23 Aug
Glade's Fall Limited Edition Rosemary Sage is my favorite new scent for my house. It's not overpowering but makes my house smell so good! Megan introduced me to it a few weeks ago and I'm so glad she did. I use the candles, plugins, and the spray. Ever since I was pregnant with Jack, I have not liked pumpkin scented candles. I don't know. I love the smell but not in my house for some reason. The Rosemary Sage is a lightly-warm, lovely scent.
I had this little basket in my gift closet along with this pretty orange dish towel. It was part of a set but I'm only using one for the basket liner. I finished it off with a little matching twine. It's ready to go and all for under $15!

Do you have a friend that could use a pick-me-up or a new neighbor? You should make them a small basket of Fall smelling goodies.

Never forget the smallest of tokens sometimes show the most amount of love and care.

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  • Katie B.

    I love the smell of sage so I know I will need to pick that up for fall :) And great idea for a little gift.