30 May
eucerin for the whole family

eucerin for the whole familyEucerin is a household staple for us. My husband and I used the Original Healing creme before we had children and then found Eucerin to be a go-to product for our babies too!

I use the Original Healing creme for my hands, feet, legs, elbows, arms, and even for dry lips. I apply the creme directly to my lips and it works like a dream!

Our friends at Eucerin sent us all of these products to try and by no surprise we fell in love with quite a few of them.

I fell in love with the Daily Protection face products, Nivea A Kiss of Cherry lip care, Anti-Wrinkle creme, and Daily Replenishing lotion. I also love mixing the Skin Calming Dry Skin Body Wash with my other body washes in the shower. It leaves my skin extra soft.

My husband has been using the Skin Calming lotions, the Daily Protection products, and the Nivea Mint & Minerals and Intense Moisture lip care products. He isn’t a product junkie like me, but he’s still using them so that means he likes them!

eucerin 1For our babies, we use the Eucerin Original Healing creme to moisture their little bodies and faces when they are dry. It works really well and has a wonderfully clean smell too.

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Healthy looking skin is beautiful, no matter what your age. The three words that best describe healthy skin are hydrated, clear and glowingHydrated, well moisturized skin is the result of the hydrolipid film maintaining the right amount of moisture balance in the skin.  Clear skin is free of clogged pores and dry patches.  Glowing skin has a healthy blood supply carrying lots of oxygen and other nutrients to skin.  Learn what you can do at any age to help make sure your skin looks its best.

  • In your 20s… You are most likely to establish the habits that will stay with you throughout your life, so incorporating preventative steps is key. Stay away from tanning beds and if you’re a smoker, quit now. Most wrinkles are caused by sun exposure and smoking. By avoiding both, in your later years your skin will appear much younger and healthier than a smoker or sun-worshipper.  Apply a daily moisturizer with a broad spectrum SPF 15+ all over your face, neck and chest daily to help keep your skin protected from incidental sun exposure.
  •  In your 30s… Skin becomes thinner and finer, there’s some loss of collagen, and cell turnover has begun to slow down, making your complexion look a little dull. The key is to get moving, so if you needed another reason to hit the gym, here it is: your skin. Physical activity maintains the health of tiny blood vessels in the skin so they can supply adequate blood and oxygen. This helps provide skin with a healthy glow and also aids in the production of collagen. Exercise also helps balance out hormones like testosterone that contribute to acne. In fact, the stress-reducing benefit of exercise is beneficial to maintaining and improving skin health. Start incorporating an anti-wrinkle crème into your skin routine! (TryEucerin’s Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Crème)
  • In your 40s…Your skin begins losing elasticity, and retains less moisture so it is important to add a moisturizer into your skin routine.  Moisturizers bind water to the skin so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.Think of them as the lid topping a pot of simmering water. The result: a softer and more elastic stratum corneum with optimal protective properties.Remember to drink plenty of water and keep your diet high in antioxidants!  If skin becomes dry and itchy, utilize calming cremes and lotions to soothe skin and fight the dryness.
  • In your 50s and beyond… Many of us focus only on the skin on our face and neck but your hands deserve just as much attention, if not more.  Your hands encounter the harsh elements every day, from the extremely hot water of the kitchen sink to the freezing and drying winter winds.  All of this exposure can wear on your skin’s protection and repair systems.  Damaged, cracked and dry hands are more likely to develop dermatitis, or eczema.  Look for a hand moisturizer like Eucerin’s Intensive Repair Hand Creme to repair and protect dry, rough hands.

It is important at every age to visit a dermatologist once a year. If you don’t have one, take use of Eucerin’s Find a Derm Facebook Application to find one in your area and make an appointment.

To find out more about what products you should be using at any age visit the Skindicator quiz to receive a personalized recommendation from the Skin First Dermatologists.

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