23 Jun
My very own Southern Belle friend, Blue-Eyed Bride introduced me to Southern Belles: Louisville. I was addicted with just one episode! The shows continues to confirm that I born to be a southern belle... which is not a new discovery for any of us. I mean, I wear pearl earrings with my workout clothes!

Meet my new friends.... Kellie, Julie, Shea, Hadley and Emily.


Check out Hadley's shoes... They were only $50!!!! Hello, Valentino knockoff. This is one knockoff I would wear! Actually, I'm obsessing over them as I type.


And, Shea hit it out of the park with this dress. She purchased the dress at a boutique in Louisville. I love. I want. I need.


So, if you aren't already a Southern Belle: Louisville fan... you should set the DVR for this Thursday night - Soap.net. Did you know my BF, Andrea, is moving to Louisville next month? I'm going to have my very own Louisville Belle!

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  • Army Officer Wife

    I too discovered this show a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed! I truly believe I am a Southern girl as well (even though I was born and raised in the North) :) LOVE those shoes!

  • http://www.justabitofmegs.blogspot.com Megan

    I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard to type this- I simply need those shoes!!

    I love that you wear pearls while working out! You would totally fit in perfectly in Savannah as I wear my pearls everywhere!! To the gym, the beach, they are a necessity for a Southern girl!

  • http://www.prettybride.net Christina

    LOVE that dress! i’m a louisville gal myself and will be there this weekend… i might have to find that boutique!

  • http://east-coast-ecstasy.blogspot.com/ Addict

    HAHA OMG you just made me so happy! I love this show and my friends all cr@p on me so much for watching Soap Net, but come on! OTH, OC and now Southern Belles. Sorry. Addicted.

  • http://www.peace-love-lipgloss.blogspot.com Peace.Love.Lipgloss.

    I’m addicted too! Love Hadley- but Emily’s a train wreck! It’s my guilty pleasure until Real Housewives of DC comes out:)

  • http://www.pinkmapledesign.blogspot.com Pink Maple

    I’ve caught a few episodes – the only thing that annoys me is I hate the narrator, I feel like it’s a bit unnecessary and interrupts the show’s flow.

  • http://www.blueeyedbride.com Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    You were definitely born to be a Southern Belle… duh! :)

  • http://kevinmeredithandcarson.blogspot.com MEREDITH

    WHERE can I buy those shoes? You must tell me NOW! :)

    I think Hadley is a doll. Shea is semi-down-to-earth considering where she comes from… not loving the other girls… but admittedly watch this show all the time!


  • http://southernandpreppy.blogspot.com Preppy 101

    Love those shoes!!
    .-= Preppy 101´s last blog ..Miscellany =-.

  • http://kellygreenandnavy.blogspot.com Andi

    I love that show. I’m not a big fan of Kelly or Emily though. The other girls rock though. I must find those shoes as well. Do you know any other info on them?

    p.s. I wear my pearls 24/7.

  • http://ldyates.blogspot.com Domestic Goddess

    I’ve been watching this show since it started and am hooked! Those girls are a hoot! Hadley is my fav!

  • Jen

    Those shoes are a must have! Going to search the internet for them right after I set my DVR to record the series!

  • http://noworrieswynninlove.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    I saw this show for the first time this weekend and loved it. I can’t wait to watch more. :)

  • http://www.chicrunner.blogspot.com Danica

    I love that dress too! and those shoes. DVR must be set immediately! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://leavingandloving.blogspot.com Mrs. Jetplane

    Love the show. Where are those shoes? And Shea looks like she’s dropped some serious lbs. Loving the dress, although I do find her (Shea) rather annoying on the show.

  • http://www.peacelovefood.blogspot.com Nina

    I was 5 seconds away from buying those shoes last week at Off Broadway in Charlotte! They are perfect and adorable. And at only $50 its stupid not to buy them. They will be in my posession soon!!!

  • http://www.preppymama.blogspot.com Gina

    I am totally addicted to this show too! I love it!!