4 May
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Lack of posts is a complete understatement! And I don't have a real reason why, other than I've been running around at about 100 miles per hour. By the time I sit down at night with thoughts of blogging, I can barely keep my eyes open. I blame the weather because today the sun is shining and I have lots of energy!

As I've mentioned a couple of times, I'm in the middle of planning a bridal shower for one of my best friends, Andrea. The shower is in a couple of weeks and I happy to report I'm ahead of schedule. I'm never ahead of schedule. I'm normally behind on something or running late for an important date but not this time!

With the help from Jenn at Hostess with the Mostess and her Arbor Mist Brunch Recap & Free Printables, the shower theme was set in a flash! Ann's wedding colors are light gold and purples so I wanted something to compliment the wedding but not duplicate. Purple and green fit the bill perfectly.

image via hostessblog.com

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image via hostessblog.com

I've added a few of my own touches and also a little bit of a modern flair to fit Ann's personality! I must also give credit to Sandi from the comment section on the HWTM Arbor Mist post... I borrowed her idea to use "a perfect pair" for a wedding shower. I would include a link but she didn't leave one. Anyway, thanks Sandi!

We used to call Ann "Candy Andi" because she is a total candy-a-holic! Therefore, I thought it was completely necessary to have a candy buffet as the favors for the guests. All my candy is ordered and will arrive next week. I use Oh Nuts! because they have a great selection, you can shop by color and they offer small quantities as well as bulk.

To-do List

  • - Spray all the fake pears and cover them with glitter

  • - Spray wooden letters

  • - Gable boxes for candy buffet

  • - Add ribbon to lanterns

  • - Finish the menu cards

  • - Pick up all printables at local printer

  • - Create the seating chart

  • - Place cards

  • - Gather all of my buffet containers

  • - Manage the RSVP list

Our guest room is full of clothes and gifts for Jack and purple and green. Just walking in the room makes me smile!

I'm so looking forward to a weekend full of celebration and quality time with my girlfriends... but I'm glad it's more than a week away because I still have a lot to do!

Before I go, I have a couple of questions for you:

When you're invited to a bridal shower, do you buy off the couple's registry?

When you receive an invitation in the mail, do you immediately RSVP or wait until closer to the RSVP deadline?

What if the invitation asks you to RSVP but does not list a date... ?

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  • Katie

    I’m sure the bride in this case will love the shower. How fun!

    I almost always buy off the registry for at least part of the gift, but may include something not on the registry to round it out (especially if I want to get something that is a few dollars away from my desired gift price and there’s nothing on the registry inexpensive enough to hit the number).

    I will usually RSVP right away, but may wait to see how my schedule looks. I’ve never gotten a shower invitation without an RSVP date, I don’t think.

  • http://www.katenisbetdesigns.blogspot.com kate {aka barefoot in the park}

    LOVE that tablescape!

  • Michele

    I noticed someone from the South commented that invites might say “regrets only rsvp” ..I am from NY we need to know if your coming too so that we have a proper head count and enough of everything! Just regrets answering would drive me insane…glad I don’t live in the South!

  • Michele

    As for BABY SHOWERS my same rule applies clearly someone registered for things they need or want so why deviate from that?!! I just don’t get it, that is what registry’s are for no? ok maybe I am too harsh but, they exist for a reason!

  • Michele

    I prefer to buy off the registry b/c clearly that is what the couple like/want/need since they picked it out first hand! I can never understand going off of the registry. When I got married a friend of my mother’s did not even look at mine and gave us these really odd candle holders. I did not care for them, used them once and one broke. I never returned them b/c it was not clear where she bought them. Waste of money in my book!

    I usually RSVP very soon after receiving the invitation. I feel if you know you are free and can go then commit and put it on your calender likewise, if you can’t go or don’t want to ..let the person/people know right away. For my baby shower my mom had to call people to see if they were coming days before, really just rude and come did you not know if you were busy or not..to when people wait most often they don’t want to go!

    As for no RSVP date I again would RSVP soon after getting the invitation or at least weeks before the event!

    Hope this was helpful! are you taking a survey for a reason?!

  • http://www.onepreppycookie.blogspot.com Amy

    Everything sounds like it will be wonderful!

    I do not always buy off the registry, especially when the recipient is a close friend. Sometimes I think thought-out gifts come more from the heart. I know it can be risky, but I’m old fashioned like that. ;)

    And I always RSVP immediately!

  • Kristy

    For weddings, I always buy off the registry, but for baby showers I sometimes pick things out on my own, especially if I found them useful with a newborn. As far as RSVP’s, I always RSVP to a wedding immediately, but as for showers I generally don’t RSVP unless I am not able to attend.

  • http://katiealange.wordpress.com Katie

    I try to always buy off the registry unless it’s a really good friend and I want to do something personalized. And I am super fast about responding if given an email address but phone numbers I am slower with – I hate not knowing when to call if the RSVP person is someone I don’t know! If there’s no date to RSVP by I think I’d just make sure to do it at least the week before…

    Cute shower idea!!

  • Laurel

    I love Hostess with the Mostess, but have never actually implemented one of her ideas, so kudos to you!

    In response to your questions:

    1. Shower gifts are definitely from the registry (especially if it’s a theme shower)
    2. RSVP immediately, the only time I delay is if I’m not sure yet if I’m attending.
    3. I recently received an invitation with no RSVP date, the bride said that people don’t follow it anyway so they didn’t see the point. I still RSVPed immediately since I knew I was attending.

    And I’ve been to tons of weddings, but never seen “regrets only” on the invitation. I feel like in this day and age, people are bound to forget that they received your invitation or that they didn’t respond and then you’re stuck paying for people who were never attending in the first place.

  • http://anaughtylibrarian.blogspot.com Birdie

    For brides, I ALWAYS buy off the registry
    I usually forget to RSVP until the last minute
    If there was no date, I’d probably call when I got the chance. Something about that deadline makes me think I have time (crazy)

  • Andrea

    I’m the lucky bride to be!!! So grateful to have a wonderful and creative best friend. I love you so much and can’t wait to see u next weekend!

  • jcristg

    For a shower I usually buy off a registry. For a wedding, I will go off it if I know the bride well.

    As for RSVPs, I think this is where our regional differences come in to play: you rarely see RSVP on an invite in the South. We prefer “Regrets Only.”

  • Krista

    It looks like its going to be a gorgeous shower! Can’t wait to see pics! As for the questions -
    1. I almost always buy off the registry, unless I have a sentimental/personal gift in mind
    2. Usually wait until closer to the RSVP deadline (I’m a procrastinator at heart!)
    3. If there’s no date, I’ll generally RSVP as soon as possible

  • http://www.livinglifegratefully.blogspot.com Happiness Is…

    I always buy from the registry – that way they can return/exchange if desired. I want my money to actually go to use…

    My system is that I RSVP immediately and then put the invite on the fridge – I don’t hang the invite until I have RSVPed. And then I buy gifts for showers/weddings/parties all at once (so like all May events I did a few weeks ago, etc)

  • Lindsey

    1. Always buy a gift off the registry.
    2. Always RSVP immediately.
    3. RSVP as soon as you receive it!

  • http://therestisstillunwritten-sjm.blogspot.com/ Stephanie @ The Rest is Still Unwritten

    You are moving 100 miles a minute! :) Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful shower! To answer your questions, depending on how well I know the people sometimes I buy off the registry, sometimes not. I usually RSVP immediately because I know how I feel sitting there waiting to receive RSVPs if I’m on the other end. I still usually RSVP right away even if a date isn’t given. Hope that helps!