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honeymoon destinations

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We are trying to decide on a honeymoon destination and we need your help! We'll be leaving for our honeymoon the first part of October - if that matters for locations.

We would love and appreciate to hear the details of your honeymoon... When? Where? Why? How? Activities while you were there?

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  • http://preppylittledress.blogspot.com preppylittledress

    We spent two weeks in Aruba. Loved every minute of it!
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  • Katie B.

    First I just want to say best wishes on your engagement, it is such a fun time and sounds like you are enjoying it. Also, this is my first comment for your blog, long time reader. Anyway, we honeymooned at Machu Picchu. Loved every minute of it. We did the hike up the Inca trail and then stayed at the Sanctuary hotel right at the gate. We’ve also been to Tanzania and South Africa, great trips. If you don’t want to go that far I would definitely look into Harbour Island on the Bahamas (NOT Atlantis). It is so quaint and the best beach I have ever been to. Not touristy at all. Have a blast researching all this stuff, what fun!

  • http://courtneycrocker.blogspot.com Courtney

    We went to Fiji and it was amazing! We stayed at the LikuLiku Lagoon resort. It’s quiet and romantic and everything I ever wanted from a Honeymoon. The water was warm and turquoise! We stayed in a Deluxe Beachfront Bure with a plunge pool and a couple night in an overwater bure, but the beach front is WAY more romantic and secluded-I totally recommend it over the other. The food was TO DIE FOR! The chef, Brett, and his pastry-chef wife, Chloe, are AMAZING! We went in January, their rainy season, and had amazing weather…october would be awesome there.
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  • http://www.summerpagepress.com Cami

    We went to Italy (Tuscany) and France (Champagne region and Paris) for our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing! We had two weeks so it worked out perfectly. For our one year anniversary last year, we went to Kauai and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! If you are looking for adventure and relaxation, I would highly recommend it. For our two year anniversary we’re heading to Napa and I’m already hoping to make it back to Hawaii (Maui this time) for the three year. We love to travel. :)

  • http://howimetmyedo.blogspot.com/ Mrs. EDO

    We got married Labor Day weekend ’09. But didn’t go on our official honeymoon until end of November, and we spent 10 days on Oahu and absolutely loved it. Everyone has positives and negatives to every island – it totally depends on what you want to get out of your honeymoon. We went for the Navy/Hawaii football game and to do some sightseeing. Had we gone the week after our wedding, I probably would have preferred Kauai or Maui and would have just laid on the beach and relaxed. If you end up doing Hawaii, I HIGHLY recommend the Revealed Series travel books. They never steered us wrong. Good Luck Deciding and Planning!
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  • Jennifer

    We just went to Maui, Hawaii last October (near the end of the month) for our 2nd anniversary and it was the trip of a lifetime!! According to the airlines, October is an “off” month, so the tickets were super cheap and miles low to use! We stayed at the Fairmont in Wailea and loved it! Even the hotel prices were lower than normal and it was not crowded at all. I barely saw any kids either. All the places we ate were incredible, the weather was awesome (not too hot), and the activities were so fun! I would go back ever year if I could!

  • http://southernstuf.blogspot.com Wendy

    I was going to say Little Dix Bay too, but see that several people have suggested that as well! I would love to go to Italy! That would be my destination of choice – Tuscany! I think that could be sooooo romantic!
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  • http://thepreppypitbull.blogspot.com Amanda

    We honeymooned at Ladera, on St. Lucia for the first week, and then Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda for the second. Both properties are gorgeous, the service is second to none and I would recommend both HANDS DOWN. I am VERY picky when it comes to staying in hotels and travelling and I cannot find ONE complaint about either of these places. Ladera is great because it’s quiet and SUPER romantic. We only left the resort once to go down to the beach (the resort is almost 3/4 up the mountain) but we had our own pool in our room and the food was SO good at the hotel restaurant there was no reason to go anywhere else. Little Dix was our ‘beach’ part of the honeymoon and it was fantastic. Our cottage was steps away from the beach and we loved every minute. My favorite thing about the resort is they give you a pool floatie, and you can float around the bay and watch the fish or just lay in the sun or jump on or off, its perfectly relaxing and just phenomenal. Their spa is awesome too, great services, and they have an awesome pool up there as well so if you go for services you can just spend the day up at that pool and overlook the islands on the other side. Between those two resorts you can’t go wrong!
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  • http://virginia-belle.blogspot.com Christina

