24 Aug

Weekend Rundown

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It's been a while. I know. If I had a dime for every time someone asked me "what are you going to do now that the wedding is over?" I would be a millionaire (or at least a few thousand dollars richer)! We are busier now than we were before the wedding. It's crazy. We are non-stop. Businesses, work, social responsibilities, community committees, eat, drink, sleep.

Over the weekend, I made a flying trip to Chicago to co-host Jenna's Bachelorette Party with Andrea. I'm waiting for Jenna's approval on the pictures. Don't hold your breathe, I'm not sure we'll ever get approval!

BUT listen to this. Long (really long) story short is that while trying to get on a train - mosh pit style, someone accidentally dropped Jenna's purse. After about 20 minutes of looking on the train and then deciding it was gone and moving into what do we do next mode because her keys were in her purse, her fiance was 1.5 hours away AND everyone's keys, credit cards, bags etc. were in Jenna's condo... Jenna's phone dings that she has a new email. Miraculously, Meah had taken Jenna's phone away from her so she sees the email come through. Subject: Purse. Three young girls (maybe 23) had found Jenna's purse on the train tracks while waiting for the second train to arrive and head back into the city. The only items in her purse were her ID, camera, lip gloss and $100 cash. Here's where it gets even better. The girls instantly get on Facebook via their phones and search to find Jenna in order to find a way to return her purse to her. WHAT!?! I'm not sure Facebook would have been my first thought. [Insert how old I feel] They find her email address via Facebook. Email her knowing the chances of her having email on her phone is pretty great. Plus they also knew someone had to have her phone because it was not in her purse which they were holding! Within 2 hours of losing her purse, Jenna had her purse back with not ONE thing missing! Yes, you read correctly. Not ONE thing missing. We tried to pay the girls as a thank you but they wouldn't take a dime, just a hug! And if you know me, they weren't getting away without one of those :) I really wanted to take their picture so I could post it online and praise them for being such wonderful people but it was almost midnight when Meah, Liz and I finally met up with them and I thought I might seem a bit creepy if I pulled out my new giant Nikon camera and snapped a shot of them!

I truly believe situations like this happen to remind us there really are good people in the World! It's not all bad.

Speaking of really good people. It was my mother's birthday on Sunday! We love our Kiks so much it's not even funny. We love to celebrate her and celebrate with her. She wanted to have all the family over and spend the day in the pool so that's exactly what we did. As you can see we had a lot of fun & red velvet cake too!

Happy Tuesday to all! Hey, did you hear I finally got an iPhone!?!?!

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  • K&B

    Give Vicky a huge hug for us.

  • http://laurenslaughinglife.blogspot.com/ Lauren

    Oh my goodness- that story of the purse had me covered in goosebumps!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Truly Scrumptious =-.

  • Nicole

    GREAT story and GREAT pictures!

  • landlocked mermaid

    1 .. Kiks is looking fine
    2… I think she’s got some good gift givers in that family
    3… you look just like her!!
    Gorgeous! xo

  • http://www.myveryownsitcom.blogspot.com/ Mrs. Sitcom

    Hi there, I’m new to your blog — love it! Congratulations on your marriage!! I have to tell you, that purse story brought tears to my eyes (perhaps I’m PMS’ing, I don’t know haha) but that’s is pretty awesome, and so crazy to think that would not have been possible even 10 years ago (5?)! What a great story. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration for your mom’s birthday :) My mom likes to celebrate in very similar style — fun moms are the best :)
    .-= Mrs. Sitcom´s last blog ..SPAM- And This Time- Theyve Got a Sworn Affidavit! =-.

  • http://arplkt.blogspot.com/ Amanda

    I really enjoy your blog! I look to it for wedding (mines March 2011!!!) and life inspiration! Thank you for being such a real blogger! Looks like your weekend was fab!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Lemme splain something =-.

  • http://newlywedanddecorating.blogspot.com/ Newlywed and Decorating

    That IS a great story! Amazing! I don’t think Facebook would have been my first thought either but that was genius. Kids these days :) Glad all turned out well!
    .-= Newlywed and Decorating´s last blog ..Tuesday Randoms =-.

  • http://www.woodsyivy.blogspot.com Jill

    Happy birthday to your mom! She is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve got some good genes there, girlie! That’s an awesome story about the girls who found the purse. So nice to see that there are still nice people out there!

  • Amber

    It seems like you have a fabulous set of parents & your mom is absolutely stunning!

  • Kiki

    Wow! Unauthorized release of Kiki pics, and in a swimsuit I might add. You are a brave girl. Good thing I love you so much. Thanks for cutting your weekend short and coming home to celebrate my ??th birthday. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Love you to the moon and back.

  • http://hepburnandhoundstooth.com Rhonda

    I love kiks’ new bag!

  • http://sweetsimplicityblog.com Sweet Simplicity

    That is a great story! Those girls should be featured on the news or something. :)
    .-= Sweet Simplicity´s last blog ..Uncle Ty &amp Aunt Lindsey =-.