a KitchenAid!
    Sonya Morris

  • terri morgan

    I want a remote starter for my car.

  • joanna

    Some well-made black leather riding boots!

  • tanya holland

    I would love some new boots.

  • Jessica

    I would love a new lens for my camera

  • Jessica Cox

    I really want to try a Soda Stream

  • Seyma Shabbir

    An ipad!

  • Maggie

    Anything to keep me warm this winter!

  • Kellie Christensen

    Pretty sure anything from Le Creuset! Or paint to paint my kitchen

  • Christine Boriack

    I am actually wanting a new dutch oven, a pair of comfy slippers, and a full auto detail on my car, lol. ;)

  • Trenda

    Kitchen Aid mixer is on my wish list!

  • meredith c

    On my wish list is a new phone! My screen is cracked so i need a new one

    movalbabysitter at gmail dot com

  • Stephanie Gossett

    New cookware and fabric!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  • amberlicious

    Bakeware, cookware and books!

  • rparis

    a keurig brewer

  • Stephanie

    Binoculars for bird spotting. I have a great view out of my kitchen window.

  • Cheri Smith

    A vacation!!!

  • Trish M.

    I need all kinds of baking stuff! New place to fill the cabinets with!

  • a_nicklin

    I want new baking sheets and muffin tins

  • Laura

    I would love a set of monogrammed sheets!

  • Joyous

    i’d love some new crossfit sneakers!

  • Stephs Spot

    The LV Neverfull GM is the #1 item on my wishlist this year, just like every year! HA!

  • jackie

    A fitbit is on my wishlist this year.

  • carawling

    i want a tablet for christmas

  • ST

    I heard so much good stuff about this brand.

  • Quantmlife

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate comment. On my wish list is the Sony a99 with a few lenses.

  • Jennifer Bullock

    I would love a day pass to a spa!

  • Shannon

    New glasses:)

  • Lauren Sullivan

    A keurig and vitamix are on my wish list this year:)

  • jblanton41

    a pair of frye boots

  • Nasreen Stump

    We’re hunting for a 2nd car right now so a car :)

  • carogonza

    A trip!

  • Virginia Rowell

    A new set of pots and pans are on my list this year!

  • JillianToo

    I’d like to get some new sweaters.

  • Little Oldlady

    A laptop would be great!

  • twenteries

    I’d love some nice new fancy kitchen accessories! This would be great!

  • missreneer

    A new laptop is on my wishlist. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • Rachel Boring

    New pajamas

  • Terri

    A new laptop

  • Celtic Knotter

    Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

  • Sheila V.

    Stand mixer

  • ChanaPosen


  • Pam O’Leary

    A Kindle Paper white is on my list this year

  • Katey Overstreet

    I love Le Creuset!!

  • Starla

    To be able to afford to get my nana a new mattress is my only wish xo

  • Ginny

    I want a new pair of earrings

  • jodi frasier

    I really want a whole new king size bed set .. Thanks

  • Jodi Adams

    a new blender and homemade gifts from my kiddos

  • Kathy Detweiler

    I wanted a house for Christmas and I got it, I couldn’t wish for anything more !

  • lifeskit

    an ipad air

  • Weidknecht

    A stand mixer!

  • CindyAiton

    I would love to find a pair of Frye ‘Carson’ flats under the tree.

  • Lesley Hunley

    I’m hoping for a few things to spruce up my wardrobe this year :)

  • Jennay Green

    I would love to get a carpet cleaner this year!

  • Ashleigh

    Lots of cooks in my house that would love this!

  • Chavonne H

    A new apartment for sure!

  • marylea harris

    Need: New sheets or a rolling pin. Want: books!

  • Sadie

    I would love a new mixer for Christmas.

  • Sara


  • Sara Samsa

    New bedding!

  • Megan B

    Cute tall boots

  • MelodyJ


  • Cheryl F.

    An iPad is on my wish list this year.

  • Ruby Yoshi

    I’d love a tablet

  • nanlara

    I want a new winter coat

  • Carrie @ Chockababy

    New sneakers but I’d love a le cruset!

  • SavvyMomNYC – Ker

    A Mom’s Day Out!

  • patriciacrowley

    I’m hoping for a nice cozy robe!

  • Celeste

    new boots!

  • Noreen

    Stick blender

  • Jessica Mason

    New boots!

  • Racquel S

    Some new decor for my house!

  • aimymichelle

    i don’t have much of a wishlist. i guess some dvds but i’m not sure.

  • Alexis Knapp

    a new digital camera and a silhouette cameo machine are on my list!

