18 Feb
Packing for Blissdom
Next week I'm attending Blissdom '12 in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily, Nashville is only about three hours from where we live so I'll be driving down early Thursday morning and leaving at my leisure on Sunday. In addition to attending the conference, I plan to meet up with the talented Leslie Rodriguez and hopefully stop by The Bride Room for a quick visit with my favorite bridal gown gals!


I posted about a few tops on DorothyPerkins.com last week. I decided against those tops but below is a sampling of what one will find in my suitcase next week. I do not own all of the exact items in this board.

I'm packing two pairs of jeans: the high rise 7s in black I told you about a couple of weeks ago and the Citizen of Humanity Amber fit in a dark denim (I also love, by the way) that I ordered from Nordstrom after a failed trip to the mall last weekend. I'm still debating packing the same Citizens in white. I landed them on eBay with the tags attached for $45! I'm not sure I'll pack the white ones or not but if you've considered wearing white jeans year round, you most definitely can do so. Here's a post all about it.

After reading post after post about comfortable shoes being a must-have item for Blissdom, I became very nervous about my shoe situation. I do not own any truly comfortable shoes. My revas are not comfortable after awhile, my riding boots are not comfortable, I'm sure not going to wear platform heels so that left me wearing my Asics tennis shoes with a fun blouse and cardigan. That wasn't going to work either. Plus, I prefer wearing jeans with somewhat of a heel so I ended up finding a great pair of black suede boots with about a 3" wedge. All the reviews were outstanding and said they were the most comfortable pair of boots they had ever worn. I've got my fingers crossed. Mine are scheduled to arrive on Monday. They are not the exact pair listed here.

Along with my jeans and boots, I'm packing two to three sweaters/cardigans, two to three blouses, one casual tunic type dress for daytime and one night-time dress. I'm also packing a couple items of workout clothing too in case we decide to do one or both of the Fitness Sessions and maybe for the drive home too.

I'm also packing my cowboy boots... because after all, we are going to Nashville!


Here's a peek at the sessions I'll be attending while I'm in Nashville.


How to Think Like An Entrepreneur and Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into A Real Business with Holly Hamann

Likeability 2.0 with Stephanie Smirnov

Ignite the Sparks of Passion with Fuel of Purpose with Justin McCollough


Legal Confidence: Empower Yourself for Blogging Success with Sara Hawkins

Grow Your Platform, Keep Your Voice with Tsh Oxenreider

Branding You: In Between Their Perception and Your Reality with Tami Heim

Diaper Ointment

Last but not least, Dr. Smith's is a proud sponsor of Blissdom '12 and is also my sponsor to Blissdom. I could not be more excited about the continued partnership with this outstanding brand and can't wait to see what the future holds for us. If you have not checked out Dr. Smith's Premium Blend Diaper Ointment, click right over right now! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for a giveaway from Dr. Smith's coming soon!

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  • http://dressedincotton.com Katie Lake

    The more people I find out that are going to be at blissdom the more upset I am I didn’t get a ticket before they sold out! Especially since I am only about 4 hours away (in northeast Tennessee). These events always seem to be in places like New York and California which are too far for me to attend.

  • http://www.momslittlerunningbuddy.com Katie @momslrb

    So jealous that you’re there! I can’t wait to hear about all the great things you learned. I’ll check on JH and see how he’s doing. I’m dying to know how his beer brewing went. Maybe next year, I’ll look into going to one of these. Would be a ton of fun!

  • http://www.bostonnotcommon.com Rachel Marlena

    As weird as it sounds, I’m glad to hear the Revas are not comfortable after awhile. I’ve wanted a pair for some time now but you just dissuaded me. :)