5 Feb
8 baby products I love

8 baby products I love

1. Boon Flair High Chair from Nordstrom – Finding the right highchair for us was quite a challenge, you can read this post all about why I ended up with the Boon.

2. Mustela Bebe Dermo-Cleanses Gel for Hair and Body – “Johnson’s” used to be the first thing to come to my mind when thinking about washing babies, but then I discovered Mustela. All babies are different and what works for one might not work for the next one. Mustela is simply our choice for baby bathing products. I love the smell so much I’ve been known to use it for myself from time to time.

3. B.O.B. Revolution SE Stroller – We have a Bugaboo for our primary stroller. The B.O.B. was a second thought and to be completely honest we only bought one because it was on major sale and thought it might come in handy. And we were right! The B.O.B. lives in our garage. It’s always out and ready to go. It’s such a great stroller and definitely a great purchase in our book.

4. New Balance Classics for Baby and Toddlers – The New Balance Classics fit our Jack the very best out of all tennis shoes. They can take the wear of an all-boy toddler and are extremely comfortable for him too. We’ve been through a few pairs already. He’s wearing a bright red pair right now thanks to one of my sisters and they are just adorable!

5. Britax Boulevard – A car seat is not something you typically get super excited about, but we truly love the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat most importantly for it’s incredible safety features. We own three of them. One for each of our cars and my mom has one in her car too. We all have the cowmooflage print which makes it fun too!

6. OiOi BBox Travel Bib Beep Beep – These bibs I found on an Australian site months ago when doing product research for my family’s manufacturing company. They are so handy and easy to toss in your diaper bag or purse. You must check them out. Great invention!

7. Plush Nursery Rocker/Glider – As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, we did not buy a big plush rocker/glider when Jack was born because we were gifted a beautiful handmade rocking chair we wanted to use in his room. The wooden rocker has moved with Jack to his new “big boy” room and the nursery now has a new very comfortable rocker/glider by Enchanted in it. It’s just waiting for a certain little girl to arrive. I must admit our new chair makes the reality of midnight feedings just a tiny bit better!

8. Oxo Perfect Pull Wipe Dispenser – Last but not least, the “perfect pull” wipe dispenser. This is one of those items I saw online when registering for Jack’s arrival and thought it was silly. After months of fighting with the disposable containers by Huggies or Pampers, I saw one of these at TJMaxx for $9.99 or something like that and decided to give it a whirl. I LOVE this thing! I know it seems kind of nuts, but it’s true. This has made diaper changes a hundred times faster and easier!

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  • Sara

    Oh my gosh, I love that silly wipes container! It seemed so very frivolous when I got it, but man, it’s well made. Now, it’s one of my favorite gifts to give since it’s not something most people would buy themselves.

  • accordingtonina

    Thanks for sharing, Christina! I will definitely check them out.

  • Stephanie Ko

    I love Mustela too! I’ve been using it on my 1 year old since day one. Have you tried Mustela PhysiObebe? I love it for diaper changes…soap free, no rinse cleanser.

    • accordingtonina

      Yes! I should have included the PhysiObebe because it’s the item I go through the most. Use it all the time! Such a great product! Thank you for the comment.

  • Katie Ferguson

    I just love posts like this from you! Your advice is always spot on! I can’t believe you’re getting so close to baby #2!

    • accordingtonina

      Katie, it’s definitely a must-have! I wish I would have discovered it sooner. It would have eliminated a lot of frustration during diaper changes. Now if only they made a travel size.

  • Samma Harper

    Nina, I am going to track down that wipe dispenser. I love Target brand wipes, but can’t get the dad-gum wipes out the pack one at a time. It drives me batty! Also, I am super obsessed with my Boon Flair as well. My mom got some other pricey wooden one for their house, and my dad is always grumbling about why didnt she just get a “Jetsons one” like mine. Ha!

    • accordingtonina

      Samma, I love that your dad calls the Boon Flair the “jetsons one!” So funny! Definitely order yourself a wipe dispenser – life changing really.