15 Jul

Wedding Hair Dilemma

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All along I've been saying that I'm going to wear my hair down on our wedding day. Then I'm reminded I have more hair than a mountain lion! Most people are suggesting that I wear my hair up somehow. Of course being that we're getting married on the last day of JU-LY, it will be a thousand degrees and an up-do will probably last a bit longer. But I'm deathly afraid of up-dos. I have nightmares of the hair dressers turning the chair around to present to me my wedding day do and seeing this...

Here are two of the non-structured up and down hair ideas that I will be taking with me to my trial on Saturday afternoon. Still not 100% on either one of them. As I've told you numerous times, I have a hard time seeing myself as a bride so this is a tough one for me. Please send any suggestions or ideas my way. I need all the help I can get! I don't want to look like I'm going to prom. I want to look like MYSELF... with a tad of bride mixed in! That's not too much to ask, right?

This is another last minute project I'm working on now! Something to do in my hair for the reception. I do not want a flower, bird or any other random object sitting on my head. Bustling my veil is no longer than option. It's far too long. The bustle of my dress is far too big and if I bustle both, I'll look flat out ridiculous! Ridiculous with an E to be exact. (A joke thanks to JH's Blackberry which spells ridiculous - R*e*diculous.) This head piece is a little big for me but what do you think about something like this... ?? Isn't she darling though?

Side note: I need a tan too. In the worst way.

So any ideas? Suggestions? Did you wear your hair up or down? Did you take pictures with you to your hair dressers? Did you have more than one trial? Ahhh... minor freak out. What if it turns out terrible?

I can do place settings, invitations, chairs, guest lists, budgets but start talking about make up and hair and the red splotches start popping up on my chest. I'm a mess when it comes to this stuff, please help!

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  • http://www.milltini.com Milltini

    What did you decide?
    .-= Milltini´s last blog ..Kids these dayswarning- rant below =-.

  • http://jenniferambrose.blogspot.com JenniferWriter

    Hi Nina! (This is Jennifer formerly Mother Goose). I agree with Krista about the side ponytail. It reminded me of (and I can’t believe I’m going to admit this but…) Sophia Bush’s hair in a wedding episode of One Tree Hill (Link, hope it works: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/wedding-day-one-tree-hill-girls-1227695_400_275.jpg)

    For my wedding I wore my hair up because there is so much of it! I asked the stylist to give me a middle part instead of sweeping it all up because it was less formal and looked more like me. You’ll know what’s right when you see it. Can’t wait for pics!
    .-= JenniferWriter´s last blog ..Getting Philosophical on Sunday Afternoon =-.

  • Miranda


    I like the picture on the left

  • http://lifeasacaliforniawife.blogspot.com CAwife

    I have no doubt that you will look beautiful either way, but given that you said you have a lot of hair and it will be August, I definitely recommend wearing it up! This way, it will be off your shoulders and you won’t have to worry about it not staying put, falling flat, etc. Although I also have up-do anxiety, I think that with a practice run to work things out it will be fine! : )

    I can’t wait to see what you decide, that hair piece is to die for!!!
    .-= CAwife´s last blog ..Are you CAwife and Other Weekend Highlights! =-.

  • http://www.practicallyperfectblog.com Jenny @ Practically Perfect…

    I agree that it’s important to look like yourself on your wedding! I wore my hair completely up for mine, and I’m glad that I did because it was one less thing to worry about. Still, I had really long hair and looking back kind of wished that I had worn it down, at least partially. I like the idea of a non-structured updo and think that both of those photos look great. I took pictures into my stylist during my practice session, and she was able to work things really well :-)
    .-= Jenny @ Practically Perfect…´s last blog ..Left Brain =-.

  • http://allaboutsomepink.blogspot.com tickledpink

    I had two veils- one was cathedral and then the other was fingertip, and I also wore combs in my hair, so I worried about how I wanted my hair. I wore half of it up away from my face because I didn’t want to be tucking my hair behind my ears all night. It kinda looked liked Monica’s from “Friends” when she got married on the show, but I had a little more poof! You will look gorgeous regardless how you do your hair! Enjoy this exciting time!:)

  • Krista

    What about wearing your hair in a low, side-swept curly ponytail? That’s a terrible description, but something like this: http://www.modelbride.com/content/view.php?content_id=005484&category_id=007308 or this: http://www.shoppinglifestyle.com/gallery/celebrityhairstyles/photo/index.asp?333 I think it’s perfectly romantic, yet simple and understated. And it pulls your hair mostly off your neck, so it should help keep you cool! I’ve seen it done for weddings a few times and it always looks beautiful. Many of the brides I’ve seen have added a little color with a sweet little flower, which also looks nice! Whatever you decide to do will be great I’m sure – you are going to be a beautiful bride!!