    We did Greece mid-October this past fall for our honeymoon and it was AMAZING! It was the perfect balance of being a tourist in Europe for a few days in Athens and then the typical tropical part in the Islands. Santorini and Mykonos are fabulous and were so romantic. I was concerned about the weather with it being October but it was perfect for us, mid-70s everyday. Enjoy the planning!
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  • http://diaryofmrsd.blogspot.com Kelli

    We went to Maui, Hawaii and LOVED every single minute of it! It was so relaxing and peaceful! It really is like being in a foreign country without having the headache of changing currency. There are TONS of activities, shopping spots, and great places to eat, but you never get the feeling like you are overwhelmed or rushed to do and see things. While we were there, we went snorkeling, had a sunset dinner cruise, rode bikes down Haleakala, took a helicopter tour, and went to a luau. We even had days that we didn’t do anything at all, but hang out on the beach and lay out by the pool.

    I can’t wait to here where you decide to go! :)
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  • Natalie

    We live at the beach so we headed to Northern California for our honeymoon. We spent 3 days in Napa. We took an all day winery tour–visiting 5 different smaller wineries, got a couples massage at the Napa Marriott, dined at Ad Hoc, one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants etc etc. Then we drove down to San Fran via Sausilito. We went to a SF Giants game, toured around, ate great food, including Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant Postrio. I loved the mix of wine country and big city!

    Have fun planning the honeymoon!!

  • http://www.laurenslaughinglife.blogspot.com Lauren

    Paris! We went with Europe since we were married in Puerto Rico. However, I still would have chosen a non-beach destination for our honeymoon since we do beach trips together each year anyway!
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  • http://dannyanddesiree.blogspot.com Desiree

    We went to Vegas! The hubs isn’t big on let’s sit on the beach and read a book or maybe go on a sunset cruise. He wanted to do things. I’ve just come to the conclusion that if I want a beach trip I’m gonna have to take it with my girlfriends, or at least let him bring a friend so he can go play while I hit the beach. There was plenty to do in Vegas but I’ll tell you one thing, if you want to come home rested and relaxed Vegas is not what you want. I was exhausted but have fantastic stories and pictures to show for it all!
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  • Sue

    We’re getting married in June and are going to Turks & Caicos, staying at the Grace Bay Club which is divided into 2 resorts – one for families with kids, and one which is strictly adults only! No kids in the pool, at the restaurants, etc. Love kids, but not on my honeymoon! Looks gorgeous, we can’t wait to get there, and the 12 mile strip of beach is often ranked in the top 5 beaches by Conde Naste. We also love to do Europe or city-based vacations but decided we really want to just relax on the honeymoon. Happy planning!

  • http://www.grovegals.blogspot.com grovegalk

    we spent 2 weeks in Italy and loved every minute of. We go to the virgin islands every year so we wanted to do something different. decide what you want to do and go from there

  • Erin

    Yay, October brides! We got married October 10th of last year and went to Hawaii for about 11 days – spent time on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Amazing! Highly recommend it. Hawaii is nice year-round; October is no different. Someone did remind us that we were about a month too early to see whales, if that matters to you.

  • http://the2smiths.blogspot.com Mrs. Smith

    We went in mid-September to Sandals Antigua. It was amaziiiinnnnggggg. The island was just beautiful, and the beach was recently ranked 4th in the world.

