27 Nov

2011 Thanksgiving Recap

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We spent the morning and lunch with JH's family. JH's grandmother lives about three hours from our home. We drove to her house on Wednesday night so we could enjoy our time with them to the fullest. After lunch, we rested, exchanged a few Christmas and birthday gifts and then we headed back south to my parents house to celebrate with my family.

Jack's cousins on JH's side. I think we took 100 pictures to get a good one but I think this one is pretty darn cute!

These little acorns were so so yummy!

The outfit I originally had for Jack to wear for Thanksgiving ended up being too big so Erin came to the rescue and overnighted one of Hudson's outfits that was too small for Hayes. It fit Jack perfectly and was so precious! I love these pictures!

My sissy is home from KC for the week and Jack could not love her more. They are quite the little buddies. Look at that face, I swear he's already cooking up mischevious plans in his little head!

We were also able to snap a few family pictures too. So thankful for my family of three! My boys make my every day so full of love and joy.

You know Thanksgiving is coming to an end when there's lipstick all the way around your coffee mug and the newspaper ads are all over the dining room table.

And I could not be more thankful for these two. They've created a home where everyone feels welcome and feels like family when they're at their table. They are such a wonderful example to so many but especially to JH and I.

I hope you're soaking up the last day of this Thanksgiving week. We're heading to Mass with our families and plan to buy a Christmas tree this afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

Don't forget to download mine and Erin's 25 Christmas Traditions Free Printable! Share the traditions you do in your family, we'd love to hear them... and maybe we'll even adopt them for our families.

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  • http://www.themcquirefamily.blogspot.com Britt

    Nina!! Love all your family pictures, so precious! Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! xoxo

  • http://www.peacelovefood.blogspot.com Nina

    Such a beautiful little family of 3!! xo

  • http://www.kristinashleyevents.com Kristin Weis

    Awww what a WONDERFUL family!!!

  • Beth @sadietalk

    I loved looking at the pictures! So glad y’all had a great Thanksgiving visiting family.

  • http://dietcokestraightup.blogspot.com/ Kirby Stuart

    Those acorns are adorable! I’ll have to try those. You and your family look fantastic!

  • http://xoxoteacherista.blogspot.com/ Carly Haslee

    Oh my goodness, could that first picture be ANY cuter? I’ll answer myself…no! Looks like a fabulous day :)


  • http://www.lavitabellaamp.com Adrienne

    You have such a beautiful family Nina! Many blessings this holiday season!

  • http://lilacsandavocados.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    I love those little acorn treats!! Definitely holding on to that for next year’s Thanksgiving!

  • Linda Whitt

    Fantastic ideas and beautiful children! LOVE the boys red sweater outfits!

  • http://timshacoleman@blogspot.com Timsha

    Great pictures Nina, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

  • http://twitter.com/mmmnuggets Laura

    aw. little jack is adorable and your parents are adorable too!

  • http://www.prettyinpinkmegan.com Megan

    little jack is so cute i can’t stand it!