14 Apr
Jack and Jill Nursery Fabrics 2
Our Jack & Jill nursery is coming along quite nicely! There are only a few more pieces of furniture left to be refinished and that project will be complete. We decided on Lemon Balm from Behr for the furniture color and it's turning out better than we imagined. I just love it!

Here are the fabric swatches from my original Nursery post.

I'm not into "baby-ish" looking things like animals wearing pajamas or trucks with faces but I do love a sweet, soft stuffed animal. They work for both girls and boys and they will also grow with the child.

I'm a huge Melissa & Doug fan and I've wanted a giraffe in my baby's room since Franck revealed the nursery suite to George Banks in Father of the Bride II.

I've given this giraffe as a gift and it's definitely a must-have for our Jack & Jill nursery!

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From what seems like many moons ago during a trip to Neiman Marcus for a baby gift, I was introduced to JellyCat stuffed animals and once again made a mental note to add a few of these to my baby's nursery one day. You may also recognize Mr. Monkey from Hudson's monthly updates on my dear friend Erin's blog. And the colors of these other little guys match our fabrics to a tee!


I'm still looking for artwork. I think I know what I want one day and then I quickly change my mind the next. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I found an off-white crib for a ridiculously low price so I ordered it even though I wasn't sure about the quality. I've already canceled the order! Once you find something you love, you should just stick with it because nothing else will ever live up to it.

Did you have your nursery completely finished before your baby's arrival? I've switched from worrying about the car seat to worrying about his room.

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  • http://slk7e7.typepad.com Sarah

    We have the FAO giraffe in my son’s nursery! It absolutely makes the room.

  • http://suburbanHIT.com Suburban H.I.T.

    I love the fabrics and color scheme you’ve chosen for this nursery! Your little boy will love it and it’s definitely a room that will “grow” with him. I’m pretty sure FAO does the big giraffe if you can’t find it at M&D. And I’m in love with that little alligator! Wherever did you find him? He’d be perfect in our little one’s nursery!

    • http://www.accordingtonina.com Nina

      Hi there, thank you for the sweet comment. I found all the stuffed animals on Amazon!

  • Paige

    I love those stuffed animals! They’re sooo cuddly and soft. I gave my nephew (also a Jack) :) a giraffe one when he was born. I also love your color scheme – the cutesy rooms are on their way out I think.

  • http://cozystyle.cozyeggdesigns.com Michelle

    I’m loving your choices for the nursery! The alligator and elephant are adorable and go so well with your color palette!! Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  • http://www.momslittlerunningbuddy.blogspot.com Katie

    I’m so glad to know my nephew will be surrounded by such a great room filled with love. :)

  • http://www.Madisons-Avenue.blogspot.com Jenny

    Love.Love.Love your theme!!! I am the same way about nursery themes…we did polka dots, solid white/choc.brown accents for the bedding, and a few classic stuffed animals like the one’s you have chosen! You have the BEST taste!!! Can’t wait to follow the progress!


  • http://www.livinwiththelindseys.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    Love all the fabrics! My son was 4 weeks early and we didn’t have anything ready!!!

  • http://www.featherfactor.com featherfactor

    What adorable stuffed animals! I love that giraffe and elephant :) Your nursery sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous.

  • http://lifeasacaliforniawife.blogspot.com CAwife

    That nursery reveal scene in Father of the Bride 2 is probably one of my top 10 favorite movie scenes of all time, and the giraffe totally makes it perfect! It will be perfect in Jack’s room too!

  • http://beachbumandbaby.blogspot.com/ Lis

    Oh this looks so great! I love the colors that you have picked out.

    We also love the Melissa & Doug toys and two of Trey’s favorite stuffed animals are the Jellycat Cordy Roy Aardvark and Cordy Roy Alligator. They are so soft and sweet – I love to give them as gifts too!

    And yes, we had his nursery done – I’m a planner – I HAD to have it done to feel calm and ready! You can pack a bag and get the carseat installed in an afternoon but the nursery is a TON of work. I wanted Trey to come home to everything 110% ready – and I wanted that for myself as well. I cleaned the house the day before we had him and it was nice to come home to everything feeling fresh! :)

  • Michele

    I love your colors, so calming! I did have my babies nursery done but, it was gender neutral since we did not know what we were having. When my girl arrived I knew I had to change things around. I had to exchange the bedding for more girlie bedding, bought a great rug from pottery barn kids and put the original one in our sun room. I left the curtains and furniture and just added girlie pink decorations…oh end the room was painted an apple green which I kept and love…so now the colors are green, brown and pink with butterflies..I hope my girl loves her room as much as I do!! She is now 14 months old!
    Good luck and have fun decorating.

    • Michele

      “Oh end”…..and where did I learn to spell I meant “oh and…

  • http://munnfunn.blogspot.com Chas

    Our nursery JUST got finished yesterday, and I am 34.5 weeks along. I feel so less stressed now that it’s done!

    I know what you mean about the bed…I fell in love with one and had to have it. I couldn’t even look at any other beds after I saw it.

  • http://www.livinglifegratefully.blogspot.com Happiness Is…

    We had the nursery ready and are just starting to use it at 10 weeks. You’ll probably gets tons of gifts after baby’s arrival, and I have found that those really finished the nursery and made it feel like his (because the gifts were personalized OR they remind me of visitors to the hospital, etc)

    We have a stuffed lion that is ribbed like that elephant and I love it!

  • http://marylandmagnolia.blogspot.com/ Maryland Magnolia

    Love the giraffe! And I’m sure Jack will too :)

  • http://www.thewaspyredhead.com The Waspy Redhead

    Precious! Thanks for sharing. I love Jelly Cat stuffed animals too. I know I’m a grown up so I shouldn’t have stuffed animals, and I swear I don’t have a ton – but I love my Jelly Cat yellow duck. I bought it when sourcing potential swag for a certain baby care product I represent ;)