2 Feb

Chalkboard DIY Project

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Chalkboard Project_Before 1

I purchased this very large frame at Hobby Lobby for dirt cheap (it was a mirror & clearly the glass fell out) some time ago with hopes to turn it into a cork board. Now that it has been sitting in our garage for close to six months, I've decided it needs to be a chalkboard rather than a cork board. I realized that I have pictures and notes hanging on the refrigerator (which is right next to the wall I'm going to hang this on) and if this were a cork board it too would have mass amounts of "stuff" hanging on it.

Too much clutter for me!

This is the wall the chalkboard will hang on one day in the very near future. Please excuse the lovely trash can. But I spy a very handy Willow House Nola Bucket, do you?

Chalkboard Project_Before 2

We're using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint (highly recommended by many). I'm also going to be referencing Small Words Blog for tips because her chalkboard project was a huge success! I'm hoping we can say the same once ours in complete.

Chalkboard Project_Before 3

Have you made a chalkboard before? What paint did you use? Do you have any tips for me? Please share!

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  • Andrea T

    I actually painted an ENTIRE wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint! I get more compliments on how cool it looks. I used the Lowes Valspar? brand chalkboard paint. no added magnetic coat for me. i figured we’d brush against it and have the constant battle of picking up papers. It was super easy 2 coats went on like a dream!

  • http://mrsmfc.blogspot.com/ mrs.mfc

    I have been wanting to make a chalkboard in an old frame SO bad!!! It is on my LIST. You know, the kind of list that you have no idea when you’ll ever get to {too many other lists to get to first} but things you’d love to try? I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. Seems like a perfect size to go on that wall. Are you going to hang a little basket or something for chalk or will you keep it somewhere else? I think I have a great spot for a chalkboard in my kitchen… if I ever get around to making one :)

  • Ashley

    I did a chalkboard project recently for my tween step-daughter’s room. She loved the style tiles from PB Teen, so we decided to try to make them, instead of buying them. I used magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint so that she can hang projects, as well as leave notes on the chalkboard. The only tip I can offer is to use several coats of paint. Also, instead of using premade chalkboard paint, we made homemade chalkboard paint so that we could match her style tiles to the exact color of her walls. (Found the directions for homemade chalkboard paint in Martha Stewart Living. http://www.marthastewart.com/article/make-custom-color-chalkboard-paint) Our project was a huge success & a great accessory to her room! Good luck with your project!

  • Meah Simmons

    I can’t remember which products we used, but we did the magnetic paint under the chalkboard paint. The only tips I have is to use multiple coats of the magnetic paint to help them stick better. We painted it on our door to the laundry room where we keep our weekly schedule. It will come in extra handy when you have helpers around for the new Helleny in the house! Love you!! xoxo

  • http://lifeasacaliforniawife.blogspot.com CAwife

    I love it, such a cute idea! I can’t wait to see the final product, we definitely need something like that in our kitchen!

  • Courtney

    Hi Nina! Just started reading your blog and I think its fab!
    Okay, I did paint a chalkboard for my kitchen. Used an old framed picture that I didn’t like anymore, taped it up, and sprayed a few coats on (right on the glass). It worked just fine and I love the chalkboard. My only tip is one I’m sure you know, be sure to let it dry completely before spraying another coat (I am impatient and so mine has slight imperfections, ha!) But it was pretty easy.

  • Ashley Brown

    This is going to look great!