20 Aug

Just Another Monday

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY

Jack with a rose from great uncle’s burial service. The last couple of weeks have been less than enjoyable. Our family lost two very special people and even though they both lived long, happy lives it’s still never easy to say goodbye. And even harder to watch those that you love so dearly grieve the [...]

17 Aug

While catching up on my daily news on Yahoo.com this afternoon, something caught my attention. The 20/20 video story of “The Mirror-Free Bride.” I rarely watch the video stories on Yahoo but today for some reason this was shouting at me to click play. Kjerstin Gruys did not look in a mirror for one entire [...]

15 Aug

How many pairs of pants or shirts have you ruined from using cleaning products with bleach in them? I’ve ruined no less than 10 articles of clothing thanks to my love for harsh cleaning products. While at BlogHer, I had the opportunity to meet the very kind and fun Lysol representatives. They so generously gave [...]