    While we loved Sandals, I would just recommend any all-inclusive resort. For an island like Antigua, we would have been lost if we’d had to navigate on our own. Not to mention, we had everything we needed at our fingertips at any point in the day. 24 hours food, bars, pools, beach. We sailed nearly every day and it was included. There were I think 9 restaurants at the resort and we ate at every single one. One night, we went for sushi appetizers, dinner at another place, and dessert at another, which is not something we normally do but it was totally ok because it was easy and all included.

    And this may be the lamest reason ever, but we picked Sandals because I knew it was reputable and I put so much energy into our wedding that I didn’t want to research the honeymoon for hours on end. I just wanted to book it and go enjoy. Which is exactly what we did!
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  • http://it-is-everlasting.blogspot.com Mrs. Everlasting

    As you know we did all inclusive in Mexico and L O V E D it. I just wanted a beautiful beach, great food, and plenty of time to drink delicious pina coladas and read books. Given the chance to do it all over again I don’t know that I’d change a thing! I think you would pretty much want to move here: http://www.leblancsparesort.com/
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  • Beth

    my husband and i had the same thought that lulu and her husband did….we did not want to make “honeymoon friends.” we went to La Luna, a resort on the east indies island of grenada. it. was. heaven. on. earth. i think the place only accommodates 32 people at one time, and when we were there last september, i think we counted 14 people total when the resort was at its busiest. each bungalow is unbelievably private and hidden by all of the lovely foliage. the staff is unbelievable, very efficient but very unassuming. they always seemed out of the way but would appear if we needed anything. the food was out of this world. the beach was gorgeous. you can snorkel, sea kayak, and swim. one day we went on a jungle hike. and if you want, you can go in to town. we were unbelievably lazy and were perfectly content to just sit and soak up the sun. we recommend this place to everyone and would go back in a second!


  • http://www.dirtymartinidiaries.blogspot.com Lulu

    Our vote is for Curtain Bluff in Antigua! We opted out of the more socially-focused, party hoppin’ honeymoon scene for a romantic, quiet, “just the 2 of us” trip. Even though the hotel was booked, sometimes it seemed like we were the only people there! We could walk the whole beach at sunset, and be totally alone. SO romantic! We still opted in for things like snorkeling, sailing lessons, cooking lessons, deep sea fishing, etc., but got to do many of them by ourselves! A more doable option if the whole fly-’round’the-world to a gorgeous over-ocean bungalo in Bora Bora thing doesn’t quite fit the bill. Also, the hotel manager is BFF with Eric Clapton (and his child’s godfather), so he apparently hangs out there a lot. (he has a house nearby) If it’s good enough for Clapton, it’s good enough for us! ;)

    Cannot wait to see what you 2 decide- I’m sure it will be fab-u-lous!!!!
    .-= Lulu´s last blog ..…waiting… =-.

  • http://www.practicallyperfectblog.com Jenny @ Practically Perfect…

    We spent 2 weeks in the Costa del Sol of Spain. Absolutely gorgeous, but not very relaxing! I was so excited to see everything and travel everywhere (Andalusia, Gibraltar, Morocco) that I felt we couldn’t sit still. Since we’ve been married we’ve been on much better vacations, and I think that if I could re-do things, I would go back in time and save Spain for another trip. We’ve spent a week in St. Thomas, in St. Maarten, a few days in the Bahamas (very commercialized, if you ask me), 2 weeks in Maui (utterly gorgeous!), and several vacations in Florida. Of all the places that we’ve been, Maui and St. Thomas were my absolute favorites. Gorgeous beaches, delicious fruit, and lots of opportunities for relaxing day cruises and snorkeling :-)

  • http://tampham.blogspot.com Tam

    We spent 2 weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. La Veranda on Phu Quoc Island and Hotel de la Paix in Siem Reap. WONDERFUL.
    .-= Tam´s last blog ..Bowling on the Big Day =-.

