24 Feb

What Was Your Something Blue?

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image credit: theknot.com

Did you carry your grandmother's hankie?

Did you have a blue pin in your hair?

Did you wear blue undergarments?

Tell us what your "something blue" was.....

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  • http://aphinomers.blogspot.com Nomers

    What wasn’t blue in my wedding?! The ribbon on my bouquet was blue and my bebe shoes were also.
    .-= Nomers´s last blog ..Hurry up! =-.

  • http://www.themrspreppy.blogspot.com MrsPreppy

    My something blue was a beautiful sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet.
    .-= MrsPreppy´s last blog ..The Cupcake Debate =-.

  • http://www.anaughtylibrarian.blogspot.com Birdie

    I’m getting married in October and I’m thinking of doing a blue hair pin or bright blue shoes. I haven’t decided yet, but I want bold blue.

  • Kimba

    I used the exact picture above to add “R” “J” to the bottom of my shoes. Also in blue stitching there was a K on the inside of my dress by the designer.

  • http://shabbyprincess.blogspot.com Ally

    My something blue was a pair of blue larimar earrings that once belonged to my mother. Of course my wedding colors were ivory and shades of blue, so, I suppose my bouquet could have been my ‘something blue’ as well–but, the earrings were sentimental and perfect.
    .-= Ally´s last blog ..Excuse me while I panic =-.

  • http://the2smiths.blogspot.com Mrs. Smith

    Oh – and my garter too. Mr. Smith is a huge University of Kentucky fan, so I had a UK blue garter too.
    .-= Mrs. Smith´s last blog ..Confessions of a… Vegetarian? =-.

  • http://the2smiths.blogspot.com Mrs. Smith

    One of my wedding colors was Tiffany blue, so I cheated a bit, but regardless, I had lots of something blues.
    Aquamarine earrings. An aquamarine necklace from Tiffany & Co. Undergarments. Shoes (heels for the ceremony, flats for the reception, both blue!). The lining of my vintage clutch. And my great grandmother’s hanky.
    Needless to say, I decked myself out in blue. :)
    .-= Mrs. Smith´s last blog ..Confessions of a… Vegetarian? =-.

  • http://www.elizabeth-tablefortwo.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    I had my grandmothers hanky tied around my bouquet (it had a small blue flower embroidered on it) and I also had blue undies made with Mrs. Zyduck on the boo-tay! :)
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Don’t Stop Believin’… =-.

  • http://www.lifesmirrorimages@blogspot.com Ashley

    I had lots of blue! I love the color blue. My main something blue was a hair pin that was my grandmothers. I also had blue on my garter, wore real ballet slippers tied with a blue ribbon, and my bridesmaids all wore blue!

  • landlocked mermaid

    my panties were blue. I wore my grandmother’s ruby and diamond wedding band, which I still wear every day which was my borrowed .. my old was my dress- I bought it consigned! and my new was a pair of mikimoto pearl earrings that my grandma bought me ..

  • http://www.livelaughlenz.blogspot.com Megan

    i had my grandmother cross-stitch a 4×4 square for my “something blue”. it had our names, wedding date and “love never fails” it was perfect! she placed it on the under side of my dress. she it was great for pictures as well.
    .-= Megan ´s last blog ..Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….. =-.

  • http://www.livelaughlenz.blogspot.com Megan

    i had my grandmother cross-stitch something for me “something blue”. it had our names, wedding date and “love never fails” it was perfect! i had her sew it on the under side of my dress.
    .-= Megan ´s last blog ..Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….. =-.

  • http://sweetsimplicityblog.com Sweet Simplicity

    My something blue was the softest pair of blue undies ever.
    .-= Sweet Simplicity´s last blog ..Weekend Recap & a Winner =-.

  • http://www.roccapuccia.com Miss A

    My grandma loved this pair of blue cowboy boot earrings, and while my wedding wasn’t country at all, I wanted my blue to come from my grandma, who had passed away a few years earlier. I wore her earrings pinned to the inside of my dress.
    .-= Miss A´s last blog ..Guess The Age =-.