  • http://inmyblondelife.blogspot.com/ ClassyFabSarah

    As someone who is BFFFFF with her hairdresser, take TONS of pics to her!! It gives her an idea of the different styles that you consider ideal, which is even more helpful than just 1 perfect pic. I’m not married, but I have never left the salon with an updo I hated when I bring pics.
    .-= ClassyFabSarah´s last blog ..Razed =-.

  • http://newfashionedperspective.blogspot.com Mrs. H

    You are going to think I’m nuts BUT, I got married in July also and I originally wanted to wear my hair down also. But, literally the night before my wedding I was TRYING to fall asleep and I had this vision of myself outside our reception venue with sticky wet hair stuck to my shoulders and back. Sick, right? After that I made a mental note that I was going to wear my hair up the next day and then I was able to fall asleep, haha.

    The next morning as I was sitting in the hair dresser’s chair, waiting for my turn and doing my make-up, I just casually mentioned to her that I wanted to wear it up. I totally trust her so I wasn’t worried. I just told her generally what I wanted and she did it. I was actually glad that my practice hair was down because I didn’t have any expectation of what it would look like. I think it would have been bad if she had done something amazing the first time and then the day of the wedding it wasn’t quite like I wanted or remembered.

    I will say this, while you are in the chair for your practice apointment and then on the day of, pay attention to what she is doing. If it looks to big, ask her to pull it down some, if it is too flat to your head or your bangs look weird, ask her to fix it. You will be much happier in the long run. If it isn’t looking right from the start, it isn’t going to look right in the end.

    Sorry to write you a novella! Have fun at the hair stylist!

  • http://www.sugarspicesometimesnice.blogspot.com Katie

    I totally understand your dilemma. We were married in August in Richmond and lucked out to have only a 85 degree day.

    After much debate, I decided to split the difference and have my hair half up/half down. I NEVER wear my hair up so having it down made me feel more like myself and at the end of the day I decided that was most important to me. I also realized that I would be hot wearing my dress and dancing so having my hair up or down wasn’t really going to make that much difference either way. As long as you are happy with how you look either way will be perfect. GOOD LUCK!



  • http://www.summerpagepress.com Cami

    A lot of my friends and family told me to wear my hair up too so in my first hair trial we did up-dos and it just didn’t feel like *me*. So the next time I went in I told my hairdresser and she was more than happy to do the second trial with down styles. I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t have loved my wedding day hair more and felt so much like myself! Granted it was April so not as hot as July, but there’s so much hair product in there, it probably still would have held up. : ) I too had a long veil and just removed it after the ceremony and kept in the clip that was holding the top part of my hair up.

    My hair was styled like this (though more natural and not as poofy!):

    And my barrette was this (which I absolutely love):

    I agree with Erin above – the most important thing is to feel like yourself, to feel comfortable and to feel pretty!

  • http://autumnschafer.blogspot.com/ Autumn

    Definitely the second photo! It’s very romantic!

    The headpiece is sweet but I think it’s a bit much…You’re the focal point on that one day..not what’s on your head :) What if you just wore a little something like this: http://www.custom-crystals.com/h7037.html..it’s not too much but it gives a little bling for your gorgeous hair!

    Whatever you choose, you’ll be stunning..don’t fret too much about it!
    .-= Autumn´s last blog ..To Infinity and Beyond =-.

  • http://blueeyedbride.com Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    I think it’s important for a bride to look like herself on her wedding day. So if you normally wear your hair down then you should wear it down, but in a beautiful styled way.

    If you wear it up on a fairly regular basis then you should wear it up.

    It’s nice to have it out of the way, but I wore mine down and I was so comfortable. I felt like myself and my hair looked better than it has ever looked. I got a little hot as the night went on, but my hair stayed in great shape.

    I think the most important thing is to look like yourself and look the way JH will recognize the girl who proposed to. :) I think it’s so easy for brides to come out looking like a different person. So up, down, maybe it doesn’t matter. As long as you look and feel like yourself! :)

  • http://www.milltini.com Milltini

    I like BOTH of the unstructured up dos…but I am also a fan of the down look. You have such beautiful hair, I don’t know that you can go wrong either way. Best just to play around with it and play around with what makes you feel like YOU!

  • http://laurenslaughinglife.blogspot.com/ Lauren

    The day of our wedding was more humid than I ever could have imagined. I had to scrap my initial hair idea last-minute and go with an updo. Besides a few tears (mine) and a temper-tantrum (my stylist) everything worked out in the end. My advice: pull it up, keep it simple, and let function trump fashion on this ONE thing. It will pay off in the end.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Joie de Vivre =-.

