14 Sep
I was introduced to Apartment Therapy Chicago by Monica of M&CO Around the House and it was love at first click! Check out this awesome posting on 12 uses for IKEA's Lack Shelves. I need articles like this to be able to take advantage of IKEA and their always-affordable items because to be honest with you I steer clear of that place... 5 bazillion teeny tiny pieces to end up with an End Table!

Also, check out thekitchn.com. Lookie-Lookie... thekitchn.com knows about an Omelet in a Bag too... Remember, you saw it here first! And, I bet some of you were questioning my lil' recipe, weren't you?

Omelet in a Bag also seen on The Bitten Word, but they gave this little trick of ours a bit of a fancier name... Omelets Faux Sous-vide.

Thanks to Kel for sharing this recipe oh so long ago!

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