22 Dec

my 2008 signature wrap

posted by ninahelleny in GIFT GIVING
Themed Wrapping is a learned practice from The Kiks. Thought I would share with you my theme for 2008... polka dots & lime green with tags from Paper Source!! I have my supplies hidden so no one can "accidentally" use them!! Merry Merry!!

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  • Mother Goose

    I’m a themed wrapper, too! This year I did white on white wrapping with jingle bells from the craft store. Love the red and lime green!! I hope it was a hit : )

  • Lauren

    Your wrapping is so cute! I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Thank you for writing such a fun blog that I love reading!

  • andrea

    Amazing, as always :) I need my wrapping paper, bows, etc. to coordinate as well. I’m not as good as you but I know where you are coming from!

  • Katie

    Not sure how I found your blog, but I love it!Cute wrapping. I am a huge fan of themed wrapping!

  • Megan

    I’m LOVING those packages!!! They look so great! I am going to have to try and use Themed Wrapping next year! There are just so many beautiful rolls of wrapping paper out there it is so hard to choose just one :-)

  • Kate

    Love it! How creative :)

  • misc mer

    love, love, love it.

  • Only The Good Stuff

    OH. MY. GAH. Seriously just squealed out loud! LOVE!

  • Preppy 101

    Love that paper and ribbon! I may post mine with credit to Nina as your Idea :-)

  • LuLu

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m using the EXACT same paper!! And with lime green ribbon!!! How ironic?? And if yours is brothers and sisters…don’t you just love the lines on the back? Merry Christmas!

  • SouthernAccent

    Love it! Have a Merry Christmas Ms. Nina! Hope you get everything you asked for!

  • Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers

    Oh I love love love them!

  • Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers

    Oh I love love love them!

  • The Broke Socialite

    Absolutely dahling, dahling!

  • Cari

    Hi, I found your blog through Kappa Prep’s and wanted to say that I think it’s great! I have become a follower and wish you very Happy Holidays!

  • Blue-Eyed Bride

    i love it! my packages all look good this year, but i got carried away with wrapping paper and couldn’t pick just one– or just five. :) next year i’ll plan ahead and buy one cute paper in bulk.

  • Jeff and Autumn

    so cute! I love doing themed wrapping. Adore the gift tags..did you also get them at Paper Source?

  • penny lane designs

    cute wrapping! i love it!

  • Mona

    Your gifts look adorable!!

  • The Pink Chick

    I absolutely love your wrapping! Your presents look so beautiful!!!

  • SassyEngineer

    I love the signature wrap – can you please teach me how?! My packages look horrible :(

  • Sarah

    I love it, I have never heard of paper source I will have to check them out

  • With Love from New Orleans

    love love love

  • BroncoMom

    What a great idea Nina! I think BroncoMom will have to start that tradition for 2009. Happy Holidays!

  • LyndsAU

    I love it. I am big into lime green this year :)

  • Heather

    They look adorable! Good job!

  • Mrs H

    I love that paper, I used something just like that last year and it was so fun!

  • Sarah

    So stinkin cute!!

  • hGb

    lovin the bows!

  • Red and White Preppy

    I am SUPREMELY jealous that you can wrap things and make them look THAT cute :)

  • Sarah


  • Modern Maven

    The packages look great! I esp. LOVE the name tags!

  • Mrs. Stilettos

    seriously so flipping cute!!!!!

  • Liene at The Smart Planner

    I am a themed wrapper too! How fun to know that I am not the only one a little obsessed. :)

  • Rachel Ann

    So cute! I love Paper Source!