27 Nov

St. Nicholas Brings Our Elf

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Elf on the Shelf and St Nick

Along with many other family traditions, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day which is December 6th every year. It’s such a wonderful, meaningful way to kick off the Christmas season.

Jack is still not old enough to understand Elf on the Shelf but we do have one with the book, the movie and the little adorable plush Elf so Joe and I started talking about how and what we wanted to do with the tradition of our Elf.

After a little brainstorming, we decided St. Nicholas will bring Mr. Elf (he doesn’t have a real name yet) every year when he comes to our house during the night on the fifth of the December. We will wake up to our stockings filled with small treats from St. Nick and to find our Elf in the kitchen for breakfast.

The question did come up, “how will you explain to Jack why some people’s Elf arrives sooner than his?” I guess we’ll have to deal with that when it happens!

If I had to explain it today, I would start by reminding him the birth of Jesus is the ultimate reason we celebrate Christmas, the story of St. Nicholas as the gift giver, the connection between Santa and the Elves and “because I said so.”

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  • http://twitter.com/lefresh1 Lauren Fresh

    So cute! Ours is coming on the 1st. He makes his debut on the first Saturday after I get all the decorations out. I have friends who brought theirs back WEEKS ago. No, thanks! Too much work! ;)

  • Heidi

    Very cute! We haven’t brought out our elf yet, either, because…well, just because! Molly did ask where ours was and I said that he would arrive when he was able :) I’ve been trying to make the connection meaningful this year and to be honest, I love that Molly has enjoyed playing with the nativity scenes so far, so I have been reading up on how other moms/bloggers make the connection between Jesus & Santa.

    • accordingtonina

      I have a great letter from Santa you can use! You personalize the letter with milestones of the year and Santa discusses Jesus and his birth being the ultimate reason we celebrate this great season. I have plans to share it tomorrow or the next day on here if I can get it set up properly for sharing, but I’d be happy to email it to you.

      • http://twitter.com/lefresh1 Lauren Fresh

        Will you share with me as well? fresh{dot}lauren{at}gmail{dot}com

        • accordingtonina

          Absolutely! If I don’t get it posted today. I will email both of you.

        • accordingtonina

          Lauren, I’ve posted the letters from Santa with a link to shared Google folder for other versions. Hope these work for you! http://accordingtonina.com/letters-from-santa-spreading-the-good-word-of-jesus-birth/

    • accordingtonina

      Heidi, I’ve posted the letters from Santa – http://accordingtonina.com/letters-from-santa-spreading-the-good-word-of-jesus-birth/

  • Jessica Hrouda

    Love this idea, Nina!

    • accordingtonina

      Thank you, Jessica!