24 Oct

One of our great sponsors, Tiny Prints is running one of their best sales of the year this week! Each day this week they will be offering a steep discount on a different holiday card product. This is the perfect time to place your orders for your holiday greeting cards. Don’t have your pictures yet? [...]

21 Oct

"How do you like being a mom?"

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY

While I was pregnant, “are you so excited?” Now, “how do you like being a mom?” The well-mannered girl in me smiles and politely says, “Oh, I love it!” The sarcastic not-so-polite girl desperately wants to respond (with a LIE just to see the response I would get), “I don’t like it at all. It’s [...]

20 Oct

I fell in love with this knitted sock monkey outfit from Chasing-Fireflies before Jack was born. At first I thought it was a little pricey but once I started looking at other costumes and all the items that would be needed – turtlenecks, pants, shoes etc. – the price was close to the same. I [...]