24 Feb

What Was Your Something Blue?

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY

image credit: theknot.com Did you carry your grandmother’s hankie? Did you have a blue pin in your hair? Did you wear blue undergarments? Tell us what your “something blue” was…..

18 Feb

image credit: russellandhazel.com I’m one of the most laid back brides you’ll ever meet… I’m actually more laid back than *I* thought I would be! This is not a stressful situation for us. Everyone is cool, calm & collected. We are enjoying every single minute…. even the moment when JH accidentally overheard the cost of [...]

13 Feb

Confession, I have nightmares of looking back at my wedding pictures twenty years from now and the pictures look like this…. So many people say that the bridesmaid dresses aren’t that important, it’s about YOU. But if we’re being honest, they are going to out number me, they are going to be standing next to [...]