27 Sep
I'm not sure how we functioned before smart phones, iPhones, and mobile apps. To think the word "app" wasn't even part of our vocabulary less than 10 years ago. It's fascinating really. Now "apps" are a topic of conversation and something we share with our friends just like our favorite recipes, "you must try this!"

So I want to share a few of my favorite apps with you. I use these every day as a full-time wife, mom and blogger.

Reading apps iBooks and Kindle, Instapaper, Instagram, Tweet Keeper, ZipList, Evernote, and HeyTell are at the top of my list. It's a major bonus if the app has online access as well. For example, Evernote, Instapaper and ZipList all have online sites that sync automatically with their mobile apps and vice versa. Evernote - I've had this app since the day I got my first iPhone thanks to my good friend Liene Stevens. But just recently have I started using it to it's full capacity. I moved Evernote to the main screen on my phone in order to use it more. When I'm running around during the day with all of my random thoughts, instead of always going to Twitter, I now open Evernote and quickly type out my idea, question, thought, etc. It helps me organize my thoughts and what should be a tweet, blogpost, or not published online at all.

Twitter can turn into a "mass text" platform of sorts, I wanted to limit my amount of time on Twitter. Not to say I wanted to remove it completely from my day but I recognized that anytime I had a thought I was pulling up my Tweetlogix (Twitter) app. At the same time, I realized I was tweeting blog material instead of blogging about it and I was tweeting things that were not necessary. Useless information.

"I don't want my Twitter profile full of meaningless stuff." Stuff? Yuck. I want to be know for sharing meaningful, useful, fun information.

Evernote makes me organize my thoughts and also makes me think more. Makes me put more energy and more passion into what I'm sharing with all of you whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or on my blog.

It's also simply a great way to keep track of websites, links, recipes, and other project notes and resources. ZipList - ZipList has also been on my phone for quite some time but I had forgotten all about it until Erin reminded me to use it the other day. At the same time we were HeyTell'ing (see below) I was looking for a recipe to make for dinner. I found the Tex Mex Chicken Taco Soup recipe on the and with about two clicks my grocery list was populated for me and I was out the door with everything I needed to make my grocery trip faster and easier!

I love that it reminds you of "things you may need" and also shows you brands and locations to find your items on sale. Very handy and helpful too.

More of my Favorite Apps:

Instagram - It's a fun way to share photos throughout the day without having to tweet or post everything. But it also makes it very easy to post to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time. It's fun to follow along with others too. Everyone has so many photos that make me smile.

Instapaper - I use this with my Twitter app, Tweetlogix to mark links I want to read at a later time. It kind of like Google Reader but you don't subscribe to the site or blog. It's simply a one time read.

HeyTell - This little app is a lifesaver. Plus, it's such a wonderful way to stay connected with other busy people throughout the day. You might not have time to have a phone conversation but it's great to hear a voice instead of always texting.

Reading apps like iBooks and Kindle for iPhone. I like both of these apps equally.

Tweet Keeper  - This app is the only way I've found you can search your own Twitter timeline for old tweets.  It's awesome, especially when you want or need to see all your tweets on one specific topic.

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  • B Lasley

    Downloading ZipList now! xoxo I hope you GIRLS and Jack are doing well! ;)

  • Miss Margarita

    I dont know ziplist but Im going to download now!!

  • Colleen Sullivan

    Wow! Thank you so much for this blog post!

    I think ZipList is going to completely change the way I make my grocery lists!