11 Nov

gifts for grandmas

posted by ninahelleny in GIFT GIVING
A reader sent me a message asking if I had any suggestions for a gift for Grandmother's birthday. These gifts would also be great for Christmas!! Look for items they can use, most likely they already have a ton of stuff sitting around their home.

House Slippers - Ugg Dakota Mocs $99

Bed Jacket - Very nice around the house and a great alternative to a robe

Luxuriously soft - $39.49
Pajamas are always loved by Grandma's... I think a good rule of thumb is stick to button-down front tops for easy dressing.
Charter Club Super-Soft Macy's $34.99

Flowers are a total safe bet - They can admire them for at least a week or more

Cheers to the fabulous women we call our Grandma's, Great Aunts, Godmothers, etc.

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  • NINA

    I found this one on Amazon and just looked it is still $39+change.

  • a.

    I went back to check on the bedjacket – it’s actually $75!

  • The Heckathorns

    I want those pink pale ugg mocs! There is nothing wrong with comfort…and if I have to look like a g-ma to get it, well then call me a grannie! :) That bed jacket looks like something my mother-in-law might like for christmas…I just might have to get it for her! Thanks for the ideas! ♥

  • The Mrs.

    I so sorry for the sadness that your family is going through right now. You’re in my thoughts. Thank you for the ideas. Eventhough, my mom is young in age and in attitude, I’m looking to get her comfy stuff for after her surgery later this month. I love the slippers, jacket, and pjs. Hopefully the pjs come in pink. My mama is big on rolling in the pink right now.

  • SouthernAccent

    Thanks so much for the ideas! It was me that asked this originally! I ended up buying her a basket of all of her favorite things that she uses every day – hand lotion, hard candy, tissues, a box of thank you cards because she loves to write them and a Smith and Hawkin amaryllis forcing bulb in a vase from Target. My mom went with the house jacket – so you were dead on with that – she loved it!

  • Emilie Russell

    Neen! im not even a G-ma and i want these house shoes! oh and by the way….im addicted to your blog if you didnt already know….me and the yaya read it everyday haha. love ya!

  • Kappa Prep

    The Ugg mocs are great! I used to have a pair and bff from college has one and we always would match. So comfy and worth what you pay!

  • Greg C

    Many years ago my wife’s grandmother passed away. She was a funny woman and always wore old ragged sweat clothes and slippers with holes in them. After she died we went through her things and found numerous boxes of unopened sweat clotes and slippers. In her eyes the old ones still had wear in them so she was waiting for them to wear out. She was funny like that.

  • Nicole

    Great ideas! I might have to use these for Christmas gifts!

  • a.

    I’m not a grandma but I do love a bedjacket!I meant to post yesterday…so sorry to hear about your aunt.

  • Lauren

    I hope the fact that I love all of these gifts doesn’t mean I am like a grandma! Ha ha! The Ugg slippers look so cozy!