29 Jul
the benja project

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The Benja Project is a 501[c][3] Not for Profit, charitable organization dedicated to supporting orphans in the Kasana-Luwero Diocese in Uganda. Education, Health, Housing, Clothing, Nutrition, Clean Water, and maternal and prenatal support.

I was introduced to The Benja Project back in 2010 when I joined our church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Every Sunday during Mass the children are welcome to bring “coins to the basket for the children in Uganda.” It’s so sweet to watch the little children walk up with their money and drop it in the basket. Thanks to The Benja Project the money collected goes directly to the children.

This was the extent of my knowledge of the project until later that year when I met Steve Stone at an unrelated event. Steve began telling Joe and me his family’s story of adopting Benja, the sister parish, and Father Gerald.

You can read the Stone’s story here. It’s inspiring to say the least. If you are anything like me, it will make you cry.

45288_10151130281880216_2035838689_nMeet Father Gerald Wamala. He is the priest that inspired the activities and projects that led to the creation of The Benja Project.  He continues to play a huge role with The Benja Project and our parish here in our community.

You can watch this video of The Benja Project Story then and now.

The organization has completed many projects in Uganda, including building a new school which you can see here.


The old school at Nkuluze


The new school – The Benja Project School Construction at Nkuluze

Other projects and updates:

Upon the completion of the final touches on the school at Nkuluze, the Benja Project will help fund an orphan dormitory at Mulajje, which can house up to 200 orphans/100 girls and 100 boys.

March 25th - The Benja Project will fund the purchase of birthing tables at Mulajje infirmary. The two currently in use are broken and one with a broken leg is stabilized by a rock.

July 2nd - Last week The Benja Project disbursed $5,000.00 toward the construction of a multi-purpose building in the village of Monde. The building will serve as a school and community center.

Joe and I, along with hundreds of other parishioners from our church, sponsor children each school year to ensure they get a meal while they are at school each day. It’s not a large amount of money, but it has a large impact on the children’s lives. Because of those sponsorships, the children know they will be able to eat at least one meal a day. A meal they might not otherwise get.

164936_10151321133120216_1667573317_nWhat I’ve covered in this post is just a sampling of all the many wonderful things The Benja Project does for the people, children, and parish in Uganda and in return, what they do for our parish here in the United States. Each and every one of the members of the Uganda community inspire the people of our parish every day. They are beautiful inside and out.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this organization that is close to our hearts and our minds.

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