17 May
Happy Monday to you! I found this L’Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel at Target last week. I've used it a couple of times and for the most part I'm very pleased with my purchase. Sunless tanner is such a commitment. If you apply you have to maintain your skin so you don't start looking like a baby with jondis. The only self tanner I've ever found that works for me is the St. Tropez mixed with my every day body lotion, click here and here to read all about it. So when I noticed this "instant tan / non-self tanner" I was extremely excited. It works great when you need to take the edge off of your White White Winter Legs before you have time to get out in the real sun!

Negative: If you apply the Tinted Gel with bare hands, you must have a clean Scotch Brite to remove it from your hands. Basically it's like wood varnish! Unless you want to exfoliate your hands with a cleaning pad, I highly recommend using spa / bathroom gloves for application.

Although it's difficult to get off your hands, it seems to stay on my skin and not rub off on my clothes. I even wore my white eyelet tunic dress and there is only minor sign of bronzer on the inside. Nothing major.

For those that asked about my menu planning notebook, here it is. These can be purchased at Wal-Mart stores nationwide! And for the record, I did misspell and mistype "Adobo" in last weeks menu planning post. I use "Adobe Creative Suite" almost every day and my brain automatically added a "e" instead of an "o" - do you have a word that you always spell wrong because it's something you say or type every day. None-the-less, I still could not find AdobO sauce at my grocery store. I was looking for the right thing even though I was referring to it as a software program!

Lots of fun and exciting things going on this week. My mother starts her second 6-week program of culinary school at Le Cordon Blue and it's Bridal Shower Week!!! The girls were over last night making the final checklists before Kiks leaves for the week. It's going to be quite a party!

What do you have going on this week? What's your favorite self tanner? Have you ever used a Scotch Brite to remove orangeness from your body?

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  • Beth

    Ohhh I love to try out new tanning products! I will have to try out the one you mentioned. Personally the 2 I like (so far that is) are Fake Bake from salons and Jergens natural glow express. I use gloves with both.
    Happy shower week!

  • April

    I didn’t even know they made adobo sauce :)

    my stepdad is filipino and when we make pork or chicken adobo, we always make the sauce… it’s just soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, onion and garlic… combined with the juices from the meat.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Bob the Betta, a myagenda, and too many other purchases =-.

  • Margaret

    The baby with jondis remark cracked me up! I had the same experience with self tanner staining my hands (and ending up being splotchy in some spots) and I used one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and it did the trick! Crazy I know, but it worked!

  • Milltini

    I tried the sublime bronze too and it didn’t work as well on my skin tone (but I am SUPER pale)…it worked a little better when I used it with lotion too. I wish we could find something that would NEVER wash off on white.

  • Emily

    I have extremely fair skin and found the perfect tanner that looks natural. It’s Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer (Revitalizing formula). It has a VERY SMALL amount of shimmer to it that makes skin look great in photos too. I’ve noticed a difference in pictures.

    Hope you are enjoying the planning process of your wedding!
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..6 weeks old! =-.

  • Lauren

    Adobo is a fantastic spice/sauce. It is usually by the GOYA products in the “international” aisle. I would also recommend trying sofrito, it adds wonderful flavor if you like spice. You can buy it frozen. Adobo has spices and marinades. I have liked every product I have tried. My best friend is Puerta Rican and she has shared some GREAT suggestions for spicing things up and adding flavor!

  • Mrs. H

    I have had trouble finding Adobo before at my grocery store too. But, I found that if I am just flavoring a sauce, soup or something similar, I can use the Chipotle flavored Tobasco sauce and it works just as well. I have a chili recipe that calls for one chipotle in Adobo and I hated having to save the other 3 that come in the can so when I found the Tobasco sauce I was all over it. The other nice thing is that sometimes the chipotle in adobo are too spicy for me so with the Tobasco sauce I can kind of hold back and make things less intense. Happy cooking!

  • Sassy In The South

    Nina, I followed your advice months ago when trying to find a great self tanner, and I love mixing the St. Tropez with my regular lotion! Thanks for all of your fabulous tips! Good luck to your Mom, I am sure she is loving every second of it!

  • Sweet Simplicity

    For whatever reason I have a hard time finding adobo sauce. When I do find it I try to buy a couple of cans.
    .-= Sweet Simplicity´s last blog ..Blog Sale! =-.