26 Jul
asparagus stew

asparagus stew

Asparagus stew is the epitome of comfort food in our family.

Every time I make asparagus stew I think I make it a little differently depending on what ingredients I have available, but here is the basic take. Amounts are totally up to you. If you like more asparagus than potatoes then adjust accordingly or if you like it soupier use more broth, i.e.

1. Put a little olive oil in a large skillet.

2. Chop one yellow onion and sauté until translucent.

3. Add a couple of cloves of chopped garlic and sauté with onions for a few minutes.

4. Add potatoes, which have been peeled and cut into chunks. Make the chunks big enough that they can simmer for a while without becoming complete mush.

5. Sauté potatoes for a few minutes and deglaze with a little white wine (about ¼ cup). (If I have a little fresh thyme on hand I add it at this point.)

6. Add 4 cups of chicken stock and two bunches of asparagus, cut in bite size pieces. You want the potatoes and the asparagus to be completely covered at this point so if 4 cups of stock doesn’t cover you can add more stock or broth or water.

7. Season with salt and coarse ground black pepper.

8. Cover and simmer until potatoes and asparagus are almost done but not quite.

9. Drop eggs directly on top of the potato and asparagus mixture and cover until the eggs yolks are hard cooked. I use an egg for each serving. I also usually add a tad bit of salt and pepper directly onto the egg.

10. This step is optional. I like the stew to have a creamier texture so once the eggs have cooked I dip out a bit of the broth and a few pieces of the potato. I puree them and add them back into the stew mixture. If you prefer a clear stew then skip this step.

11. It is a must to serve with a crusty Italian bread so that you can soak up all the goodness in the bottom of the bowl. I also serve with freshly shaved parmesan cheese and a crisp white wine.

asparagus stew comfort food

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