22 Nov

this is why i never buy boots

posted by ninahelleny in SHOPPING
Because I fall IN-love with the Prada boots and then the ones at Macy's just never seem to do it for me... even with their ever-so-budget-friendly price tags. Many thanks to Nico Reilly for wearing these last week on Lipstick Jungle. Now, even if I had $700+ extra on the ol'money tree to purchase these... I wouldn't be able to because they are "no longer available." Go figure!

*Side note: I'm getting ready to watch the episode from last night. Last weeks was pretty good, but I hoping for MUCH more in Chapter 16. I really loved all of Nico's country clothes... gawd, I want to be her! hah
Also, thanks to Nico I'm officially obsessed with YSL. I mean let's face it I loved it before but it's quickly becoming my designer of choice for luxury items. Gucci will always be my first love, but welcome to my heart, YSL!

Why can't the boots at Macy's look like this... not too pointy, not too round, perfect inch of platform (for that extra inch)?

I'm going to publish My Very Own Wish List very soon so stay tuned. I have a birthday next month too!

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  • Preppy 101

    What did you think about the Lipstick Jungle episode?

  • Kimba Rimba

    Nico is something else!

  • AmyDean

    Holy Cow! Love the high heal platform ankle boot. Just did a quick search to see how much they are….that’s RIDICULOUS for one pair of boots that are only ankle tall. How in the world could someone look you in the eye and tell you how much those pretty little boots cost?….sadly I still really like them. I think we’re in the wrong business Nina, we need to design us some boots to sell…not plastic bags – boots!! Be sure to pass that recommendation along to el presidente!

  • Allison

    Great shoes. I left you an award on my blog.

  • ~Mrs. Guru~

    Those brown boots are to die for!! Way cute!!

  • Preppy in the City

    I hear ya! I always have something specific in mind and am let down when I can’t find it. It is always the most expensive items that I MUST have! Macy’s does have a good selection of shoes though..Marc Fisher is buy one get one 50% off right now.

  • SouthernAccent

    Thought of you when I saw that Lipstick wasn’t going to be cancelled. I know you were happy!