  • http://www.3rdysomething.blogspot.com Officially Mrs.

    I wore blue shoes. In fact, they were the blue bow shoes you blogged about previously! Can’t wait to see all the details of your day.
    .-= Officially Mrs.´s last blog ..Wedding Wednesday – The Ceremony =-.

  • Katie

    My blue wasn’t very exciting, but I had Cynthia Rowley shoes that had blue soles.

  • http://monogramchick.blogspot.com Sarah {MonogramChick}

    my college roommate spent a summer in Italy, she brought me a light blue Venetian handkerchief, I had it wrapped in with my bouquet….the shoes are perfect! so what are you thinking for your something blue?
    .-= Sarah {MonogramChick}´s last blog ..Pack Your Bag for St. Lucia =-.

  • http://allaboutsomepink.blogspot.com tickledpink

    My sweet wedding planner made my garter, and within it she had intertwined blue satin ribbon. It was really pretty and sentimental!

  • http://www.wishfulnals.com wishful nals

    i love this! my blue was the sky… does that count?! :)
    .-= wishful nals´s last blog ..an ode to rainy days =-.

  • http://shortsouthernmomma.blogspot.com Angela

    Hi! New to your blog and really enjoying it! My momma and daddy’s wedding was blue and yellow so my momma took one of the blue ribbons from her bouquet and weaved it into my guarder belt. Oh wow…that was fun! Hope your having a great day! xo
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..True Colors =-.

  • http://southerncomfort-scd.blogspot.com/ Sara

    Very cute picture! I actually had two “Something Blue” items, both of which were very inconspicuous but I loved them. The first was a label I had sewn into my dress by the seamstress – it had my newly married initials and the date of our wedding embroidered in blue. I got it off of Ebay, there are lots of them to be found on there. The other Something Blue item was a small heart with the date, again embroidered in blue, on my underwear (of all places!). Once again, that’s something that I believe I found through The Knot.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your engagement!
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..No Wedding Is Complete Without Him… =-.

  • http://www.3rdysomething.blogspot.com Officially Mrs.

    I wore blue shoes! In particular, I wore the blue bow shoes you blogged about previously. :)
    .-= Officially Mrs.´s last blog ..Last Chance… =-.

  • http://ldyates.blogspot.com Domestic Goddess

    blue panties! loved them! it was my little secret all day!
    .-= Domestic Goddess´s last blog ..Living Room Questions Answered =-.

  • http://lilacsandavocados.blogspot.com/ Rachel

    I had blue tags on my undergarments. A bridesmaid bought them for me as a gift. If I could go back though, I’d probably wear blue shoes!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..on a positive note… =-.

  • MrsK

    Oh my…when I saw that picture, had to take a second look. It was EXACTLY what I did on the bottom of my shoes. Our initials in blue jewels, but I added the date under each inital, on each shoe. Unfortunately, only my photographer got a shot, but it’s in my albumn and I love that it was my something “blue”…also tied a blue ribbon with a pic of my late Dad attached to my bouquet.

    So many ways to add “something blue” to your special day. Cannot wait to see your wedding..it’s going to be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!! Way to go Nina.

  • http://it-is-everlasting.blogspot.com Maggie

    I actually (GASP) forgot (gasp) to plan for something blue. Thankfully my MOH was all over it (hence why she didn’t remind me) and Dave bought me a gorgeous David Yurman necklace with a blue topaz and pave diamonds. It was perfect and I love that it is something I can wear over and over and know that I had it on the day I married my love!
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..You asked… I answered. {Part 4 – Wanderlust} =-.

  • http://zentmrs.blogspot.com Susan

    The Mr and I adopted a kitten the year before we got married. About 6 weeks before the wedding, Mulligan became very ill and had to be put to sleep. He wore a little blue collar, which I pinned to the inside of my dress.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Best Vegas Vacation – Part 3: Birthday Dinner =-.

