29 Dec
I'm completely and utterly obsessed with baby strollers! {Actually, it's not a secret at all but it makes for a good title}

The pretty ones, the practical, the double ones, the designer, the lightweight ones and especially the prams.

This stroller is also by Silver Cross, their more contemporary line.

The Quinny Buzz... Do you think people would look at me weirdly if I used this to push my groceries in? Seems like a very stylish alternative to...

The Orbit system... quickly becoming just as popular as my all-time fave the Bugaboo {mentioned a few posts ago}

The Maclaren stroller... all of them, any of them... very stylish!

The Bumbleride... it makes "twins" seem like a good idea.

So... while "researching" double-strollers for my fave cousin Kelly today because she is expecting Baby #2 next month. Yay! I came across a new blog... Stroller Patroller! How stinking cute is the name of this blog? I even let out a small screeched when I read the name!

I seriously do not know what I'm going to do when I actually have to pick out one for myself one day... oh dear lord, my kid is going to be the one with no clothes and a stroller for each day of the week. Forget the college fund... Oops... getting a little ahead of myself. I'm still on the hunt for the husband. No strollers yet. Oh well, Shoe Fund it is... for now!!

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  • Lauren

    It is fun to think about what you will buy when you have a baby. I like the bugaboo, but who knows what I will get when the time comes?I hope you have a nice week!

  • LyndsAU

    That’s hilarious. I can’t wait to buy one of these :)

  • Abbie

    Okay… now I’m scaring myself by bookmarking that last one. It’s in my colors, how couldn’t I?!

  • Prissy Southern Prep

    You are too funny. I have a stroller obsession as well!

  • Mother Goose

    Thanks so much for the shout out! You know, you could get a pet and then tote it around in a pet stroller. They’re not as glam as the Balmoral Pram but, hey, you’ve got to feed the addiction somehow. (Thinks for a moment)It just dawned on me that I recommended buying a pet SO THAT you could then buy a stroller…Don’t blame me, blame the addiction!

  • Stroller_Snob

    Nina, we are obviously kindred spirits. Likelihood of me having to declare bankruptcy should I ever have a child is high. Highly suggest you familiarize yourself with the Mutsy…

  • NINA

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, the Silver Cross Pram (first picture with family and dog) is an example of what Ellen gives to expecting guests on her show. Silver Cross makes the most classic, luxurious baby buggy of all time.

  • Good Gals Inc

    I am obsessed with them also!! Have you seen the fancy ones that Ellen gives out to her expecting guests? They are amazing!