  • http://www.newlywedsnextdoor.com Newlywed Next Door

    We went to Maui, Hawaii and stayed the Grand Wailea (Same place as Blue-Eyed Bride). We LOVED it. We knew we wanted a relaxing honeymoon where we could be in the water, get massages, and eat great food without feeling the pressure to do a lot like see museums or historical sites.
    .-= Newlywed Next Door´s last blog ..Doing a bit of shopping… =-.

  • http://www.idodeclareblog.blogspot.com I Do Declare

    We vacation often in the Virgin Islands, and while we did want a warm, exotic, beachy destination, we didn’t want it to have the same feel of the Carribean. At the recommendation of friends who’d also honeymooned there, we chose Marbella, a resort town on the coast of Spain. We spent part of our 10 days at a B&B (http://www.casalaconcha.com), then splurged for a new nights at the swanky Marbella Club Resort where you are so pampered there is carpet on the beach leading to your lounge chair. The food and wine are spectacular, and because so many Brits travel there, English is spoken nearly everywhere. It’s close to Africa, so we took a daytrip to Morroco – it was fantastic! There are a few photos at this link from an old blog post – http://idodeclareblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/top-nine-of-09.html – but pictures don’t nearly do Marbella justice!

  • http://zentmrs.blogspot.com Susan

    We got married at the end of September. We live in San Diego, so we didn’t necessarily need beach destination. And we are both from the midwest – so we did both miss fall colors. We decided on seeing the amazing fall colors in the northeast, so spent 5 days in the Poconos (Caesars Poconos Resort – very fun, kind of like “honeymoon camp” and has 7 foot tall champagne glass hot tubs which is fun for the camp value) and then 5 days at a B&B in New Hampshire (from there we day-tripped all over… Boston, Salem, Washington Mts…). And then 5 days in Minnesota (where I grew up) where we visited family and then ran a marathon. That last part was probably ill-advised for a honeymoon, but we did it anyway.

    Unconventional, but we had a wonderful time and have incredible memories. I am sure yours will be just as fantastic!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..The Weekend =-.

  • http://zentmrs.blogspot.com Susan

    We got married at the end of September. We live in San Diego, so we didn’t necessarily need beach destination. And we are both from the midwest – so we did both miss fall colors. We decided on seeing the amazing fall colors in the northeast, so spent 5 days in the Poconos (Ceasars Poconos Resort – very fun, kind of like “honeymoon camp” and has 7 foot tall champagne glass hot tubs which is fun for the camp value) and then 5 days at a B&B in Hew Hampshire (from there we day-tripped all over… Boston, Salem, Washington Mts…). And then 5 days in Minnesota (where I grew up) where we visited family and then ran a marathon. That last part was probably ill-advised for a honeymoon, but we did it anyway.

    Unconventional, but we had a wonderful time and have incredible memories. I am sure yours will be just as fantastic!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..The Weekend =-.

  • Jennifer C.

    We went to St. Lucia and stayed at Jade Mountain. When we walked into the room, it took my breath away. It was the most amazing place! There are no phones, no tv, just you and your sweetie! It has one open wall in every room, so when you wake up in the morning you wake up looking at the Pitons. Every room has its own infinity edged pool, that looks like it falls into the Caribbean. AMAZING!! We went on a helicoptor ride around the Pitons and the rainforest, took a private jeep tour of the island (it picked us up from the airport), scuba diving, snorkeling, sunset cruise, layed out on the black sand beach, and much more! It is where the recent bachelor proposed (I know he’s your favorite…ha!). Wherever you go, it will be amazing! It doesn’t matter where you go, just who you’re with!

  • Jennifer C.

    We went to St. Lucia and stayed at Jade Mountain. When we walked into the room, it took my breath away. It was the most amazing place! It has one open wall in every room, so when you wake up in the morning you wake up looking at the Pitons. Every room has its own infinity edged pool, that looks like it falls into the Caribbean. AMAZING!! It is where the recent bachelor proposed (I know he’s your favorite…ha!). Where ever you go, it will be amazing! It doesn’t matter the place you go, just who you’re with!

