18 Feb

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I'm one of the most laid back brides you'll ever meet... I'm actually more laid back than *I* thought I would be! This is not a stressful situation for us. Everyone is cool, calm & collected. We are enjoying every single minute.... even the moment when JH accidentally overheard the cost of chiavari chairs! I was born a planner. I've been planning weddings since I looked at Martha Stewart Weddings magazine for the first time! And, in great planner form, within minutes I presented him with a picture comparison of with chiavari chair and without and he quickly joined us back on Earth. God love him!

We aren't "rushing" the wedding along, it's just that everything started falling into place for July of this year and we decided to go with it! July, it is. I put on my wedding-planner hat & went to work. I have an entourage of people helping me and lending advice which makes it even easier!

Just because I'm on top of my game, does not mean I'm bridezilla. "If I have planned weddings, why do I ask questions?" 1. Because I value the opinions of my readers. 2. Because I'm used to helping others make decisions about their special day, somewhere along the way I stop thinking about what my own wedding would be like one day. I have the logistic more than covered. Cathedral, hotel, reception contract, band, florist, photographer, etc. It's the stuff most brides have all figured out that I get a little overwhelmed with - there are so many options. Wedding gowns. Bridesmaid dresses. Invitations.

I'm sorry to disappoint but I quickly learned that I'm not an "ah-ha moment" bride. I do not need to hear choirs of angels sing to make a decision. I'm more focused on the overall event for all involved. I've been to a lot of weddings and I have a mental notebook that would scare you or make you giddy with excitement if you are Liene Stevens or Ali Phillips!

Focus List:

1. The Environment.

2. The Food.

3. The Booze.

4. The Band.

Wedding guests remember the dry chicken breast, the $7 cocktails and a the DJ that demanded Grandma get up and do the Chicken Dance. Advance notice, no live-chickens allowed!

Right now I'm most excited about my "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" packages going in the mail within the next day or so! I'm beside myself with excitement about my girls getting these in the mail. I wish I could hand deliver them!

How did you ask your bridesmaids? Or what was the most memorable way someone asked you to be a part of their big day?

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  • laurel

    I got engaged about the same time you did but we are not having the wedding until NEXT SUmmer. Please in clude us in the plans! I cant wait to hear all about it!

  • http://www.lovemillajane.blogspot.com gigi

    nina! i’ve been neglecting blog-world for so long, i had no idea you were getting married! CONGRATS!!! you are going to make a GORGEOUS bride! back when i got married, nearly 12 years ago, i took my “maids” out to lunch and asked them…not very creative, but j and i only had 2 months from engagement to wedding. not that we needed to, but i was a wedding coordinator at the time, and i knew what i wanted, and we didn’t want to wait. everything just kind of fell into place… :) congrats again, girl!
    .-= gigi´s last blog ..take a looksee at these from kiel james patrick!!! =-.

  • http://www.practicallyperfectblog.com Jenny @ Practically Perfect…

    We had a 6 month engagement, too. It was crazy, but when people asked me why we were rushing I said that it was because I’d rather have 6 crazy months that ended up with us being together sooner as opposed to a leisurely engagement that meant being far apart (he lived 2 hours away). I was lucky enough to have all but one of my bridesmaids living within reasonable driving distance. So to ask them, I took each of them out to lunch or dinner one-on-one. I wanted to spend some time with them and ask them personally. I even did this with both of my sisters, who lived with me at the time. The only one who I didn’t take out to lunch was my future sister-in-law who lived in New Orleans at the time (I lived in Indiana). We didn’t know each other that well, so I made a point of calling her and emailing her so that we could know one another better. When I did ask her, I did it by hand-written letter :-)
    .-= Jenny @ Practically Perfect…´s last blog ..Traveling =-.

  • http://elefantitasalegres.blogspot.com Kate

    I drew cards with the tackiest bridesmaids dresses I could imagine… there were crystals and butt-bows involved. Then I wrote a personal note to each girl inside. I wanted something tongue-in-cheek and they all loved them!

    Also: Please pick the Leila Rose dresses… I still want one for myself!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..snow + jibber-jabber =-.

  • http://preppynewlywed.blogspot.com Lauren

    Yay for you! I also planned my wedding in a short amount of time (six months). I knew what I wanted and wouldn’t change our engagement length for anything. Things all fell together perfectly.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog .. =-.

  • http://preppylittledress.blogspot.com preppylittledress

    Not a fan of DJ’s….yuck!

    Have fun registering! Have you picked out your china pattern? sterling silver flatware? stemware? etc….i hope you will share what patterns you decide to register for! :)
    .-= preppylittledress´s last blog ..do you know what today is? =-.

  • http://simplysouthernsweetsandtreats.blogspot.com/ britain

    can’t wait to see your bridesmaids gifts..
    .-= britain´s last blog ..quote of the day =-.

