27 Mar

Jack's First Trip to the ER

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Our Monday did not start out at all like I had planned. Joe has been out of town since Friday (he returns today) so Jack and I packed our things and went to the lake to stay with my parents. Jack was enjoying his breakfast of scrambled eggs (which he has eaten before) and fresh strawberries around nine o'clock yesterday morning. Approximately 15 minutes after he smashed the strawberries into his month, his face starting breaking out in hives. At first I thought it was a contact allergy but then it started spreading all over his precious face.

I made a call to Jack's doctor but quickly decided to jump in the car and take him to the ER. Better safe than sorry!

We arrived at the hospital and our dear friend "Dr. Doug" met us at the door and walked us in. And he didn't leave our side the entire time. He and his wife are very special people and we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Jack was a very brave little boy! Even under the circumstances, he still smiled at all the nurses!

His breathing remained normal throughout the reaction and his tongue never swelled, thank God!

I didn't think twice before giving him fresh strawberries because he's had strawberries in Ella's Kitchen pouches for months but now I know fresh is different than cooked. Also, even though we cleaned the strawberries really well, it could have also been something on the strawberries. They were just standard produce strawberries. To lean on the cautious side, no strawberries for Jack and we'll be sticking to all organic fruits and veggies for my little foodie!

How's that for a Monday morning?

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  • http://www.thetichenorfamily.com meredith

    sweet little guy! look at that pitiful little frown. so glad you caught it right away and that he recovered quickly! so scary though. love you!

  • http://www.justabitofmegs.blogspot.com Perfectly Imperfect

    Poor little guy!! And poor Mama. That must have been terrifying! Glad he is feeling better now!

  • http://www.ugaparkerfamily.com Callie

    Oh Nina! Poor Jack! How scary, but so glad everyone is ok now! Xoxo

  • KG

    I developed a strawberry allergy while in college…. Not much fun, I feel for Jack!

  • http://Nononcentslife.com Nononcentslife

    Oh. my. gosh. I am highly allergic to vinegar, NOT strawberries but have had allergic reactions to different brands of strawberries. After researching further, I discovered a lot of companies WASH strawberries in vinegar to keep them preserved for longer!!! I am super curious if your little one is also allergic to vinegar. A traumatic experience, for sure – happy to hear he’s alright.

  • http://adventuresofkag.blogspot.com KGB

    Poor Jack! I hope he is feeling better! xoxo KGB

  • http://www.mrsyellowhat.blogspot.com Tara G.

    It’s a law- this stuff always happens when the hubby is away! Glad he’s ok! My boy has had us in the ER more than I can count. I now keep the steri strips (butterfly stitches) in my home first aid kit! :)

  • Molly L

    Yikes that is so scary!!! I am so glad he is ok, but I know that must have been traumatizing for you too! Thanks for sharing about the cooked vs fresh, I had no idea either! I also didn’t know strawberries were a common allergy – I swear, there is SO much to learn and remember! We’re still testing out foods for my sweet girl, but I am nervous about reactions to foods! Hope you both are doing better now:)

  • http://www.colleenandkeith.blogspot.com Colleen

    Oh my gosh that must have been scary! I’m so glad there was only a rash and now swelling. Poor baby boy.

    Also, thanks for posting this as it serves as a little warning for me to only give Owen organic produce when he starts eating fruits and veggies.

  • http://pinchofnutmeg.blogspot.com/ Jen

    I’m actually super glad that you posted about this. My son Sammy is Jack’s age as well, and though I’ve heard that strawberries are a no-no until after age 1, Sammy has been eating like a champ and has yet to have an averse reactions to anything we’ve given him. I’ve been so close to trying out strawberries with him as he loves blueberries, and he’s had strawberry baby yogurt and the same Ella’s Kitchen strawberry concoction. Guess we’ll be waiting on that one….

    Glad Jack is okay, and he looks too flipping adorable, even when sad!

  • http://htothe3.blogspot.com/ Lauren

    I am SO sorry. How scary…..I remember my first trip to the ER with Bean when she had RSV. I had Mr. Man with me so MAJOR kudos to you. Glad to here your munchkin is okay. Hope you are okay as well.
    WOW! What a lesson….something we can ALL take away. Kind of scary to think what else is on the fruits and veggies. Makes me want to ONLY stick to organic.
    Big hugs to you (even though you don’t know me)!

  • http://Www.leighshouse.blogspot.com Leigh

    I am so glad Jack is okay! My little man is one month older than Jack and I would be terrified if that happened to him. I think it’s funny how doctors recommend different things. For example, Ours said no eggs or strawberries until after age one. They were on the list with chocolate, peanut products and honey.

    One thing you may not know is there are 12 fruits/veggies that are recommended to always buy organic because of pesticides. They are called the “dirty dozen” and strawberries are on that list. I only know about this because I have been making a lot of my sons food. I just thought you may want to know for Jack and for yourself too!

  • http://kellyashworth.com kelly

    I’m so glad you had family and a good friend close by, Nina! Looks like your little guy was quite the trooper, thank goodness he’s OK!

  • Britt Z.

    I’m so sorry you guys had to go through this! Jack still looks so adorable in the pictures. I know how scary allergies can be as my son had peanut butter about 8 times and it wasn’t until the 9th time (at age 2!) that he had a reaction – hives all over his face too. We ended up getting him allergy tested and sure enough he was allergic to peanut butter. The body can take a few times to react to the “substance”. I hope Jack grows out of it, and so glad he’s okay!

  • Beth

    poor little guy. Glad he is ok. My son had a reaction to eggs one day….same thing. He did have a mild allergy that he grew out of.

  • http://capturedbyleslie.com Leslie Rodriguez

    Poor Jack! Those pics are so sad – glad he’s okay!

  • Maureen

    So sorry your little guy had to go through that. Strawberries are a common allergy. I hope he is feeling better and on the mend as is Mommy.