  • Stephanie

    We went to Hawaii for 2 weeks. The first week on Kauai and the second on Maui. It was WONDERFUL! We got married last October so it’s the same time of year as you! We relaxed, went snorkeling, did the road to Hana, and just had a great time. I’d totally recommend it!

  • Erin

    You should absolutely go to Kenya/Tanzania for safari. It’s the perfect time of year and it’s a truly stunning experience. The resorts are unbelievable and romantic because they’re so secluded. I would highly recommend it!

  • http://www.upnorthpreppy.blogspot.com AEOT

    Spain – two weeks, three cities, amazing. Glorious food, great culture, lots of walking, time at the beach in between the two biggest cities. Wonderful last night hotel splurge where we didn’t even leave the hotel AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat. My second place option was Argentina- it’s next on our abroad journey (someday!!)
    .-= AEOT´s last blog ..But I NEED it………………………. =-.

  • http://www.monogramchick.blogspot.com MonogramChick

    We rented a villa on a private beach in Saint Maarten with our very own maid (she cooked too), gardener, and pool. It was heavenly! I would totally recommend it! It is close enough that you can return easily (this was important to us…we both would have loved to go somewhere like Australia, but wanted a spot that we could dash to without breaking the bank) and there is plenty to do around the island as well as the surrounding islands. Ahhh, just typing about it makes me want to go back!

    xoxo Sarah
    .-= MonogramChick´s last blog ..Dr. Chick In Ink! =-.

  • http://worldofjaime.blogspot.com Jaime

    We went to the Bahamas in October for our honeymoon – it was later in the month, and the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, and ventured outside the resort a couple of times to explore. The resort provided a lot of entertainment and games and activities (or we could just lay by the pool, in the hot tub, on the beach, wherever….) It really became what we made of it. We could have spent a LOT more money on a honeymoon, but we kept it relatively simple (and inexpensive since flights were pretty cheap.)

    Good luck!!
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..sewing-filled Sunday =-.

  • Kyle

    We’re not married yet, but this summer we are going to Thailand. The weather should be OK in the summer, but the time of year is actually when you’d be honeymooning. Phuket and Koh Samui… amazing!!

    Our next big vacation we’ve talked about is the Maldives or Bora Bora, and staying in one of the water bungalows. We are staying in Four Seasons in Thailand, and when I mentioned to the booking agent how I wanted to go to Bora Bora or the Maldives next – they were ready to book me for next year now! Ha. ha.

    Any location will be amazing because you will be with your new husband!!

  • Tracey

    We went to French Polynesia. We spent 2 nights in Tahiti, 4 nights on Moorea and 5 nights at the St. Regis on Bora Bora (in an overwater bungalow that was HUGE). The St. Regis is where they filmed “Couple’s Retreat”. (A Four Seasons just opened up next door on Bora Bora too). I would totally go to Bora Bora again…it is heaven for honeymooners. We had a huge private deck, a butler, room service, fabulous restaurants…it is one of those places that once you have kids, you will never be able to go…

  • http://girlfromthelandof10kl.blogspot.com/ Minnesota Girl

    I just did a post on our honeymoon too! We’re going to take a mini-moon after our wedding, and then take our real honeymoon in either November or December, to Maui, Hawaii! We originally wanted to go to Italy, but we’ve decided that we want our honeymoon to be relaxing. Running around Itay isn’t exactely relaxing, so we’ll hold off doing that until our first anniversary.
    .-= Minnesota Girl´s last blog ..I’m an Olympian…NOT =-.

  • http://happyforthismoment.blogspot.com Randall

    We went on a seven day Royal Caribbean cruise through the Western Caribbean. It was a great trip and perfect for a honeymoon after all the busy wedding activities. It was easy, relaxing and a nice chance for a break. I think I would have melted into a pool of frustration if I had to deal with flights or international travel after planning the whole wedding.
    .-= Randall´s last blog .. =-.