  • http://thevintagepearlsilvia.blogspot.com Silvia P.

    Your wedding will be fabulous!!!! Cannot wait and its fine to be calm. I would rather be calm than on edge until July.
    .-= Silvia P.´s last blog ..A Definite Gem =-.

  • http://www.jennasjourneyblog.blogspot.com Jenna

    That’s a loaded question for me! You see, all of my original bridesmaids were my family members. Yes, I said original bridesmaids. That’s because they all decided to move across the country right before my wedding and not come back. So I replaced them with friends. I didn’t get to have a chance to ask them in a cool way!
    .-= Jenna´s last blog ..The best toys are free =-.

  • Tara Gibson

    girl I agree on the chiavari Chairs… though expensive, they make a huge difference! I can only imagine how fabulous your wedding will be!

  • http://www.unexpecteddelights.blogspot.com Kerry

    I sent them all a littel box of chocolates with a note included that asked them to meet me at the Pennisula in Chicago for a “night of chocolate and cheer”. When they got there we did the Pennisula’s chocolate tasting and had champange and then I asked them all together to stand up for me. It was a fun a memorable night!!

    Congrats on setting the date. I am workiogn on a good friends wedding right now that is in August and she just got engaged too. Dont worry it will all come together!!

    .-= Kerry´s last blog ..Tip of the Day =-.

  • http://www.thinksplendid.com Liene Stevens

    Please tell me that you did buy the wedding planner from Russel and Hazel (like in the pic). My friend Anne wrote it, but any and all my bias aside, it really is the best wedding planning binder/book on the market right now. xxox.
    .-= Liene Stevens´s last blog ..Sponsored Posts on Wedding Blogs =-.

  • Meah

    Girl, I went by the basilica today….amazing! My new sales guys eyes became very wide when I said that you were getting married there! It is going to be beautiful!! But, we would expect nothing less.

  • http://laurenchapman.wordpress.com/ Lauren C

    Congrats, really looking forward to seeing your plans! A short engagement is about being on top of things. It has nothing to do with being a Bridezilla. Good Luck!

    I sent my bridesmaids a card with a cute poem and a tri-fold of pictures of each bridesmaid and I. My friend did something quite similar and it was cute!

    Remember to have fun and enjoy your time together.

  • http://it-is-everlasting.blogspot.com Maggie

    Amazing. Just like you. Just like your fiance (!!!). Just like your rock. Everything will be amazing. I love you so much and I am so excited for you. Sadly I did nothing cute/fun/amazing to ask my girls… I did however throw them an amazing bridal luncheon the day before the wedding!
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..These are a few of my favorite things… =-.

  • Erin

    Saw this link and thought of you:


  • molls

    yayayayayayay good for you!!! that is awesome!! my husband and i had a short engagement too, right around 6 months and it was PERFECT for me/us/me (i mean really let’s be honest they are ready whenever). i didn’t have time to obsess over decisions (except the bmaid dresses, which I enlisted your advice on at one point! i went back and forth about a million times that was the worst for me) and focused on the important things – that i was marrying my best friend AND that all the people we love would be there to party and celebrate with us! the stuff you are struggling with now will fall into place as they need to, and your wedding day will be amazing and beautiful. i’m so happy for you!!!!! do we get to see what you sent to your maids (after they get them of course)? i hope so cause i am sure it will be precious!

    and ps- when you have a short engagment you HAVE to be on top of your game – whether you are a wedding planner, have a wedding planner, or have no clue about wedding planning. i found myself saying so many times – i’m not a bridezilla but some of these decisions need to be made this week, so i gotta be on top of it!

  • CC – Design For All Seasons

    Design For All Season writes:

    Congratulations. I planned the decorations and flowers for 3 weddings it was so much fun. The main thing was to be creative and personalize. You are going to have a ball…don’t get uptight…its a big party and you and hubby to be will be the guests of honor. ENJOY!

  • http://wonderlandpapers.wordpress.com/ Laura

    Like you I was a July bride, put the wedding together in 6 months and not an aha moment bride either. I really didn’t stress about much for the wedding. There were a few issues or moments that were more stressful then others but I think it is totally possible to go through the whole process, be true to yourself and come out feeling pleased about how it all shook out. I liked to tell people I was “Bridechilla” instead of bridezilla. Cheesy yes but still pretty accurate.

    I wish that I had come up with a more creative way to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids. I was so excited I just asked!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Love Being A Florida Gator =-.

