24 Aug

My Hair Process & Products

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I'm going to first apologize for the iPhone photos and for the dirty mirror. I swear those water spots only show up in the photo! Anyway, numerous people have asked about how I do my hair and what products I love so the other day I snapped a few pictures while doing what I can the dreaded hair process.

Warning: I'm kind of a product junkie! It's a good thing one of my best friends owns an Aveda spa!


Step 1: I wash my hair about every three days. I alternate between three or four shampoos. I use Aveda Dry Remedy line with the shampoo, conditioner and also the mask for an intensive cleaning. For a light cleaning (I used this when I have to wash my hair in between "washes"), Aveda's Shampure line both the shampoo and conditioner. Bonus tip: I also use the conditioner to shave my legs! Last but not the least, my newest product love, Moroccan Oil! I have the shampoo, condition and oil. This product line is fantastic for anyone with thick curly hair like mine. I'm not a professional but I think it would be far too heavy for those with thin hair.

Step 2: After I towel dry my hair, I spray it with Aveda Damage Control and comb it through with a wide tooth comb (see below).

Step 3: I try to let my hair air dry as long as possible. The picture above is the result of a good hour and a half of air drying.

Step 4: Blow dry. My hair dryer is from Walmart and I love it. It's exactly the same as the CHI dryer ($100+ cheaper), in my opinion which again is strictly from experience. I'm not a professional. I use Olivia Garden round brushes, as well as Aveda's large paddle brush. The brush here is my newest and maybe my favorite brush by OG, the Bamboo Ceramic Ionic Thermal Brush. You can find Olivia Garden online or at Ulta Stores. A key part of the process is drying in sections with the round brush.

Step 5: I smooth a quarter sized dollop of Moroccan Oil through my hair. See picture below for the result of Step 4 + 5.

Step 6: I rarely use a hair straighter anymore. I use a large curling iron. Also purchased at Walmart from the PRO line. I love it. I use the curl down method  thanks to Amy, Lyndsey & Erin! On most days I use the "curl down" to simply smooth my hair and add a little texture and not so much for "curl" but you can use the method for many different looks.

Make up bag by Toss Designs and personalized straw tumbler by Monogram Chick.

The end result.

I think I've covered most of the key points. Erin over at Blue-Eyed Bride talked about her very similar hair process in her Summer Essentials post here, be sure to check out her post too.

Let me know if I've missed anything.

What's your favorite shampoo and conditioner or styling product? I'm always adding products to my "to try" list so fill me in!

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  • carolinemann

    I love this post! On your stellar recomendation I bought an Olivia Garden round brush and it is truly the best.
    Do you use dry shampoo in between wash days? If so, have you found a favourite? I really like Klorane– it comes in a spray can and really distributes well.

  • mrscaribentley

    I’m jealous :) What beautiful hair! I have the same type of hair but recently cut it short and wear it curly because I couldn’t take all of the drying etc. I love the Moroccan Oil products as well!

  • carmenvargas

    I have very fine hair and have used moroccan oil for years. They have a light formula, but I’ve never really needed to use it because the regular formula is not too heavy for my fine hair. I concentrate on the ends, though, and try to stay away from new length because my hair person said I don’t really need it. I love the end result of your hair!

    • http://www.accordingtonina.com Nina

      Great to know!! Thanks for the comment.

  • dayold news

    Oh, I love Moroccan Oil. I’m newly way into Redken clarifying shampoo 2x monthly (I have really thick hair too and it’s nice to deep clean). Pretty hair, doll!

  • sarahmonogram chick

    your hair is fab….i share your disdain for drying hair. i’m so jealous that you don’t have to do it everyday. mine requires daily washing and drying :( . i am so going to try the “curl down” method, gives me something to look forward to in the a.m. :)

    Hope you’re great sweet friend! Thanks a million for the shout out!

  • laurabowden

    I am also a product junkie ( I think its the graphic designer in me that loves package design) and I also really love Aveda products. I love reading product posts to get some ideas of new products I might want to try! Aveda Rosemary Mint is my favorite for Shampoo and Conditioner (I’m all about the smell) and I also love their Phomollient product for that BIG Southern hair that I love!

  • emtheflavorblue

    from start to finish, how long does it take you to do your hair (if you don’t air dry it and just straight blowdry?)

    • http://www.accordingtonina.com Nina

      If I don’t air dry it takes a LOT longer and I end up taking short cuts which ends in a less than ideal result. If I let air dry, 30 minutes plus if I’m not rushed. If I take my time, it pays off because the blowout lasts for more days.

  • WoodsyJill

    I love your hair! I was actually checking out your hair on your blog last night as I contemplated having some bangs cut at my hair appointment today. I ended up chickening out. It’s funny, though, that you’d post about your hair today after I was just looking at it last night. :-)

  • caknitterca

    I love your hair! My hair is thin and curly. It used to be a little thicker when I was younger but not by much. Since it’s short, blowdrying doesn’t take too long, but I also have to use a lot of products, like a leave-in conditioner. It’s been trial and error and finding the right stuff for my locks has been on-going for years. Thanks for sharing your methods and products. I think I’m going to have to check out that big barrel curling iron. I really like it. :-)

  • http://www.lavitaebellaamp.com adriennepomeroy

    I love Bumble and Bumble. I have thick, wavy hair but a great line for any hair type. I use the Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • Makeupbytricia

    I absolutely LOVE the Aveda product line. I have used all of the one’s you mentioned. They are my favorite. I honestly think their line is the reason my hair is so healthy.

  • megancastaneda

    I have a TON of curly hair also and I’ve started using Sunday by Bumble & Bumble. This is perfect for those of us who go days (sometimes 4 or 5…no shame here) without a good shampoo. My sister is a hair stylist and has gotten me hooked on Moroccan Oil and Bumble & Bumble products. B&Bs Curl Conscious Defining Cream and I love it! I get bouncy curls without being crunchy :) Also, the key to any good hair day for me is a ton of texturizing! My sister recently went to town taking out a ton of weight and I can actually feel my head through my hair now…very strange feeling for me :)

    • http://www.accordingtonina.com Nina

      Oh girl, I definitely have 4 to 5 day stretches too! Every three days is my goal.

  • katielongmire

    Very envious of your hair! It always looks so pretty.

  • blairscalise

    Pretty! I totally loved reading this :) I have literally STOPPED doing my hair altogether the last 2 weeks… I hope I can get back to pretty hair like this one day soon! haha This does remind me that I need to finally try the curldown technique… Time for a curling iron!

  • pittmommie

    LOVE Moroccan oil. Question for you? After having J, has your hair started falling out? I have an almost 4 month old, and my hair is falling out by the clumps. It’s AWFUL!!!! Any suggestions for products that help with hair loss/strengthening hair?

    • http://www.accordingtonina.com Nina

      Thank you for the comment. Luckily, I’m not losing any hair even though I have plenty to lose a little! I’m sorry I don’t have any info to help.