7 Jul

Rehearsal Dinner Dress ?

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23 days until our rehearsal dinner and I don't have a dress or a clue what to wear. The thought "I'm going to look at these pictures for the rest of my life" keeps running through my head. I don't want to look too trendy, I don't want it to be too short, do I want to wear white or a color.... the list of questions is endless.

Why am I just looking now? I'm not. I had this dress on backorder. It was scheduled to ship early July. Well, The Limited sent my mother an email informing her they were canceling all orders. How nice!

SO NOW WHAT.... Here are a couple of options I'm considering. What do you think?

Do I want to wear white? Or color? Do you have any recommendations? Any dresses you've seen that would be perfect for our rehearsal?

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  • Jamie

    If you haven’t found a rehearsal dinner dress yet, check out some of these local boutiques in STL.

    http://www.shopmezzanine.com/ Store is on Euclid in STL

  • http://www.peace-love-lipgloss.blogspot.com Peace.Love.Lipgloss.

    That’s such a bummer, that top dress was perfect! I’m sure you’ll find something stunning:)
    .-= Peace.Love.Lipgloss.´s last blog ..Wishlist Wednesday =-.

  • Sweetly Southern

    Dress #1 is my favorite, to me the one shoulder dress looks almost like a toga. The one from the Limited is gorgeous, it stinks that they canceled the order.

  • http://preppylittledress.blogspot.com preppy little dress

    I am sure what ever dress you end up purchasing will look lovely. Can’t wait to see the photos, your big day will be here b4 you know it!
    .-= preppy little dress´s last blog ..grab your bonannos and lets go =-.

  • Kay~Barb

    Nina, just had supper with Uncle Jack. We vote for the second one with the hem. You will look perfect in any one you select. love, k&b

  • http://adventuresofkag.blogspot.com KAG

    I LOVE the one strap dress, you will look stunning! xo KAG
    .-= KAG´s last blog ..The Castaway Clothing Catalog- =-.

  • Jodi

    I like wearing the color your bridesmaids will wear the next day…. you’ll be sporting white the entire day of the wedding… keep it special!

  • http://sweetsimplicityblog.com Sweet Simplicity

    I wore a white silk dress with some black details. When else in your life can you wear so much white? :) I love the one shoulder dress. It seems so classy and sophisticated.
    .-= Sweet Simplicity´s last blog ..etsy special =-.

  • http://thisiskt.blogspot.com katie

    I think you should find something that makes you feel fabulous. You will be glowing in the anticipation of it all and will look great in pictures for years to come!

  • http://www.pinkjulepabroad.com Pink Julep

    I wore white for my wedding, so I saw the rehearsal as the perfect opportunity to get to be the one wearing my wedding colors! They’re my favorite colors after all so it seemed appropriate for me to wear them at least once! All these white dresses are beautiful though!
    .-= Pink Julep´s last blog ..Cocktail Rings- The Bigger the Better- =-.

  • http://mysocalledfairytale.net April@mysocalledfairytale

    I LOVE the first dress! I’m sad that your order got canceled!

    I like the first one best! Here are some others I’ve seen




  • http://the2smiths.blogspot.com Mrs. Smith

    Love that strapless one!! I’m a sucker for a cute white dress. And a cute strapless dress. So double the fun there!

    I wore white to the rehearsal and dinner and LOVED it. I just pulled the dress out last weekend and decided to wear it to our anniversary dinner in September. Bride-like, nostalgic, and I STILL love that dress. :)
    .-= Mrs. Smith´s last blog ..True Vampire Love =-.

  • http://www.forthelove-mb.blogspot.com melissa

    I love the one shoulder dress. It’s elegant and beautiful. As far as white vs. color, I personally think either would be gorgeous. You’re the bride to be – all eyes will be on you no matter what. The smile on your face alone will set you apart! Choose a dress you love.

    And as far as looking back on the pictures, I wouldn’t worry too much. In my experience, it won’t be what you’re wearing that you’ll be focusing on. It will be the look on your husband to be’s face when he looks at you, or the smile on your mom’s eyes as she raises a glass to toast the happy couple. I suspect that the emotions of the day will be what you’ll love most about your pictures.
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..say it aint so =-.

  • 1969

    I wore a fitted black dress to my rehearsal dinner. I wanted to look totally different the next day when I wowed them in my white dress. Of the two dresses, I like the 2nd one better. Congrats and enjoy!

  • ct

    The 2nd dress! Simple, classic, beautiful. Where is it from?

  • http://bluhbluhblog.blogspot.com candace

    AHHH!!!! 8 days until my wedding rehearsal dinner and I don’t have a CLUE what I’m wearing. Brutal. I’m going to be looking for something bright and fun though, because I’d like to wear the dress again and since I’m not much of a dress person anyway, I’d like to have it to wear to another wedding or shower or something…and obviously I wouldn’t be able to wear a cute white dress to someone else’s wedding…. Good luck!!! Let us know what you find!

  • http://www.lavitaebellaamp.com Adrienne @La Vita e Bella

    I love the 2nd one…but I found two more:


    .-= Adrienne @La Vita e Bella´s last blog ..BIG DAY Wisdom- =-.

  • Melissa

    Love the one-shoulder dress! I’d say it’s probably been 50/50 in my experience with people choosing white or color for the rehearsal dinner, but I say wear white, when do you have a better excuse? :)

  • http://www.summerpagepress.com Cami

    Both are really pretty! Wear whatever makes you feel prettiest and most comfortable. My dress was a last minute decision (blue strapless) and a few years later I still love it.