  • http://allison-and-paul.blogspot.com Allison

    I found some pretty little silver frames and I wrote “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on fancy paper and framed it. Met each one individually for dinner or lunch and gave them the gift to open during the meal :) My maid of honor and I were at Cheesecake Factory, so we were sitting in close proximity to other diners…and when she opened the gift and read “Will you be my maid of honor?” She goes, “YES!!! YES!!”…then we both realized it probably looked like I had just proposed to her…hehe

    Good for you for getting married so soon. We planned our wedding in four months and it went off without a hitch. I think the less time you have to plan, the easier it is…a lot of decisions are already made FOR you because of time constraints. You have less time to hem and haw over things that, let’s be honest, most people won’t even remember. ;)
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..I was picked! =-.

  • http://freckledcitizen.com Maggie

    Holy WHIRLWIND! Good luck and remember to breathe!
    .-= Maggie´s last blog ..The transitional lifestyle =-.

  • http://www.sitrelaxgossip.blogspot.com Shannon

    You sound like you are completely on top of everything!

    I picked out my favorite wedding movies (i.e. Father of the Bride, Mamma Mia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and gave each of my bridesmaid’s the movie I thought fit them the best.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Meatless Tuesday =-.

  • http://happyforthismoment.blogspot.com Randall

    I only had a matron of honor (oh, ahem, “best woman”) so I just asked her. No special way.

    Good luck with your planning, I enjoyed doing mine!

  • http://thecompanyshekeeps.blogspot.com BLC

    Being prepared is your best resource and I am soooo excited about the planning! Ale and I were engaged for five months and one day! You are planning for the perfect amount of time!!! Here is how I asked my bridesmaids: http://thecompanyshekeeps.blogspot.com/2009/09/marry-maids.html. Xoxo-BLC
    .-= BLC´s last blog ..International Affair =-.

  • http://aglimpseofthegirlnextdoor.blogspot.com Abbie

    There’s nothing wrong with being decisive. I absolutely despise the word bridezilla. It drives me batty! Good for you for being on top of things! It’s much better to have it all done early, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself the last few months without being concerned about how much time is left to get things done!
    .-= Abbie´s last blog ..Making Me Smile =-.

  • http://www.SLpreppystyle.com Jennifer

    I’m so excited to hear about your wedding planning. I’ve been a long time twitter and blog follower, but been fairly quiet. I’ve seen multiple wedding blogs, but usually either close to or after the fact, so I’m excited to follow along.

    I’ve got nothing for you in the bridesmaid dept. I went with the good ole, call you up and ask! I wish I had thought have little gifts or been more creative.

    Where I can help, if needed, is music. Classical that is, if you decide to go with strings or similar for your actual ceremony. I am a vetern violinst of 29 years and have played HUNDREDS of weddings. I can help with music so don’t hesitate to ask! If that’s what floats your boat. I wanted to walk down the aisle to “The Entrance of the Queen of Sheba” (gorgeous) or the main them from Jupiter in “The Planets” but I got married in a garden wedding and neither were appropriate. A church or indoor area would have been perfect for these.

    What type of venue are you getting married in?
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..All Things Pink, Southern & Handmade =-.

  • http://belleonheels.blogspot.com belle on heels

    your groom has great taste in spouses AND chairs!! glad he saw the light when it comes to the chiavari chairs :)
    .-= belle on heels´s last blog ..laissez les bon temps rouler =-.

  • Katie

    Good for you!! That is an excellent way to go about things!! The whole process will be as stress-free as possible.

  • Paige

    I don’t know if someone really said that to you, but I would think most of your readers are hoping we can be even more involved! :) I know I’m definitely looking forward to hearing all about the planning, the decisions, the questions, and see it all come together. Thanks for sharing this time with us!

    For my wedding, I sent my girls a card and wrote a poem on it asking them. They all loved the personal touch!

  • http://www.sunshineinnycity.blogspot.com/ Sydney

    Girl I hear you! I’m in the same boat! People keep telling me to not get overwhelmed, take my time, and “you’ll know it when you see it.” I’m not like that though, I’m like you. I’m super organized, make most decisions quickly and don’t expect to hear a choir of angels everytime I make a decision. I’m super excited about getting married (our wedding is in November) and am focusing on the overall feeling and experience of the wedding. Keep a smile on your face and enjoy this time and don’t worry about other’s opinions.
    .-= Sydney´s last blog ..Valentine’s Weekend =-.

  • Shari

    I made photos into puzzles http://www.iprint.com and then asked the girls that way. You can write a message on the photo puzzle… its so cute! And I am not bridezilla either, just organized! good luck, dolly, xxxoo

  • http://Katiealange.wordpress.com Katie

    I sent each Bridesmaid a silver picture frame that said “Bridesmaid” engraved on it and then had the oldest picture I could find of the two of us included inside. I had to mail them all except for my MOH’s and it was so fun handing it to her and watching her unwrap it! I also sent a cute card to my flower girl and got the cutest phone call when she opened it and understood what i was asking. So Fun! Can you share what’s in your packages to yours?