  • Jennifer C.

    I also have thick long hair, and I wore it down for my wedding. Although I love the look of my hair down, I wish I would have worn it up. We had a band with great music, so of course there was lots of dancing. I also live in the south, so with the humidity, dancing, and my hair down, it made for one sweaty hot bride. By the end of the night, my hair looked like one giant fuzzy mess! I love the hair in the second picture…very romantic! I know whatever you choose, you will look beautiful. Good luck and happy wedding day!

  • Megan

    I’ve always said that this is how I want my hair to look for my wedding day. I think the picture is a few years old but it’s a pretty classic look…romantic, a bit organic, but still put together.

  • http://justbecauseimjess.blogspot.com jesslee

    I wore mine up and was glad I did after a night full of dancing… I also liked how my dark hair looked pulled back and let all the focus be on my dress! I’d suggest taking several pics in for a trial run but also just letting the hairdresser do her own thing -you never know they may have just the style for your big day.

    I noticed on twitter you were looking for a ferris wheel, here’s a link:
    (it’s not potterybarn and I’m not sure what your intentions are but I do know that spray paint can work wonders!)
    .-= jesslee´s last blog ..ChaChaChicago! =-.

  • http://www.thisbeautifulthing.com Sara

    I have super thick hair also and I wore my hair half up. As long as you aren’t outside for any festivities you should be okay, heat wise. I also took off my veil and placed a pearl comb in my hair for the reception. Much better than getting hugs that pulled my head all day.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Gah! House projects! =-.

  • Laurel

    Ahh! I am getting married the last day of July but in 2011~ how cool! up dos are always lovely. I am excited to see how yours turns out!

  • http://sweetsimplicityblog.com Sweet Simplicity

    My wedding was outside in the middle of May. I wore mine up to stay cool and because when I wear mine down and curled I am so worried about the wind messing it up or my curl falling. With it up it is out of the way–no worries. I can’t believe your wedding day is almost here!

  • http://lilacsandavocados.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    I had one trial run with my stylist. I brought her a handful of pictures and told her to just play around with it. We came up with something similar to the updo you posted. It was low and rather wispy, just the way I wanted it. I had an outdoor reception Virginia in July, and I knew my hair wouldn’t be able to stand the humidity if I wore it down. I love having my hair down, but up was the best choice for our wedding.

    You will look beautiful no matter what you choose! I can’t wait to see what you end up with :)
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Europe Trip- Part 3- Florence- Italy =-.

  • http://southernbellejm.blogspot.com/ SouthernBelleJM

    Oooh, I like the side messy bun! That’s what I’m thinking about doing for mine. I had always thought about leaving my hair down, but I want the main focus to be my dress. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful regardless of which hairstyle you choose. I can’t believe your big day is coming up. It just seems like yesterday you announced your engagement!
    .-= SouthernBelleJM´s last blog ..Belle at the Library =-.

  • http://www.thenewblackisblack.com Black is the New Black

    So exciting that your wedding is right around the corner!!! I just did a post about my wedding hair trial, which thankfully went really well. Are you having dancing (and if so, are you a big dancer?). For me, even though I love my hair down and my fiance prefers it that way, I chose to have an updo because I have a ton of hair and it would become a hot mess after I start dancing. Also, updo’s do lend a degree of formality that is nice on one’s wedding day (in my opinion).

    The best bridal hair inspiration I found was from celebrity websites – you’re totally right that most “bride” hairstyles presented on wedding magazines, websites, etc look way too “done” and bad prom-ish. I’d recommend looking at the photo gallery on a fan site of a celebrity whose style you admire – their red carpet photos probably have lots of eye candy for you to choose from.

    I did 1 hair trial and brought photos from the front, side, and back of the hairstyle I chose and was really happy with the results of my trial. But, if it turns out terrible you can always have another trial run – but I would absolutely recommend having at least 1 hair and makeup trial before the big day.

    PS – that netted hair piece in the last photo is BEYOND LOVELY!!!

  • http://sweettfamily.blogspot.com MEREDITH

    I *love* the second hair photo, the “undone” updo… it’s pulled back and out of your face, but isn’t pulled tight into a spirally curled, aqua-net, prom-do! I think it’s timeless and super chic. Your hair will look fab like that.

    Loving the little net bow at the end, but definitely agree it’s a little large. Don’t worry sweet friend, you’re fabulous always… I have no doubt you’ll be the most exquisite bride!
    .-= MEREDITH´s last blog ..hot stuff =-.