  • http://thecompanyshekeeps.blogspot.com BLC

    Oh la la! The honeymoon is your reward for the headache of wedding planning festivities. Ale and I honeymooned at the Mango Bay Resort in Holetown, Barbados. Words cannot do the place justice (though I tried — I blogged about it from 02.17-23.10). Ale and I are definitely going back!!! It housed about 70 rooms and most of the guests were British. We were not saturated with honeymooners nor surrounded by old farts or wild children. It just could not have been better. Holetown is the swanky part of the island and the resort is nestled on the beach but within walking distance of eateries, shopping, and nightlife. And the most important part: it was safe to venture out and explore the island. You might even meet Rihanna! Hehe. I would HIGHLY recommend it!!! Xoxo-BLC
    .-= BLC´s last blog ..Twenties Girl =-.

  • landlocked mermaid

    OH! I am just like Laura.. two weeks in costa rica doing the exact same thing! We chose it bc I love the beach and my man loves the mountains. so we did one week at each. It is great and fun and really an adventure! xo

  • http://soalaurable.blogspot.com Laura @ so alaurable

    We went to Costa Rica for two weeks and I loved it! We got to experience the beach, ziplining in the rainforest, and my favorite part – soaking in the natural hot springs, drinking lava flows while looking at a volcano. We rented a car to drive around to different parts of the country, but you can just as easily hire a driver. Can’t wait to see where you decide to go!
    .-= Laura @ so alaurable´s last blog ..Breakfast of Champions =-.

  • Maureen

    I got married in the middle of November on the 14th. We left the day after the wedding on a one week cruise out of Ft Lauderdale to 5 different stops. There were quite a number of newlyweds on the ship and or people who were celebrating significant anniversaries.
    We spent a week in Southern Florida after that.

  • http://jkayekuhnert@hotmail.com Jana

    We go yearly to the Little Dix Bay Resort on the island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Little Dix is 5 star. The attention to detail is unsurpassed. The beauty of the islands is second to none in the Caribbean. Little Dix was founded way back when by a Rockefeller. Little has changed with the overall concept of incorporating and preserving the natural beauty of the island in the resort. The natives are all so appreciative of the guests of the island and treat all of the tourist with sincere kindness. The BVI is the safest destination in the Caribbean as well. You must go to http://www.littledixbay.com and check it out. I can give you names and hook you up with a private charter for daytrips that has yachted around the likes of Johnny Depp and Nick Lachey. You will get all of the dirt on any celeb you can think of!!! Promise!!! We are auctioning off a 5 night stay for 2 in an oceanview lodging at The DuQuoin Youth Club 22nd Annual Charity Ball and Auction on March 27. Let me know if you are interested!

  • Amy

    How fun and by the way CONGRATS! My husband and I LOVE to travel and here are our top three romantic getaways
    Little Dix Bay (Virgin Gorda)
    We honeymooned here and loved it to pieces. Best part was being able to take day trips by ferry to other islands. Amazing food and spa and so peaceful.
    Cap Juluca (Anguilla)
    Just google it and you will see why we loved it. Well known as the island’s hideaway for celebs. Great small island to explore.
    Maroma (Mayan Riveria)
    Extremely quite and low key. Known for the best beach in Mexico. Smaller boutique hotel and another hotel when celebs are known to escape to. Rumor has it that Tom and Katie had plans of a small wedding there but plans changed but they love it at Maroma too. Very very very relaxing not a clubbing loud place at all (which is why we love it) Great snorkeling too.
    We have a bunch of other places we love but these are our top three. We are planning our 5 yr anni. trip to Jumby Bay. Have fun deciding and our travel Bible is Travel and Leisure, if they rated it well we will stay there! Let me know if you want to see pics!

  • http://thesplurgeorthesteal.blogspot.com/ domesticbliss3

    We went to Whistler, British Coloumbia. Living in Scottsdale we get our share of sun and warmth :) so the snow and cold is a fun change for us. It was really fun to be somewhere the opposite of our normal climate.
    .-= domesticbliss3´s last blog ..Silver Leaf & Damask Prints =-.