26 Nov
The Family Dinner Project (FDP) is a grassroots movement that champions family dinner as an opportunity to have food, fun, and conversation about things that matter. In partnership with Giving Tuesday, FDP has created a Thanksgiving toolkit including free tips, tools, infographics, and printables to help families have conversations about how to give on Giving Tuesday and beyond.

·         Infographic: tips to help families talk about giving back
·         Infographic: how kids benefit from family dinners
·         Infographic: 4 weeks to better family dinners
·         Infographic: giving decision tree
·         Free printable PDF: conversation starters about giving
·         Free printable PDF: Thanks + Giving place cards
·         Free printable PDFs: games for giving
·         Videos + stories: examples of how kids give back
·         Recipes to make good use of Thanksgiving leftovers


Find all of this information, how to help, and much more at thefamilydinnerproject.org.

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