  • http://www.grovegals.blogspot.com grovegalk

    my something blue was a sapphire eternity band that my husband had delivered to me the morning of our wedding so it was also my something new. obviously, it was a surprise so I also had blue jimmy choo shoes
    .-= grovegalk´s last blog ..Cha Cha Cha Changes…. =-.

  • http://whineoverwine.blogspot.com jessica

    mine was a sapphire and diamond wedding band belonging to my grandmother tied around my bouquet along with a locket attached to the bouquet with her picture inside.
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..At first I was worried… =-.

  • Kyle

    When I get married, I will carry my baptismal cap. It is an Irish linen handkerchief with my initials embroidered in blue. For my wedding, I am supposed to make a few little snipes that turn the cap back into a handkerchief to be carried in my bouquet. This “magic hanky” baptismal cap is a tradition in my family. Someone in my family (right now my mom) make the cap, and give it to the baby when it is born.

  • http://tampham.blogspot.com Tam

    not terribly creative, blue garter :-) .
    .-= Tam´s last blog ..Bloggerversary Date! =-.

  • http://www.alwaysanortherner.com Jackie

    I wore lace calvin klein undergarments and I loved them. They were a very pale blue so you couldn’t see them through my dress. I still wear them for special occasions :)
    .-= Jackie´s last blog ..Happy Birthday! =-.

  • http://elefantitasalegres.blogspot.com Kate

    I wore blue hanky pankys – there’s a really funny series of photos where my MOH and I are trying to figure out if there was ANY WAY you could them through my dress – at ANY angle or in ANY lighting! I also wore the blue garter that my mother and all my aunts wore on their wedding day.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Me & Dolly… =-.

  • http://www.leavingandloving.blogspot.com Mrs. Jetplane

    I put our initals on the bottom of my shoes like in the picture shown.
    .-= Mrs. Jetplane´s last blog ..Hello…Hello…Hello… =-.

  • http://thecrazylifeofacoachswife.blogspot.com The (soon-to-be!) Coach’s Wife

    I get married this July, too! YAY for July weddings! My something blue will be the crystals to go on the bottom of my shoes (like in the picture above) but mine say “I do.”
    .-= The (soon-to-be!) Coach’s Wife´s last blog ..Tuesday Truths. =-.

  • http://zachandstefanieclark.blogspot.com Stefanie

    My husband gave me a sapphire and diamond bracelet the night of our rehearsal, so I wore that. I had been told I didn’t have to worry about my “something blue” so I really didn’t have to think about it.
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..fab friday =-.

  • http://jeansfriday.blogspot.com jenn

    i wore light blue hanky panky’s that had “I do” written on them in crystals – a bachelorette party gift! I would totally do blue shoes though, if I could do it all over again. :)
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..It’s Monday! =-.

  • http://makemineamojito.com/ Mojito Maven

    Mine was my blue David Yurman ring from Mr. Mojito!

    Though I hear blue shoes are always a nice touch ;)
    .-= Mojito Maven´s last blog ..formspring me! =-.

  • http://diaryofmrsd.blogspot.com Kelli

    My something blue was OPI Blue My Mind polish on my toes! I thought it was a fun way to incorporate blue into my wedding day. My dress was very full at the bottom so no one saw my feet. We left the next day for Maui so it was a fun color to sport on the beach as well. Normally I stick to pinks/purples/reds/beige for nail polish colors, so it was fun to have bright blue toes for once!
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..GEAUX SAINTS!!! =-.

  • Cris

    My something blue was a gift from my husband, on our wedding day he gave me saphire earrings to wear. What’s neat is that they are the kind where you can change the stone ( they are small diamond hoops with the ability to link a different stone etc.) So, in the note it said, In case we have 2 daughters we can make these into a necklace for each on their special day!!! I melted…..I am all about family heirlooms, so this REALLY touched my heart, it was perfect…

  • http://www.charmville.blogspot.com Allison

    I wore a sapphire and diamond ring from my fiance. My sister wore blue underwear. I definitely second all of the colored shoe recommendations– blue or not, colored shoes are so much fun (mine were coral)!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Wedding Details =-.

