31 Jan

Learning the Sippy Cup

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY

Sippy cups are interesting little objects. We started giving Jack a sippy cup after his six-month doctor’s appointment. He likes to grab things and hold them himself so Jack was a fan from the start! Being a fan doesn’t mean you are a pro, it takes lots and lots of practice to learn all the [...]

30 Jan

Super Bowl is a wonderful reason to rally up your friends for a day of fun and lots of food! Here are a couple of my favorite recipes that make fantastic football food and a couple new ones I’m dying to try too! Sausage Tarts (or Cups) – recipe from Kate, instructions from Samma. These are [...]

28 Jan

Joe and I attended our town’s 69th Annual Chamber dinner last night. We live in a wonderful little town, full of incredible people. Three special people are recognized at this dinner every year for three different distinguished awards. The best part of this is the recipients come to the dinner without knowing they are receiving [...]