19 Oct

i heart nico's très chic style

posted by ninahelleny in SHOPPING
Kim Raver plays Nico Riley on Lipstick Jungle - One of my Fave shows on TV.
Here are a few items I would love to add to my closet... Wish Fairy, please get your notebook out!!

Aristocrat Holland Wide leg Jeans
Ippolilta countess Ring

Jimmy Choo Velvet Platform

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform
{images from get the look}

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  • Tara

    i loooove nico’s style too! Love that show and drool over the clothes every episodE!

  • Weeksie50

    Lipstick Jungle is one of my favorite shows too.. I love Nico, but what I love even more is her eye candy boyfriend. Yummy. lol.

  • Kappa Prep

    I like watching Lipstick Jungle too!!

  • Nicole

    I love lipstick jungle!! And your wish list pics are amazing!

  • Nicole

    I LOVE Lipstick Jungle too! And the clothes are divine! If the Wish Fairy stops by, could you then send her my way? Thanks!

  • Nomers

    I agree, if I had to choose one their closets to plunder it would be Nicos.

  • Charlie

    that ring is to DIE for!! we missed you on the blog this weekend :) glad the wedding was a success!

  • Blue-Eyed Bride

    i LOVE all of their wardrobes. it’s a great show!

  • Blue-Eyed Bride

    i LOVE all of their wardrobes. it’s a great show!

  • Preppy 101

    Love that show! Glad you are back. We missed you! :)

  • Chitown Meg

    Cute black pumps!

  • ~Mrs. Guru~

    I wish I had cable so I can watch Lipstick Jungle!