23 Jun

Kiks And Me At Sheryl Crow

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY

We had a great time last night with my parents and our close friends, The Frosts. It was a gorgeous night in southern Illinois and we had fun singing along with Sheryl Crow. She is from a town in southeast Missouri only about 45 minutes from us which is pretty cool! Her sister was in [...]

22 Jun

The Merry Goes ‘Round by Jewel Music is such a wonderful gift for babies and kids. We listen to music in the car, at home and especially when we are playing in Jack’s room. I like to send small gifts from Jack to our friends across the country. CDs are small, expensive to mail and [...]

20 Jun
midwest dairy campaign

In celebration of the first day of Summer and Dairy Month, I’m telling you about how I got moo-ving with an exercise routine and how I include dairy in my diet. I joined a training group at our local gym about three months ago, I’m not a “worker-outer” so it was a huge obstacle for [...]