29 May

Who's got $895 to give me?

posted by ninahelleny in SHOPPING
0452510241341r__a1_300x4000452510241341r__a2_300x400How stinkin' fabulous are these???? Their beauty leaves me speechless.

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  • The Pink Tutu

    Oh wow, these are beyond fabulous!!

  • 5 in. Heels

    WOW. Thank you for showing us these worship worthy shoes!

  • gigi

    L-O-V-E those. great, now you have me lusting over them…;)

  • missjanice

    Forget it, any $895 I come up with goes to Saks, Neiman’s, etc…I have my own shoe issues:)

  • Kelly

    when you find the $895, please ask if they can spare $895 for me as well!!

  • Cari

    Such lovely shoes! You have good taste Nina!

  • Madeleine

    I just posted that I was coveting the fuchia thong version of these! Fabulous in a ‘peacock strutting his stuff’ sort of way! xo

  • Mrs. Guru

    very cute!

  • Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    Ahh…. so beautiful!

  • Pink Maple


  • Nicole

    LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kate

    GAH! le sigh….

  • Meredith

    Every bride to be needs to work the white pair into their wedding budget. Everyone else needs to start a Louboutin Piggy Bank!!

  • Preppy 101

    I love the shoes. I have a friend whose daughter collects them – sigh – but anyway – she said they are so NOT comfortable and that is why Victoria Beckham never smiles – foot pain. I guess that could make us feel better . . . ;-) xoxo

  • Pink Julep

    If you happen to find multiple donors and get more than $895 that you can’t use, I’d gladly take it off your hands! THESE ARE AMAZING SHOES!!!!!!!! They need very happy homes…

  • melissa

    le sigh…..I <3 Loubs. Everytime I try them on I find them so easy to walk in….What can you cut out to reallocate funds for this purchase?
    Don’t ever take me shopping. I can justify a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

  • Jackie

    So pretty!!

  • Practically Perfect…

    Wow – absolutely beautiful!