  • amanda dee

    A new little giraffe blanket!

  • Tara

    a Cuisinart food processor!

  • latanya t

    an elliptical-nordic track

  • kallie_dee

    I’m running a 1/2 marathon for the first time next April. So a treadmill is on my list!

  • Kelly Robinson

    Books and more books!

  • Sarah

    I have new kitchen supplies on on my Christmas list for our new apartment! And also some new clothes : )

  • lindsaywoods

    new brown riding boots!

  • jasper2011

    New baking sheets. Also more bakeware.

  • Nancy

    Love le Creuset! But my budget doesn’t! ;) I don’t really have a wish list…have everything I need or want, but I think I may be ready to try a Kindle! So if Santa was wondering….

  • Heather Christopher

    My wishlist includes special make up items that I won’t buy myself!

  • karelk

    I want an ipad.

  • Becca Ferguson

    I would love to get a dehydrator

  • Prussak

    Health and Happiness~*^^*

  • Carla S

    This prize and a dutch oven are on my wishlist :) .

  • Eileen Richter

    The same thing on my wish every year for almost 19 years, a mixmaster kitchen mixer. And if I could wish for it…to have my health back. Thank you.

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  • Krista

    Wish list… if it was anything at all, a week vacation by myself!

  • Melissa

    I’m in need of a new phone… mine is always acting up.

  • Rust

    A kitchenaid mixer.

  • Jennifer Reed

    On my wishlist this year is a new vacuum.

  • erikadawn0130

    A Kindle Paperwhite is the number one thing….my old one broke. :)

  • Amanda Root

    nothing for me but new toys for my quickly growing 8 month old!

  • anastasia @ eco-babyz

    A full 9 hours of sleep, or at least breakfast in bed :)

  • saramama

    A new lens for my camera,

  • Jessica Fortner

    I really want a juicer.

  • mysweetiepiepie

    THIS is on my wish list :+)

  • jennifercrewell

    My wishlist for this year? Husband cleaning the house! lol… I am easy!

  • Lorina Padgett

    I want a TV to replace my broken one,

  • Allison Downes

    A smartphone is on my wishlist

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    New pans

  • Kendal Barriere

    a new house ;)

  • Heather White

    A pair of green Hunter boots!

  • disqus_g5lHvEtq1U

    A gift card to Home Depot to tile the house :)

  • Arianah Watts

    New pots and pans :)

  • Leslie Guenther

    Samantha G A pair of knives is huge for me.

  • Allison A.


  • LeAnn Hanner

    I have always wanted one of these. I need a new casserole dish.

  • stephanieann

    an ipad air and a new pair of boots!

  • Jessica Youde

    New pearl studs!

  • Elizabeth Pyo

    A Macbook Pro!

  • Robert Wayne Stewart

    I sure need this casserole dish!

  • Lisa Burke Cook

    A sewing machine :)

  • Danielle L Cordeau

    A iPad, but cant afford it. :)

  • Becca Hill

    Peace in my home…..I have rambunctious kids.

  • Natalie

    a popover pan!

  • Lyn mackay

    A Costco gift card

  • Kim Kern

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Chelsea R.

    My wish list this year (ok, every year) is a fabulous new set of ceramic bakeware. And world peace, and stuff like that.

  • Lisa R

    Believe it or not a covered casserole dish, mine was old and the lid broke. I don’t like putting aluminum foil over it cause it lets the moisture out
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  • Addison K.A.T.

    An iPad mini!

  • Tracey Brewer

    Black boots for me!

  • runwpatience

    anything flannel :)

  • Ann Lincoln

    I just want a good night’s sleep.

  • May

    A tablet is on my wishlist!

  • April at ThoughtfulEscapes

    Not much on my ‘wish list’ that can be bought – more in the realms of more time with my kids and to do projects, and successfully slowing down and enjoy life.

  • Kristin

    Thanks for the chance to win! Don’t really have a wish list. All I really want is a vacation or plenty of cha-ching to finish our downstairs.

  • hewella1

    I want a kitchen aid mixer.

  • Rachel

    Nothing on my wish list, really, but we are taking a cruise the first full week of January – that’s our gift this year!

  • Christy Thompson

    A new couch!

  • Leigh Kramer

    A whole bunch of books, CDs, and kitchen gadgets.

  • Stephanie Matthews

    a new lens for my camera!! and Toms would be fantastic too!!

  • Jodi

    I have a Canon DSLR camera on my wish list.

  • Missy McDaniel

    A new watch!!

  • Marti Tabora

    I have a new sofa on my wish list this year. I really need one.

