24 Jun

Fully Obsessed

posted by ninahelleny in DAILY DIARY
Along with all of the cleaning, my mind was in the gutter thanks to a fanfreakintabulous pair of blue shoes. My friend, Meredith, reports that Off Broadway will not accept phone orders. GAH. I'm with her, what is this 1985? I'm ready to jump in the car and start driving to the nearest Off Broadway shoe store and she is ready to use her free Southwest ticket to fly to Louisville...... talk about two women in a panic! The hunt is on for a size 5 and a 10. Watch out, I won't sleep until I find them.

I'll be back with more a little later.... my computer battery is almost dead. Happy Wednesday (Tuesday, in my world)!!


Kiks is leaving for the church conference.

Me: Would you mind adding my readers and I to your prayer list today?

Kiks: Of course, what am I praying for?

Me: That everyone finds these blue shoes today!

Kiks: I'll see what I can do.... (eyes rolling).

Me: You think I'm kidding....

Door shuts.

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  • http://www.justabitofmegs.blogspot.com Megan

    Have you found them?!? And you convo with your mom just made me laugh hysterically.. What we’ll do for shoes.. =)

  • http://southernstuf.blogspot.com Southern

    SO, did you ever find them?

  • Liz

    We have an Off Broadway here in Knoxville, TN – I am going to swing by and if see if they have them this afternoon. I will be happy to check for your size!

  • http://fluffyfashionablefamous.blogspot.com/ Lyndsey

    i hope you find those shoes :) sooo cute!

  • http://it-is-everlasting.blogspot.com Maggie

    Love the convo between you and your momma. What women do for shoes…

  • http://whineoverwine.blogspot.com jessica

    Love the shoes…hope you can find them…maybe the pony express will deliver them since off broadway is stuck in the dark ages!

  • landlocked mermaid

    I am praying for you and your blue shoes xo