20 Apr

I Want A Pair of Wayfarers

posted by ninahelleny in SHOPPING
Wayfarer Sunglass Style

I know they are very trendy right now, but you really can't get anymore classic than a pair of original Ray Ban Wayfarers! But here's the thing, I try them on every time I'm at the mall and they're never quite the right pair. It seems as though they are all slightly different. Or maybe it's just me! In all seriousness though, the two pair of folded Wayfarers in the picture above are listed as the same style and size online. Those are not the same shape. Do you see what I see or am I crazy?

Erika Powell at Urban Grace Interiors (you can also see her in the newest issue of Southern Living) posted about her wayfarer-style sunglasses by Sama Eyewear and I have to say I'm a little obsessed with them. I love the black with tortoise and the brown-blue color also shown above. But the Club 54s have a pretty heavy price tag that makes them a little less desirable.

If I could find the lower right pair of Ray Bans (exactly that shape, size and color) I would buy them in a heart beat.

Are you wearing wayfarer-style sunglasses this season?

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  • Shoshoshop

    Hello! Wayfarer sunglasses are great! buy them on half price now on
    Fast shipping:)

  • Miss Margarita

    I have the dame exact problem as you! I hope i Could find the right pair for me!

  • Sarah

    I bought the New Wayfarers and love them! They are exactly the same style as the classic Wayfarers, but smaller so they fit my face better. Have you tried those?

  • Erica @ Midwesternita

    Have you heard of Warby Parker? They have some great designs and I love the idea behind the company.

    I don’t have either Wayfarers or Warby Parkers…maybe Mother’s Day? :)

    • Nina

      Erica, thank you for the introduction to Warby Parkers, I love the site, the designs and the price!

      • Nina

        The Jules in striped evergreen might just need to be mine! Love love love the company’s mission too! Buy one, Give one! Thanks again!

  • MCW

    I just bought a pair of Wayfarers today! I found the same thing and always ave tried them on and never loved them on me. Like the above comment I got the Folding Wayfarers. They are a little bigger then the originals and the don’t slant in towards the face like the originals. And they are less expensive!

  • Mollie

    I got a pair of Wayfarers for Christmas and had the EXACT same problem! Every time I’d try them on at different places (Macy’s, Sunglass Hut, etc), they’d always fit just a little differently the the last time I tried them on. I have a very round face so I need a larger frame and I ended up getting the tortoise folded Ray Bans – they’re a little bigger than the originals. They fit so well! Hope you find your pair!