26 Sep
Gift log book
I'm always trying to improve how I manage keeping track of gifts given, received and thank you notes sent. I started buying these hardback journal type notebooks at Target around the time JH and I got engaged. I have a couple of them now. I use them for everything from weddings to birthdays to general gifts.

You can see inside here. I write the name of the gift giver or recipient and the gift given or received. I do keep the books separate. The book with gifts received, I simply mark the line item with a check mark once I mail the thank you note.

Gift log book pages

One of my best friend's cousins sent me a version of this form and I've since renamed it "Gift Log Thank You Manager." I now print out copies of this form for every party I host. It's so helpful for the bride or mom-to-be and very much appreciated by the note taker too! You can use this as a general gift log in your Home Management Notebooks, you can use it for birthdays or any party for that matter. For events you can change "gift" to "donation" - Donation Received, Donated By, Sent Thank You. If you would like a Donation Log, email me and I would be happy to send it to you.

Gift Log_Thank You Manager

*The lines appear to be off but from what I can see they are all inline once you download the form. Email me if the downloading feature does not work and I'll send you the file. nina@accordingtonina.com

If you like organizational notebooks and helpful forms, check out ListPlanIt for hundreds of lists to put your world in order.

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  • http://www.colleenandkeith.blogspot.com Colleen

    This is great! I’m on an organization spree–trying to stay on top of things before the baby comes :) I’m waiting on the Erin Condren life planner I ordered.

  • http://virginia-belle.blogspot.com VABelle

    I love your idea of keeping gift journals! It’s so nice to have it all in one place. I may have to copy your fantastic idea and get my own journal before the holidays start :)

  • http://coffeeatnordstrom.blogspot.com/ Crystal

    I love this idea, Nina! I am a new blogger, and love the great ideas that you and blueeyedbride share! I am recently engaged so this would be a great thing for me to start as i start having all these wonderful showers! :)

  • http://totaltippinstakeover.blogspot.com Amy

    i love this idea! i wish i would have thought of this months ago when i was pregnant with #2. i am usually SUCH a stickler for (handwritten!) thank you notes, but with a combination of pregnancy brain and a busy toddler running around i would completely forget if i had written a note & already sent it or if i had yet to do so. it was so frustrating!
    love the gift log, too….i am definitely printing it out for the shower i’m hosting in a few weeks!

  • http://thecrazycastros.blogspot.com Maria

    this is a great idea;) love your blog!!!!

  • http://vlambloves.blogspot.com Victoria

    This is a fab idea! I always make sure to write a thank-you and this is a great way to keep everything organized. Thanks for sharing!

    xo lamb loves

  • http://brodyfrancis.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Love this!
    I have a spiral that I have used for baby showers with both kids, but I like the nice notebook much better!