  • http://www.thinksplendid.com Liene Stevens

    The last one for sure. Modern twist on traditional style (which suits your personality perfectly). The second is cute but too casual, in my opinion, especially given your ceremony location.
    .-= Liene Stevens´s last blog ..Twitter 101 Pre-Webinar Reading =-.

  • jcristg

    I’ve eyed this one for ages and adore it – http://www.lillypulitzer.com/The-Little-White-Dress/Carly-Dress-Silk-Cotton/invt/74833&bklist=icat,4,shop,womens,littlewhitedress

    Should you want to buck the white dress, I’m kind of in love with this one too http://www.katespade.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4313568&cp=2631362.3540941

  • http://www.saskatoonsoapbox.blogspot.com Mel

    I like Erin’s suggestion of the “Going Away Dress” so you can get both :)

    Otherwise, the first one is classic and you could wear it multiple times (although, who are we kidding, probably not going to happen).

    Good luck! You’ll look gorg in whatever you choose!
    .-= Mel´s last blog ..Baby Andie at 9 1-2 Months =-.

  • http://www.kappaprep.com Kappa Prep

    I would go with the second one for sure. You have such a great figure and that will show it off and I love the one shoulder!
    .-= Kappa Prep´s last blog ..Chargers =-.

  • http://www.kappaprep.com Kappa Prep

    I would go with the second one for sure. You have such a great figure and that will show it off!
    .-= Kappa Prep´s last blog ..Chargers =-.

  • http://blueeyedbride.com Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    woops— just saw that #1 is not an option. duh! sorry, shug :(
    .-= Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride´s last blog ..a cool 78 degrees =-.

  • http://blueeyedbride.com Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    You know I love white dresses for rehearsal dinners. It’s just a chance to wear a sexy white dress and play up the whole “i’m the bride and i get to wear white” thing. you never get to do that again! :)

    so i actually love all three. the first one is GORGEOUS and i love the details.

    the second one is so fun and flirty and just happy.

    the third one is simple, elegant, with gorgeous lines. i love it.

    i am not trying to make your decision more difficult. i just love them all.

    any interest in a “going away dress?” maybe you could get one for the rehearsal dinner and one for your send-off after the reception? (are you having a send-off?)

  • Jennifer

    I vote white!


  • http://www.ugaparkerfamily.blogspot.com Callie

    I love white on brides at rehearsal dinners as well! My vote is number 2! It’s so chic, but I am sure your trendy hesitation is for this one. I say go for it though, it’s super cute and classy!

  • http://christinemiggins.blogspot.com/ Christine

    Love Love Love White dresses on the bride at the rehearsal! I wore white and loved it! You don’t get to wear a white dress very often so take advantage! Plus it’s a good excuse to buy a fabulous short white dress and you can re-wear it on your honeymoon!
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  • http://ldyates.blogspot.com Laura

    #2 or #3 are so cute and you could wear them on your honeymoon! It took me forever to find a dress for our rehearsal dinner night. I ended up finding one the week of-at Ann Taylor and it was perfect, so don’t sweat!!! If you wear white, add a fun punch of color! Good luck!! :)
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Mz Kravitz =-.

  • Sara

    I absolutely love the 1st one….rehearsal dinners are supposed to be fun and not so serious..and this dress just screams cute and fun!

  • Mrs D.

    My vote is for the one-shoulder dress. Very elegant & sophisticated lines. Best wishes & congrats on your big day. Enjoy each moment ~ time flies ! I am getting ready to celebrate my 10th wedding anniv. next month~ also in the market for a white dress for our big anniversary .

  • http://zachandstefanieclark.blogspot.com Stefanie

    I love choice #1– it’s very sweet. I’m in love with the detail on the hemline!
    I know more girls who don’t wear white to the rehearsal- in fact, most of my girlfriends have worn black! Um, talk about the complete opposite of bridal white… but I think the white is pretty, especially in the summer.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..its raining- its pouring =-.

  • http://Katiealange.wordpress.com Katie

    I didn’t buy my rehearsal dinner dress until the Monday night before my Thursday rehearsal. I had been everywhere and looked at everything then I found a great white dress from White House Black Market that I love! I packed it on the honeymoon and then wore it on our first anniversary. I loved it’s simple lines yet it was very flattering.

    But I agree, I think the one shoulder dress seems like your style and something you will be able to look back on and still love.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Holiday Weekend Recap … =-.

  • Elizabeth

    I also like white for the bride at rehearsal dinners. Just helps you start standing out a night early = ). I like the second one. It looks more classic to me.

  • http://www.thenewblackisblack.com Black is the New Black

    love the last one! I’m still trying to decide on a dress but I have just under 2 months left. how exciting that yours is right around the corner!!

  • http://southernbellejm.blogspot.com/ SouthernBelleJM

    I like white for the bride at rehearsal dinners. And why oh why did they cancel?!?!?!? I love that dress!!! But if I had to choose, I like #1 better.
    .-= SouthernBelleJM´s last blog ..Too Harsh or Just Right =-.

  • http://www.prettyinpinkmegan.com Megan

    My vote is for the white one shoulder! love it! that would look great on you!

  • http://www.jenniferblack6305.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I like white dresses for rehearsal dinners! Out of your two options, I like #1 better because it looks more fun. The other one looks more serious to me. Good luck with everything!