10 Nov

Over the last week or so I've been adding new blogs to my Reader. Specifically blogs geared toward decorating and do-it-yourself home projects. It has been like Christmas morning every time I open my Reader. The blogs are full of creative ideas and the personalities of their writers shine through the computer screen which is absolutely refreshing! I thought I had lost my creative decorating talents. It was making me so nervous to even hang one thing on our walls but all I needed was a little kick-in-the-butt. I'm back in action and ready to hammer in some nails!

The Newlywed Diaries post on Inspiring Ranch Re-do from a few days ago left me dreaming about this His-and-Her home office space.

photo by Megan Thompson via The Newlywed Diaries

Between the ranch's His-and-Her office and this long-time loved room by Ballard Designs... I can't get our home office off my mind.

photo from ballard designs

What is a Partner Desk (otherwise known as: Double Desk)?

A partners desk is an antique desk form which is basically two pedestal desks constructed from the start as one large desk joined at the front, for two users working while facing each other. The spelling of the term is irregular, with partner's desk and partners' desk being common variants.

This massive piece of furniture was first conceived in the United Kingdom to accommodate the work of banking partners. These gentlemen were usually senior bank officials who wished to do teamwork while keeping the convenience and the prestige of a pedestal desk.

It was an adaptation of the earlier and sometimes more massive library desk, found in the libraries of the mansions of the gentry and the nobility.

Most partners desks made in the 19th century were built of high quality woods such as oak, mahogany or walnut and finished with tooled leather inserts on top and brass fittings all around. Many reproductions have been made in the 20th century.

This type of desk is also known as a double desk.

- Wikipedia®


Whatever the definition. I want one. Or is it 2? I guess it could be considered one OR two depending on the configuration.

These office spaces aren't exactly what I have in my head but the idea is right on. I want the office to double as a second sitting area so we want a couch or at least our two oversized wing chairs and a TV [insert: my area to watch realty television] in the space as well.


last 2 images thanks to Inspiration for decoration

Side note: I want to attempt to make our own silhouette print(s), similar to the print in the third image. Do you have any experience in this department?

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  • Cynthia Mcardle

    Oh my! These office furnitures are so beautiful! So soothing to the eyes!


  • http://www.peace-love-lipgloss.blogspot.com PeaceLoveLipgloss

    Ballard Designs + Sephora Catalogs= Happy Camper!

  • http://allthingscherish.blogspot.com Cherish

    Oh my to have an office like these! Young House Love recently did a post on how to make a silhouette print. I highly recommend checking it out, plus they have amazing DIY house projects to mimic or draw inspiration from.

  • http://elefantitasalegres.blogspot.com Kate

    I was going to say Young House Love had a silhouette tutorial but it looks like others beat me to the punch!

  • http://www.dirtymartinidiaries.blogspot.com Lulu

    This is a *fab* post! What fun inspiration, this defenitely has me daydreaming about big, roomy his & hers offices!

  • http://abrewcitybride.blogspot.com Maria

    What a great idea!!!

  • Ashley

    Love those pictures! Check out this tutorial from younghouselove.com (a blog you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!) on how to make your own silhouette – http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/10/head-shot/

  • Preppy 101

    Nina – That tutorial is great, but I would recommend purchasing the paper that silhouette artists use. I actually have the email of a great silhouette artist who is very reasonable. She did one of my daughter from photographs that i sent her. I had one that she did years ago of my son and wanted a matching one of PD and she was able to perform the magic.
    Here is a link to my post about her:


    Hope you’re doing well.

  • http://lifeasacaliforniawife.blogspot.com CAwife

    I absolutely love that first one! This idea of having an adorable his and her office space is definitely something I’m adding to my dream home wishlist!

  • http://twitter.com/TheSingleMama The Single Mama

    i did my sons! you could do two things. first, you could do the whole silhouette with the light thing. OR you could do it the way I did it, kind of cheating ;)

    you could take a picture from the side..profile only. (obviously) make sure the background is basically nothing. a wall or something.

    then you put it on the computer and print it the size you’re going to use it, blow it up if you need to, etc. then cut it out matching up to a black piece of paper. you could double stick tape the picture to the construction paper (or whatever other paper you’re using, i used scrapbook paper so it didn’t fade.) and then cut out the picture according to your profile. when you’re done all that’ll be left is your face picture and your silhouette!!!

    hope this makes total sense! lol it’s hard to explain! :)

    then you can do really cute things, like add little pearl dots for earrings and stuff :)

  • http://www.inthiswonderfullife.com In this wonderful life

    so fun! i love the first and second one best!

  • http://Katiealange.wordpress.com Katie

    I love partner’s desks!

    My husband and I have a set up similar to that last picture. We have a black table and our computers sit back to back. Then we have black dining room table chairs so we can smile at each other while he reads sports message boards and I read blogs. It works out perfectly and it was kind of diy/ homemade based on a Pottery Barn image one time. It’s a great solution!

  • http://justbecauseimjess.blogspot.com jesslee

    Love that Ballard Designs office! Here is a great and easy tutorial on silhouettes: http://loolabee.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-tosilhouettes.html