20 Apr

This morning I posted about wanting a pair of wayfarers or wayfarer-style sunglasses. In the comment section, Erica from Midwesternita recommended I check out Warby Parker. Once I visited the site I remembered reading about the brand in a magazine months ago. If I remember correctly the article was about Jennifer Aniston wearing Warby Parker's in a movie or something. I'm so happy Erica re-introduced me to Warby Parker! I think I've decided on the Jules in the Striped Evergreen. I love them!

And you want to know what's the very best part about Warby Parker? They have the DO GOOD program (similar to the TOMS mission), for every pair of glasses purchased they provide a pair to someone in need! How cool is that? You must read the Warby Parker story. It's an incredible story. It's always such a pleasure to find a company that you're excited to support!

Warby Parker glasses would make wonderful Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts too!

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  • Sandra

    Thanks, Nina, for sharing this. Their website is so informative with the size of the glasses and different views! Hope all is well with you and yours! I used to be a blogger, so you may remember me as Preppy 101. Trying to get back in the habit of reading some of my favorites. Have a great day. XOXO
    P.S. Your family is PRECIOUS!

  • Courtney

    Those are cute shades! I wouldn’t consider them wayfarers style but definitely very stylish. I have a pair of Versace eye glasses that are a similar material.

  • Cassidy

    Love these! Thanks for posting can’t wait to get my order.

  • Nina

    One thing for sure—green is NOT your color!!!! Is your stomach still too big to lean over and give yourself your own pedicure? People who live in rental houses shouldn’t waste money on silly things! Now, where are the pictures of Jack’s nursery. Will we see any before he is one. It must be really bad, right?

  • Nina

    Nina, I just have to tell you that I love the way you really think about a good purchase before you make it…And then share it with all of us!! I’m like you and believe in investing in timeless, quality items so I really appreciate all the research you do because I am the same way. I’m loving the Warby Parkers and I think I may look into a pair for my new opticals!

  • Erica @ Midwesternita

    Aw I’m glad you liked the recommendation! Thanks for the shout out. :) I’m still undecided but may be getting a new pair of eye glasses…Warby Parker style. Can’t wait to see how you like them!

  • Becky

    Those are VERY cute! I’ve never heard of them but they remind me of Oliver Peoples- I have a pair of theirs and love them :)