  • http://thecrazylifeofacoachswife.blogspot.com The (Almost) Coach’s Wife

    I get married this July, too! I got crystals to go on the bottom of my shoes (like the ones in the picture in the post) but mine say ” I Do.”
    .-= The (Almost) Coach’s Wife ´s last blog ..Tuesday Truths. =-.

  • http://thecaddensblogspot.com christina cadden

    My blue was in my mother in laws handmade garter from her old wedding dress. It was a blue ribbon that held the garter together and had a blue heart on it.

  • http://worldofjaime.blogspot.com Jaime

    I had blue-silver beads on the comb of my veil, and I also carried a blue hankerchief (it was wrapped around my bouquet.) My friend borrowed my veil last December, which became her something blue and something borrowed.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..dog beds….slight revision =-.

  • http://www.thisbeautifulthing.com Sara

    My blue was a sapphire ring of my mom’s and my garter (made from my mom’s gown by my MIL) had blue trim as well.

    It might sound weird that my garter was made from my mom’s gown, but my niece’s (flower girl) dress was made from it as well.
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Wishful Wednesday =-.

  • http://sweettfamily.blogspot.com MEREDITH

    I too wore blue panties… they were so pretty and perfect! But, if I was wearing that Amsale dress like I’m plotting and dreaming about– I’d pair it with the most fabulous blue wedding shoes known to mankind:
    .-= MEREDITH´s last blog ..Mighty to Save! =-.

  • http://www.talesofthetrees.com Megan

    I wore a ring on my right hand that was a blue jewel (I’m pretty sure it was aquamarine). My mom gave it to me for my something blue so it was pretty special.
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Linky Love =-.

  • http://www.forthelove-mb.blogspot.com melissa

    I was a bad, bad bride. I didn’t have something blue or something old. All I had was borrowed and new. Hopefully the marriage gods won’t punish me for my failure. So far, so good! :)
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..me likey tv =-.

  • http://www.unexpecteddelights.blogspot.com Kerry

    I wore blue Hanky Pankys! But if i had to do it all over again i would totally wear blue shoes :)

  • http://fabulousinthestl.blogspot.com Heidi

    My blue was my….um, underwears… :>) They were blue, and beautiful, and fancy, and I loved it!!!

    I guess to each it’s own, right??? :>)
    .-= Heidi´s last blog ..Pacis, Potties and Wine…Oh My! =-.

  • http://natalie-missbrightside.blogspot.com/ Natalie

    My something blue was similar to what you have pictured. I got the Mindy Weiss “I DO” letters and put them on the bottom of my shoes. Everyone loved it!
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Birthday top =-.

  • http://wileywifey.com Emily

    I had a blue ribbon weaved into my garter. My something old was a piece of my grandmother’s wedding gown, which was pinned to my bouquet.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Early to Bed, Early to Rise =-.

  • http://myrecipetolife.blogspot.com Bridgette

    an antique blue drop earring. a gift from my cousin. i pinned one on the inside of my dress. then i gave the other to my sister and she did the same on her wedding day. we each have the same picture of me in my dress showing the earring and then years later my sister in her dress showing the other earring to the set.
    i’m sure whatever you decide it will be special and meaningful to you!
    .-= Bridgette´s last blog ..slow down. i’m trying to catch up. =-.

  • Lynsey

    My something blue was my shoes! I absoutely love them!

  • Lindsay

    My blue was in my garter and I also had a patch made for the inside of my dress with my new monogram and wedding date and the stitching was blue.

  • http://southernstuf.blogspot.com Wendy

    I love it when a bride wears blue shoes. I wanted to do it, but my mom said it wouldn’t be “appropriate”. Now i wish I would have. My blue was a sapphire and diamond ring my mother has and my garter.
    .-= Wendy´s last blog ..Life Without A Credit Card =-.