  • Shane R.

    A sewing machine is on the list.

  • becca h

    I want a silouhette cameo!

  • laurenbtrain

    some leopard flats and a new planner!

  • Athena

    A Michael Kors purse

  • Sarah Como

    A new camera lens and a camera bag that looks like a purse!

  • Karen Ramos

    Hunter rain boots!!

  • Michelle L Thayer

    Nothing for me really. I bought myself a new DSLR!

  • Kelly Massman

    new glassware would be awesome; oh and the baking dish would be sweet! thanks.

  • kasmith03

    Honestly some pause from the chaos of life right now!! :)

  • Lydia

    On my wishlist this year – just to have a special, meaningful Christmas with my family, regardless as to gifts.

  • Jenwhitephantom

    I just need to revamp my closet, my clothes are getting old

    –Jennifer Dysart

  • Tabitha Pyle

    I would just love to be able to have a Christmas tree and gifts for my daughter.
    We have neither this year. I am hoping for a X-mas miracle.

  • Flibitz

    A housekeeper, so I can spend time with the kids.

  • Kiy Shelton

    A new set of pretty pots and pans. My set has seen better days. Considering they are 20 years old, I can’t blame them!

  • Amy Orvin

    A new laptop is on my wish list this year.

  • Michelle Honey Mullet

    What’s on the wish list? A mid-century modern house in Massachusetts!

  • satrntgr

    A set of these is on my wish list this year – this would be PERFECT!

  • Chrissi H

    Vince Camuto over the knee boots! Love them!

  • Sarah

    A new blender!

  • Jennay

    A new Canon DSLR!!!

  • Sarah

    I love Le Creuset!! I wish for new boots though!

  • Crystal Gonzalez

    I want a new iMac!

  • Samantha Green

    A new coat!

  • Amanda Buccieri

    A spa day!

  • sarsh722

    How perfect! Le Creuset is always at the top of my wishlist :) Love their pieces.

  • Jenna O

    I wish for new towels and shoes :)

  • Jeanna johnson

    An Amazon Prime membership!

  • Sara

    A new pair of booties is on my Christmas wish list.

  • Sharon Matarazzo Imgrund

    I new HD TV, DVR and DVD player are on my wishlist. Our old components are all starting to go…

  • Meagan

    I wish my broken ankle would finish healing. Or at least a computer that works well.

  • JessieC

    A tablet is on my list.

  • Angela Yer

    I would love a kitchenaid stand mixer, but we don’t do gifts, so I am happy with just spending time with my family and friends.

  • Happi Shopr

    We so need a new fridge.

  • Tammi Velez

    My biggest wish is to find my wedding rings. I lost them last year.


    I am a casserole Dish Queen…. I use them all the time, mine are OLD and wore out I love this red one… How festive! :)

  • Linda Stewart

    Nothing material! My wish list is for the opportunity to finally spend time with an old friend that I have recently reconnected with via FaceBook. We haven’t seen each other in about 10 years and through conversation alone we both realize that the electricity between us is still there. I would love the chance to finally discover if he is my ‘soulmate’ in life.

  • jcaddy

    I would love a new camera to better capture the fun moments in our life. My kids are getting busy and I need a camera that can keep up!

  • Kimberly

    I’d really like a new camera this year. We’re expecting a new baby in April and I want to be prepared to take a lot of photos.

  • Stephanie Phelps

    On my Christmas wish list is new pots and pans!

  • Clare

    New black boots! And a Mini Cooper… ;)

  • Maureen

    I would love a pair of leather riding boots

  • cindi marinez

    a tablet

  • alisonschwab

    Lululemon exercise gear!

  • LaurenFresh

    Hunter boots!

  • Cindy Dupin

    Thanks for the opportunity to win !!

  • Aimee Porter

    frye boots!

  • Shannon McKenney

    I would love some new post pregnancy clothes!

  • Ginnie Reed

    My husband and I are closing on our first house a few days after Christmas! That’s the best Christmas present I can think of!

  • Julie

    Besides a little rest and relaxation, a few new clothes for this out of style mama;)


  • D Schmidt

    This year my big wish is that all my family can make it for Christmas.

  • Chacoy

    A whole Le Creuset set in mustard yellow!
    Thank you for the opportunity;)

  • Amanda Robbins

    What a great casserole dish. I’d love to win! My wish list for Christmas would is for an a clarisonic and some good books. Also framed photos of my kids are always great.

  • Angela Gerace

    Besides this great dish? Lots of toys for my son.

  • Leah Fite

    A spot bot for my 3 1/2 year old and cream carpet!

