11 Feb
Flutter Floral Jacueline Nightie
I'm not quite sure just how many Male Readers I have but something tells me I have a few! Here are a few ideas if you are looking for the perfect last-minute gift for your Valentine!! *The images are links to online stores.

 Lilly Flutter Floral Jacueline Nightie... this would make my heart flutter for sure!

Blue-Eyed Bride, this one is especially for me & you!! My parents bought me a blue-topez and diamond ring for my 24th birthday and well somewhere between 24 and 28 it magically disappeared. It was from a jeweler that is a family friend and the ring cannot be replaced. Therefore, the above DY ring has been on my Wish List for what seems like forever. It's the only thing that will ever be able to fill the void!

A classic piece of David Yurman won't set you back too far and your Valentine will L-O-V-E. {If my Valentine is reading, this would look great on my wrist...hint hint.}

During my "research" this afternoon I came across these...

and I had to share with you. Helllo Jimmy... will you be my Valentine?

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  • Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride

    How did I miss this post???? Yes, I’m needing the ring. Unfortunately my fingers are swelling like sausages as a result of the pregnancy, but post-baby that ring will be perfect!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Nina

    You would catch that ;-)

    You never know who wants to your Valentine, right?

  • Kelly

    Your valentine???

  • Mojito Maven

    I have that DY ring on my finger right now and I LOVE it!!

  • franki durbin

    Holy schamakas! Now I want the same items. LOL! Love the shoes (they are begging for a soft pink pedi). LOVE the ring even more (my middle finger could handle a big chunky ring like that). Ahh… fabulous!

  • Sarah

    Cute stuff!!! I tagged you!!!!