31 Jan

Learning the Sippy Cup

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY
Sippy cups are interesting little objects. We started giving Jack a sippy cup after his six-month doctor's appointment. He likes to grab things and hold them himself so Jack was a fan from the start!

Being a fan doesn't mean you are a pro, it takes lots and lots of practice to learn all the tricks. He practices every night at dinner time and he's getting better and better with each new day.

I discovered Tommee Tippee products while pregnant with Jack. I registered for a few packages of cups in stages from 6 months to 24 months. I actually started out with Tommee Tippee bottles too but quickly switched to Dr. Brown's which is what we are still using and loving now.

But we love the Tomee Tippee cups and Jack also has a teething toy by Tommee Tippee that he loves too!

I can't believe our little boy is already drinking out of a cup. The days go by so quickly. It wasn't too long ago that a six month period of time would go by and not much would change. Now the amount of new things we get to experience in a short amount of time fills life with so much excitement, fun and more love than I ever imagined.

I just realized I got sentimental over a discussion about sippy cups. As my neighbor Darla would say, "you're such a mom!"

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  • Caroline

    So cute!!!!! Nina, what is the brand of the seat that Jack is sitting in? We need something like that!

  • http://pencilleddaydream.wordpress.com Ashley

    I get all sentimental about stuff like this too…lol.


  • Erika

    My little guy is 6 months and I just bought those same sippy cups for him. So far so good! I also got him a Dr. Browns sippy, which he seems to like as well. We used dr. Browns bottles too and are huge fans. In fact, they’re the only bottles he’ll take….he hates the wide neck bottles. I love reading your posts, since your son is so close in age to mine! :)