    • accordingtonina

      That sounds like a necessity! I hope Santa is reading. Be sure to check out the other 25 giveaways too. There are so many great gifts to win.

  • Natalie S

    Would love a new rug for my baby’s nursery!

    • accordingtonina

      What a great gift to ask for. Nurseries are my favorite rooms. They are so sweet and peaceful. I hope Santa brings you a rug! And I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaways. There are so many great gifts to win!

      • Natalie S

        Thank you! I just can’t seem to find “the one” :) ) And thanks for these great giveaways – I’ve entered pretty much all of them.

  • Glamamom®

    Hmm, I think I want a new laptop or camera. Go big or go home, right?

    • accordingtonina

      Exactly! That is definitely my motto when it comes to gift giving. I love my camera and laptop so I think those are perfect gifts to ask for.

  • Phoebe Sunflower Waldmann

    I’m hoping for a new cell phone.

    • accordingtonina

      I hope Santa is reading! It’s always nice to get new electronics. I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaways, so you an enter to win all of the great gifts!

  • kash

    yes, please!

    • accordingtonina

      Thank you for entering! I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaway links in my post. There are so many great gifts to win!

  • Niki Edwards

    Wow…so exciting. I love casserole dishes too (especially pretty ones)

    • accordingtonina

      I wish you the best of luck in winning! Also I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaways. So many great gifts to win!

  • Beth W

    Craft storage and some new baking dishes!

    • accordingtonina

      Well, you’re in luck! Maybe you’ll win my baking dish. I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaways and enter to win.

  • Carroll

    I’m hoping for some cute new pjs!

    • accordingtonina

      I have a slight addiction to pajamas! I hope you were able to see the other 25 giveaways and enter to win all the incredible gifts!

  • Candi S.

    I am hoping for a Silhouette but I am in desperate need of a new vacuum.

    • accordingtonina

      Thank you for entering! The other 25 links are now showing in the post. You will definitely want to enter the others too. So many incredible gifts!

  • Ashley C

    Brightly colored yoga leggings are on my list this year!


    • accordingtonina

      Thank you for entering! The other 25 links are now showing in the post. I hope you’ll find more gifts you’d like to win.

  • wisekaren

    I LOVE Le Creuset but don’t have this particular dish — would love it.

    • accordingtonina

      Thank you for entering! This dish is fantastic. I do hope Santa is reading this feed. The other 25 giveaway links have been fixed and are now live. So many great gifts to win!

  • slpleslieanne

    I want a necklace with our newborn sons name on it. :-)

    • accordingtonina

      What a special gift! I love that idea. I’ve fixed the links in my post to the other 25 giveaways – I think you’ll most definitely want to enter a few more… or all of them!

  • Betsy Transatlantically

    actually, I’m hoping for Hunters too!

    • accordingtonina

      Yay for Hunters! I hope Santa brings them to you. I wanted to let you know I’ve fixed the links to the other 25 giveaways. They are now live in my post. So many great gifts to win!

  • Courtney Rix Velasqu

    Having my entire family together for the holidays is on my wish list:-)

    • accordingtonina

      Me too, but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen this year. I hope all of your wishes come true this holiday season. Also, wanted to let you know I’ve fixed the other 25 links so you can enter all of those giveaways too. So many great gifts.

  • Ginny S

    Wusthof steak knives are on my wish list!

    • accordingtonina

      Be sure you pay the person $1 that gives you those knives! Old tradition, but still fun. Also, the links to the other 25 giveaways have been fixed. So many more great gifts to win! “A common belief is that if a knife is given as a gift, the relationship of the giver and recipient will be severed. Something such as a small coin, dove or a valuable item is exchanged for the gift, rendering “payment.”[8]“

      • Ginny S

        Thanks! I hadn’t heard that before, I’ll be sure to pay my gift giver–don’t want any bad luck :)

  • Kristin Russell

    Hunter rain boots are on my list this year!

    • accordingtonina

      I love my Hunter boots! I hope your Santa is reading. I also wanted to let you know the links to the other 25 giveaways are now live on my post. So many more great gifts to win!

  • Alissa Boyle

    Books are always on my wish list!

    • accordingtonina

      I love getting books too! I also wanted to let you know the links to the other 25 giveaways are now live in my post. There are so many other great gifts to win.

  • Becca Black

    I love my one and only Le Creuset dish, what a perfect gift!

    • accordingtonina

      They are such great tools to cook in. I swear the food tastes better! I also wanted to let you know the links to the other 25 giveaways are now live in my post, so you can enter to win more great gifts!