27 Jul
Last weekend our pier hosted a birthday party for several residents on the dock.  The theme was "Cheeseburger in Paradise."  I was asked to bring the cake.  This cake was featured in Food Network magazine sometime ago and I had saved the instructions in case I ever had a reason to make it.  Well, this was the perfect opportunity.

I did not use the cake recipe that is part of the instruction.  I rarely want to take a chance on a cake recipe being moist enough when I know I can always rely on the Mazola Oil Cake being deliciously moist.  It is a bit harder to work with when constructing decorated cakes but worth it in my opinion.  I also did not use pre-made frosting as that goes against everything I believe in.  I used traditional buttercream.  The only thing I would have done differently is I wouldn't have used so much orange in the fondant color, a nice cheddar yellow would have looked more authentic.  Time restraints kept me from a re-do.

Since this cake certainly was not big enough to serve 50 to 60 people I made a double layer square cake to set the cheeseburger on.  The next question:  How could I recreate the paradise part of the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" theme.  I pulled white fondant with aqua and sky blue coloring to look like the ocean.  I covered the square cake and made ribbons of the leftovers to use as waves along the edges.

I was pretty pleased with the final product.  After wrapping the fondant covered cake in plastic wrap I set it on the counter and went to bed for a much needed nights rest.  My work was done, or at least I thought it was.

We awoke the next morning to find that my charming little goldendoodle had made a feast of my chocolate cake.  After a few curse words and a few tears Frosty calmed me down and we put together a recovery plan.  He went for fondant and to take Beurre Rouge to the kennel.  No boat for Beurre.  I started baking. About three hours later we had another finished product and we were on our way.  (Well, after I cleaned up the chocolate cake that Beurre had so kindly left all over my bedroom carpet. Uck!)For the party, I also made Bacon Wrapped Pineapple. I suggest making more than you think you'll need because they went quickly. After all, everyone knows everything is better wrapped in bacon, or at least that is what they say on "Chopped."image credit rachelleb.comimage credit via hugging the coast


And Tropical Pineapple Fried Rice. I doubled the recipe.  I wanted to serve this dish as a cold side so I wanted a lot of crunch.  I went heavy on the red and green peppers, the carrots and I added chopped water chestnuts.  I cut the curry in half and felt it was perfectly seasoned.  Just enough but not too much.  The dish is beautiful served in a pineapple cut in half  and with the inside scooped out.  Be sure to leave the green top on for additional flair.

All three were huge hits!

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  • Miss Margarita

    Amazing cake!

  • Amy

    The cake looks WONDERFUL! I love it. We have a goldendoodle too…she once ate an entire chocolate trifle I had made for dinner guests when I turned my back for 5 minutes. Good thing they’re so lovable! ;)